Sometimes a jacket for kids is a better outwearing option instead of a coat. It gives good look, it keeps you safe from the cold or wind. Although, generally wearing a jacket is for only style. But before buying a jacket you need to know some factors about a cotton jacket like which material, color, and jacket suit for your kids? In all-weather or season you need to take care of your kids in all aspects. While selecting clothes you also want to protect and wrap your children from harsh winds. 

Style and comfortable both aspects matter when we think about kids jackets. And children like these clothes also which make them pretty, attractive and stylish. Nowadays there is a huge range of cotton jackets for kids in good fabric, in new seasonal patterns, in plenty of colors, in different prints and shades at reasonably priced or within your means. 


Some popular brands are there who provide a huge variety and range of jackets start with denim jackets, plain jackets, padded jackets, puffer jackets, sleeveless jackets, hoodies, reversible jackets, bomber jackets, organic jackets, trench jackets, 

  1. Denim Jacket – if you want a versatile fabric with a long-lasting feature for your kids then you must go for denim jackets. Because there is very little chance of color fading and also very easier to iron. Denim jackets provide a unique look, feel, and style to your kids.
  1. Padded Jackets – these jackets filled with thick soft material sewn into sections, added frills, hoods some coated with water-resistant materials. These jackets are lighter and easier to wear and give a sporty look. For a parent who wants Style, Warmth, and Quality then padded jackets are the best option for them.

Organic Jackets – if you want environment-friendly and less expensive jackets for your kids try organic jackets. Although there are many features of organic jackets materials, just only one enough for you that the cotton used for organic jackets is made without toxic substances and polluting pesticides. 

Bomber Jackets – these jackets are short waist-length outwearing jackets. Material like leather, polyester, nylon, and cotton with zipper front, pockets, matching cuffs, etc makes bomber jackets more attractive in military style. Those who haven’t yet purchased a bomber jacket and would like to enjoy more then don’t wait

Puffer Jackets – If you like to buy windproof, lighter, and water-resistant jackets for your kids then go for puffer jackets. A design, sections with “puffy” between the stitching also known as quilted design which gives different look and adequate level of warmth.

Reversible Jackets – jackets that can be worn on two sides. Two fabrics are often sewn together but still, this jacket maintains its thickness

Top Trends for Winter Fashion

Top Trends for Winter Fashion

The new fashion season always means new fashion trends. After the spring/summer crisis, when the whole world was dipped into simplicity and minimalism, we all welcomed an abundance of colors, textured materials, and dramatic volumes. Are you ready to rock these top fashion trends for winter?

One of the spiciest trends for the upcoming season is going to be an extra-long fringe. It is so hard to pass by this trend! You can wear it anywhere on your clothes: jeans, skirt, top and even accessories. We love the fringe on the dress, it gives the dress a brand-new, flirty appeal.

The next trend for winter is textured knitwear. It can be chunky, fuzzy, or covered in fur. Wear a tight sweater and cheap shapewear for women plus size underneath the oversized cardigan for the utterly comfortable and warm winter look.

One of the most voluminous trends for winter 2021 is the puff sleeve trend. Just like the fringe, puff sleeves can decorate your top, blouse, dress, or even sweater. They look very feminine and romantic.

If there is one thing we all should put before anything else this winter season, is our comfort. Keep your body cozy in trendy Wholesale sweatsuits and wear them together with comfy sneakers or uggs. Or simply stay in one of these cozy suits at home, spending the day in the circle of your friends and relatives.

Plaid print always comes in our fashion lives in fall and stays there during the shole cold period of a year. Take your regular checked print to a whole new level and incorporate it into every piece of clothes you have. For example, this white plaid mini dress with large black checks looks fantastic and playful.

Yellow is a new black. This sunny color is made for gloomy weather because it can easily boost up even the saddest winter mood. What do you think of this bright yellow two-piece suit? View Feelingirldress Black Friday sale to get yourself a similar ensemble to rock the season.

And, lastly, we want to mention leather as one of the hottest winter trends. This material is going to be everywhere this season from shoes to tops. Layer a leather jacket or wear a tight midi leather skirt to the office. Such outfits are going to look both chic and fashionable.


5 Easy and Adorable Dresses to Try Now

5 Easy and Adorable Dresses to Try Now

No matter where you go and what you do, there are certain sections of dresses that will make you look good no matter what. They are suitable for a wide range of body types and if you choose the right color that compliments your skin tone, these are the best ones to add to your wardrobe. Here are some of the most easily available and adorable outfits for every woman out there.

Shirt Dress

They are never out of fashion and newer designs and preferences replace the older ones. Giving a conventional shirt a new touch, the dress is an elongated shirt that will bring out the child within you. It is best for casual hangouts and also when you choose the right colors, they can fit in well with different party environments.

Halter Dress

These dresses are adorable and can be worn by those women who do not hesitate to flaunt their slender arms. The dress has tie up threads around the neck or a strap of fabric that holds the dress around the neck. These can be knee length or longer too.

Bodycon dresses

If you have slender and long legs that you like to flaunt, these dresses are made for you. They have a good fit and hug your body in the right places. Long hands, mid sleeves or short sleeves, all of them will compliment your body well.

High and Low dresses

They fly with the blowing breeze. Well, if the fabric is thin then they certainly will. That gives a very good look to the fabric and you will look even more adorable when you wear them. They are the safer option for most of the women.



Sweater Dress

These are warm, comfortable and very simple. And yet they bring out the cuteness within you. They are loose and sometimes make you look thinner than what you are. They can be high neck or V-necked and you can choose whatever suits you the best.


No matter what you wear, the main thing that will make you look adorable is your confidence and charisma. Work on that and you will be ready to rule!



Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Summer Weddings

Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Summer Weddings

Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning for, we can all agree that most brides face challenges picking the right wedding dress.  If you intend to have a bridal party, finding the best bridesmaid dresses can even be more challenging. Obviously, you would require an item that complements your gown. To make things easier for you, here are our top picks of bridesmaid dresses that you can consider this summer.

One shoulder dresses


This is actually the latest trend when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.  The dresses come with asymmetric details. Black dresses can be perfect, but you can also pick from a wide range of colors depending on your taste and preference. These are some of the bridesmaid outfits that can be worn with different types of shapewear to complement your figure.

Bold and vibrant varieties

Bold hues are always sassy. If you like, you can go for a plum jewel tone and complement it with a lighter shade of banquets.

Mismatched gowns

If you are planning for a mismatched bridal party, you can use one color in different hues.  The final look can be classy and sassy at the same time.  You can use different shades of neutral, different necklines or even a pattern.

Short and sassy


Short dresses tend to rock regardless of the body type. Shades of coral and poppy can especially play the trick, and there is nothing else that you can adore more.  You can even replace the dresses with short bridesmaid skirts with prints.


The mismatched bridesmaid dresses are also an amazing option to consider. Match the stunning gowns with gorgeous banquets for a more desirable look. Bohemian glam can especially be a perfect choice.  To achieve a cutter figure, try to put on the best shapewear short for women beneath the dress.


So what’s your favorite bridesmaid dress? These are just but a few of the bridesmaid dresses that you can consider this summer. And the fact that you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors and sizes will even create a more desirable experience!


Best Basic Dresses You Can Wear Any Occasions

Best Basic Dresses You Can Wear Any Occasions

Have you ever been in an event where you are the ‘odd one out’ in terms of the dressing code? Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, dinner interview or family event, the whole experience can be devastating.  Inappropriate dressing is both awkward and embarrassing. You obviously wouldn’t want to show up at your friend’s wedding in ratty jeans or shorts for a wedding.  Conversely, wearing formal attire to a rugby game would also be silly.

But thanks to the major innovations in the fashion world, you can choose from a wide range of stylish dresses that can also be matched with the best tummy control shapewear to achieve a modern, classy look. Here are some of the simple and completely stylish dresses that you can consider wearing for any event!

The Black and Red Trick


According to the old etiquette, no one should wear white, red or black for a wedding party.  But this shouldn’t stress you a bit. In fact, black and red dresses are the in-thing that can perfectly blend in any occasion.

If it is a day event, avoid anything close to heavily beaded or sequined.  Instead, choose a black or red knee length dress (made of cotton, if possible) and open toed shoes. Complementing this dress code with a simple hat can also play the trick.  If this is an afternoon event, make it less formal by putting on comfortable shapewear leggings.

The Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are just the right summer attires that can fit almost any occasion. One amazing thing about maxi dresses is that you can achieve that perfect look without overdoing it.  For a more feminine look, you can pair up the maxi dress with a stylish jacket.  You may also consider a shirt style maxi dress, which is also super casual and comfortable.

High-low Dress


A high-low dress is a type of dress that is shorter at the front and longer at the back.  It is the perfect style for a lady who loves the latest trends, and that’s not all. A high-low dress can also be worn at any occasion.  You only need to follow the rules-make it formal if it is a business or any other official event, or casual for an evening party or a weekend out.  High-low dresses are best paired with platforms or high heels to prevent the back of the dress from dragging on the floor.

Cocktail Dress

This is a perfect blend of formal and casual.  The cocktail dress hits just at the knee and can match any event.  The dress is also versatile and is available in different necklines and silhouettes which make it easier to find the best option for you.


Generally, the type of dress you wear reveals your personality.  It is therefore important to take time and find the best dress depending on the occasion you want to attend. You can consider wearing any of the dresses above for your upcoming event, and be sure to never disappoint.


Topic: Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Trends

Topic: Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Trends

There has been already over 100 long parades of fashion shows for spring 2020 ready-to-wear fashion trends. It is going to be great year for all fashionista out there. Starting from artistic crochet, graphic polka dots, to going back to the decade old disco collars, 60’s print, and so much more. It is always a great time of the year when new as well as some old trends come up suddenly. We are going to go through some of the best fashion trends of spring 2020. So, gear up and be ready for the upcoming year fashion trend.

  1. The Disco Collar

This shows that disco will never die. The wide collar that was favoured by the Studio 54 made an amazing comeback on the 2020 spring runways. It has been modernized on jackets, coats, and the look is often portrayed with contrasting colours and it makes it really be unique.

  1. Artisanal Crochet

This upcoming spring, crochet is getting a super cool update. Lets put it this way, super feminine dresses, eveningwear and polished suiting that looks quite modern and then with a simple yet special touch of handmade crochet by Grandma. The fashion industry is going towards more sustainable clothing, and there is always something heartfelt about a trend that has handmade technique involved and is passed down the generations.

  1. Why not Hot Pants

Guess what is back?! Yes, hot pants are back in action next season. Hot pants made a huge comeback on the 2020 spring runways. Hot pants were once ‘hot’ favourite amongst everyone, it faded out a bit, but yes it is coming back with a huge bang! So, shop those itty bitty knit shorts and get your hotness going!

  1. Highlighter Reel

Guess what is fluorescent orange, pink, green, yellow and blue and avoids blending in with the crowd? Yes, the highlighter inspired neons are coming back on the spring 2020. These vibrant fashionable clothing is doing a huge comeback next season!

  1. Bermuda Bliss

Not a big fan of hot pants, not to worry, as Bermuda shorts are also coming back to save your season. With a slight twist, Bermuda is making a great comeback on the spring 2020.

  1. Bra-Top Trend

Crop tops are out of the fashion race as bra tops are taking over the party. Bikini dress are coming in various styles and texture. With a high-waisted skirt, you are gonna rock the summer look with a bra-top. And some celebrities wear shapewear bodysuits outside with jeans and skirt on the street.

  1. 60’s Wallpaper

The ground-breaking vintage floral design from the 60’s are coming back next season. It is time to up your retro game with these fashionable 60’s wallpaper clothing.


  1. Polka Dots for the Hots

The almighty lord of Dots have made a comeback next season. Polka dots for the win!

What to Wear On Weekend?

What to Wear On Weekend?

You all wait for the weekends so you can chill out and get some time to spend with your friends and family. You plan different outing plans with your favorite people to get a break from your busy life schedule. Deciding the perfect dresses for the weekend involves too many researches and scrolling through different social media. To solve this confusion here are most trending ideas for your weekend dresses:

Boyfriend jeans with Moto jacket

If you are going outing this weekend, this combo is perfect for you. Boyfriend jeans are super relaxing and suit all body type. Go for the distressed jeans as it look m ore stylish and chic. To complete the look pair it up with the super trending Moto jacket.


Denim split skirt with crop top

All girls love denim as theses can be dressed in any way is it casual or day parties. If you love clicking pictures on the weekends, denim is the perfect way to get the perfect clicks. Go with the split denim skirt and pair it with the cute crop top. Try using colors like white and black on the denim as it makes the outfit better.



Sparkly skater dress

If you are planning club this weekend, go for the trending sparkly dress in the party. You will be popping out and look gorgeous in the party. If you are going with the sparkly skater dress get ready for the compliments.


Floral boho dress

Going for the floral boho dress gives you the relaxing beach vibes. You cannot resist the comfort you get in these dresses. These are perfect summer dresses one can go for the chilled out weekends. You can choose the floral patterns size as per your desire and pair the dress with the minimal jewelry pieces. You can go with the jute handbag wit this noho dress to get the perfect instagram pictures.



Lace detailing dress

Lace can never go out of fashion. If you are confused what to wear on your date this weekend, go for the lace detailing I your dress. You can choose the lace work anywhere on the dress but the most appealing part is your sleeves. Lace work on the sleeves is elegant and beautiful.



Tips to style turtle neck sweater

Tips to style turtle neck sweater

In winters it becomes hard to decide what to wear and how to style clothes to get the stylish and cozy look. Go with the black turtle neck sweater to nail the every look you desire. These sweaters will keep you warm and are also very trending clothing piece. Some ways to style your turtle neck sweater are:

Black turtle neck with leather jacket

Black turtle neck can be styled in anyway. If you want to go for a ride or you want that stylish moto jacket look. You can pair your sweater with the leather jacket and amp your style instantly. A good leather jacket can make a simple sweater more exciting. To complete this look go with the ankle boots and some multilayer simple neckpieces.



Black turtle neck sweater with a line skirt

If you want that extra girly vibes even in winter, you can pair your turtle neck sweater with the A-line skirt and get the desired look. This is very popular look and many girls love to pair their sweaters with their favorite skirt. You can choose the mid length skirt as well as mini skirt.

Black turtle neck sweater with white shirt

White and black combo is always beautiful to look at. You can put on your black turtle neck sweater and over the sweater put a classy white shirt. This layering will definitely make your look more appealing. You can also go with some fancy white shirts on the top if you want.



Black turtle neck sweater with long overcoat

Long overcoat is the must have piece in your wardrobe. You can get the fancy chic street style look with the turtle neck sweater and the long overcoat on the top of it. You can also go for the scarf in your neck for extra layering.


Black turtle neck sweater with denim jacket

Denim jackets are the most popular clothing pieces among all the girls. You can pair your black turtle neck sweater with the denim jacket for the most trending look. You can do this look with the boyfriend jeans or you can go with the long pleated skirts.