Try Shapellx Shapewear, Highlight Your Beauty

Try Shapellx Shapewear, Highlight Your Beauty

Accept your shape, but notice the change by Shapellx shapewear! You would enjoy each aspect of your curvy figure after wearing shapellx’s best shapewear bodysuits, and you would appear more than that in shape by wearing it. This shapewear aims at making you look happy about yourself. With such shapewear, you will proudly display the most stunning ensemble with much elegance and confidence.

AirSlim™ Seamless Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

plus size shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Seamless Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shapewear

If you have been struggling with excessive chubbiness around your belly or back area and lack that model kind of lift on your butt cheeks, this is the ideal shapewear for you.

This plus size shapewear for women has many specifications- such as the Bodysuit is crafted with a low bust, the internal loops and a zipper are not irritating, and grasps the shapewear firmly

The lining is designed for warmth. It has straps that can be adjusted and converted and slims down to the mid-thigh region

This leads to various outcomes- The belly is becoming curvy as you desire, great support and control of the hips, Toning thighs capabilities, and it has a stretchy regulation and all-over layering. The main factor is that it reduces the appearance of a back bulge. This ultra-smoothing shaper finally ends somewhere above the knees, addressing the belly, resizing the legs and hips, and regulating the lower stomach region and back.

NeoSweat™ Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest-

NeoSweat™ Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest
NeoSweat™ Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest

This waist trainer vest has nine steel bones that offer you great back support to relieve back pain problems. It is designed with three waistbands which makes it easy for you to adjust the control level

The NeoSweatTM Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest seems to be the perfect product for concealing belly issues and smoothing out the noticeable excess weight for an instantaneous attractive curve. It offers complete care and comfort, provides outstanding comfort for postpartum healing, and effectively reduces the waistline. It’s made of high-quality, durable cloth with a relaxed fit so you can dress daily.

NeoSweat™ Arm Trimmers

arm trimmer /arm shaper
NeoSweat™ Arm Trimmers

Most women think about shaping their body, but no one thinks about shaping or toning their arms? Just imagine you all slimmed and toned down after wearing a bodysuit, but your arms are still bulky? Exactly, that is not pleasing, and seeing this would still instigate your self-doubts and insecurities.

These intriguing neoprene two-piece arm trimmers, including sections, immediately slims and would further tone the arms. The removable sticker style allows users to customize the shape. Neoprene products are used to increase warmth and sweating throughout the bicep region. Use your workout equipment for biking, jumping, and using the elliptical inside the Hot tub.


Keep smiling because every moment you put on a Shapellx body shaper, you’ll feel more confident in your dream ensemble. Your body would create the perfect look for you that would dramatically improve your appearance. We don’t know the value of a body shaper unless we attempt wearing it! It’s a leisure activity for you to give it a shot and notice the change.

You seem in charge of your thigh region as well, originating from the bottom chest, and the fabric of these female waist trainers is very convenient. We emphasize your convenience, which is why we chose the appropriate products for all kinds of environments. To know more, you can look at the shapewear before and after to see the real result.

Don’t Say It’s Hard to Lose Weight

Don’t Say It’s Hard to Lose Weight

If you are on a journey of losing weight, you will notice it takes a significant amount of time. It requires immense dedication and discipline. Fortunately, there are undergarments in the market that can enhance your slimming goals. These are shapewear that uses tricks to serve the same purpose.

The shapewear is designed to offer compression on the intended areas like waist, thighs, and butts to offer the desired figure. Based on your preference, here are various shapewear that is readily available for improvising body contour.

Sculptshe Plus Size Open Crotch Underbust Bodysuit Firm Control

This is the best shapewear bodysuit that provides double firm control on the abdomen. The open crotch eases your movement to the washroom. Designed with an open bust for a breathable feeling.

plus size shapewear

Sculptshe Neoprene Three Belt Big Plus Waist Trainer 

The waist trainer offers you a perfect hourglass shape for both short and regular torso body types. Being the best waist trainer for plus size women, it is extremely comfortable and helps lose excess weight.

waist trainer for women

Sculptshe 20 Steel Bones 4 Row Hooks Latex Waist Cincher

The waist cincher is supported with four rows of reinforced columns of hooks and eye closures down to the belly’s center. Apart from helping in losing weight, it supports the spine and reduces back pain.

best waist trainer

Sculptshe Plus Size 9 Steel Bones Latex Vest Shaper

For a firm control tummy, this vest shaper will sort you out. Its soft plastic bones allow you to bend easily and keep you in the best posture. Perfect for daily use during workouts.


Sculptshe Plus Size Neoprene Vest Front Zip Waist Trimmer

Trim your tummy with this vest trimmer. Its lightweight and stretchy fabric let you move with your body in your daily activities. The front zip makes it easier for you to put and off.

Most ladies out there aspire to have a slim waistline and still maintain body curves. That’s why you will see them in body shapers, even in the gym. At sculptshe, we will walk with you on your slimming journey by providing you with high-quality shapewear. The garments will help you shed a few calories and, in the process, lose excessive weight.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Shop the Best Shapewear Online

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Shop the Best Shapewear Online

When it comes down to ordering shapewear on line, the absolute most asked questions is
“ how to get your request right” followed by “how to pick the right type of shapewear for my body”. Understandably online shopping can be a bit of overwhelming, especially for first time buyers.

Be that as it may, don’t stress! By doing a digging you can get precisely what you need with an online guide—regardless of whether it’s your first time. Pay much attention to these tips to guarantee that you’re picking the correct piece in the correct size.

Find the right size for you

AirSlim™ Open Bust Postpartum Recovery Full Body Shaper
AirSlim™ Full Coverage Sculpting Bodysuit Shaper

Shapers are fitted pieces of clothing. If they aren’t fitted properly, they don’t work! One of the most common mistakes is when shapewear doesn’t fit accurately, and it’s quite often in light of the fact that the shapewear is the wrong size. There are a few different ways to avoid this .

Follow our estimating graphs precisely. Each and every thing on Shapellx has been cautiously curated and tried, and have modified size guidelines to accurately reflect the reality).

Do not order a smaller size trying to get a firmer fit. The outcomes will be uncomfortable and unflattering (think: overflow and muffin tops). Rather, pick shapewear with firmer pressure to have the perfect results.

Take the right measurements! Try not to depend on your regular dress, bra size . Use a texture or vinyl measuring tape and ensure that the tape lays level against your skin ( the fullest zones of your bust and thighs, and the slimmest piece of your midriff.

Shop for Your Body Type

full body shaper
Shapellx Magic Boost Lace Hooks Crotchless Bodysuits
best shapewear bodysuits
Shapellx Plus Size Ultra Conceal Compression Bodysuit Shapewear

Because your friends and even an online celebrity adores a specific shaper doesn’t mean it’s the most ideal alternative for you. Take into consideration your body type and what zones you’d prefer to target. For example, If you have fuller hips and small bust, you may need a shapewear that offers additional bust help and has detachable straps .

In case you’re tall or have a long torso, you might need to think about waist trainers and other shapers intended for taller ladies. If you are on the heavier side take a look at the plus size waist trainer collection.

Shapewear for different occasions

best shapewear shorts
AirSlim™ Ultra Shaping Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter
waist trainer vest
NeoSweat™ Plus Size Latex Double Belts Vest Shaper

A few shapers can offer the wow factor for weddings and formal occasions, however they’re not so much intended for regular use. Nonetheless, many pieces, like the best shapewear for tummy, give unbelievable outcomes, yet are comfy enough to be worn each day.

Likewise consider that there are numerous shapewear choices created particularly for exercises. From waist trainers to molding tights, they assist you with making the best out of your fitness routine.

Which shapewear is the most effective?

High-pressure shapewear have the best outcomes through shaping and complementing your curves. They incorporate waist training and underwear. These pieces of clothing as a rule contain more elevated levels of spandex or potentially nylon for the best outcomes (latex midsection coaches and steel-boned bodices for the most part produce greatest thinning results).

Medium pressure shapewear are perfect for everyday use since they are comfortable yet very effective . Used with  sports clothing like tights can be a great boost of confidence.

Tips to Get Flat Stomach Without Losing Butt

Tips to Get Flat Stomach Without Losing Butt

Are you looking for some useful tips to flatten your tummy but without losing your sexy butt appearance? Well, it is not difficult at all. All you need to follow just one east trick. What is that? Go and grab the best waist and thigh trainer for this. Such products give you the freedom to compress the stomach areas without affecting the butt. In fact, some products are designed to enhance your butt look. Here are some best products that you can buy now to get the desired result.  

  1. Neoprene made waist slim shaper shorts

The product has 80 percent neoprene and works great in terms of offering better abdomen control. You can use it while doing exercise to make your body to sweat more. As it has a high waist design, they effectively cover the mid-to-lower tummy areas. On the other hand, the full wool Velcro design is adjustable, and you can adjust it to get the desired fit.

body shaper shorts with waist training
  • 2 in 1 sweat capris pants with a waist trainer

The product is designed to offer your body the therapeutic heat compression, especially to the leg and waist area. It is made of latex-free and thick neoprene material that lets your body to produce more sweat. Its unique high waist design, while keeping your abs tight, lifts the bu.  With its easy to use zipper design, you won’t face any issues while dressing up or dressing down.

waist trainer with leggings
  • Double layers neoprene waist cincher sticker

As it as neoprene material, it produces a better sweating process. Use it during working out to get a better result. On the other hand, it has an embossing process that prevents it from slipping. The trainer remains above the butt areas, without affecting your butt shape. You will definitely like it.

waist trainer with shaping leggings
  • Crotch hooks tight body short shapewear

This plus size Shapewear is just great. It is perfectly designed to train your waist, offering a maximum level of compression. On the other hand, the butt area design can effectively lift your butt. Besides, this bod short also shapes your thigh area, shaping your overall body. You can wear it under any of your favorite dresses.

plus size shapewear bodysuits
  • Ultra-conceal compression bodysuit shapewear

This super comfortable, high-quality shaper is designed to trim down a few inches of your body instantly. It is quite easy to put on and off and will remain completely unnoticeable under your body-hugging dress, and design also looks very elegant. This also lifts your butt, giving it a sexy look.

best shapewear bodysuits

So, when it comes to achieving a sexy flat stomach but without affecting the natural butt size, you can always use Shapellx waist trainer. Give it a try to witness the effect. Buy now to get amazing discounts.

Types of Plus Size Shapewear You Can Pick

Types of Plus Size Shapewear You Can Pick

If you are a Plus sized beauty who is looking to find the ideal shapewear for herself, then you are in the right place. Shapewear is every female’s best friend. Even if you are aware of the myths that surround shapewear, you cannot ignore it for the obvious benefits. Just like Rome was not built in a day, achieving a killer body doesn’t happen overnight. The temporary solution to this problem is shapewear. Even the slender beauties stick to shapewear in case they have that embarrassing love handle or flabby thighs. So, there is nothing wrong in the plus sized beauties embracing it. Here are a few shapewear models that you should add to your lingerie collection.

best waist trainer

A plus size waist trainer vest is a necessity if you are looking to burn the flab around the waistline. This one not only combats the fat around your stomach but also concentrates on giving you a good posture and providing optimum support to your upper body. SOmetimes, because of the hunching in front of computers and wrong sitting postures can also lead to love handle formation and weight gain. You can prevent all that trouble by using this waist trainer during your workouts. It will set you right in no time.

plus size shapewear

This tummy control body shaper is the best shapewear for tummy and waist fat reduction. It comes with a good zipper in the front so that there won’t be any roll down even if you bend and move during the day. The bones will prevent unwanted wrinkling and cooperate for hassle free tummy control work. This can be worn under any outfit and it will blend in easily to tone your body the right way.

plus size shapewear

The whole point of shapewear is to conceal the extra fat and give you a toned body that will carry any outfit with ease. If you can get extra benefits apart from the obvious job, will you not take it? That’s where the butt lifting shapers come into picture. These do a good job to give your back a good lift so that the jeans you wear or the bodyfit dresses you choose will make you look dapper and sexy.

waist and thigh trainer

The neoprene waist trainer and thigh trimmers are great for the exercise enthusiasts. If you are on the path of weight loss, this body shaper will help you double your weight loss benefits with little efforts. They activate the core, engage your thighs into action and also help in shaping your booty. You should own this one for the triple benefits that it offers.

full body shaper

Lastly, a full bodysuit is the ideal choice for plus sized women who are looking to contour their full body. This is going to push your belly in, control the love handles, boost your bust and lift your butt. It has a good design to enable your restroom use and they can be worn on any occasion. For the postpartum mothers out there, this is a good choice to hide the fat you gained during childbirth journey.

The best out there is the Shapewear by Shapellx. You can purchase some of the best types of shapewear for reasonable cost and they are highly durable and long-lasting too.

Never Miss Out These Plus Size Shapewear for Weight Loss

Never Miss Out These Plus Size Shapewear for Weight Loss

Weight loss is going to be hard if you look at it as a monster. You cannot take the first step if you are scared of trying something new. Yes, shapewear does hide those love handles and tummy pooch. But it can also help in weight loss if you use it consistently. Keeping the myths of physical harm aside, choosing the right shapewear can be more helpful than simply hiding your fat.

plus size shapewear bodysuits

Plus Size Shapewear is of different types and you’ll be surprised to see that all of these are very much present in the market. Shapellx shapewear Is a leading brand that is loyal to its customers and makes all the best plus size masterpieces available for its customers. They do not compromise on the quality and strive to deliver the best all the time. The delivery is hassle-free and you can stay assured about the durability of your shapewear. Here are some of the best shapewear for women available with Shapellx.

best shapewear for women

Compression bodysuits are a good option for plus-sized women. Though we generalize and refer to women as plus-sized, even among them the body types will differ. Some have an apple or pear-shaped body while the others might have a bigger upper body while the thighs and the rest of the body are normal. The compression bodysuits will work uniformly throughout the length of the body till the thighs and hide the fight wherever it is necessary.

plus ssize shapewear bodysuits

Shapewear with crotch hook and waist zips. These are very comfortable to wear and concentrate on improving the user experience. When ladies are going to wear their shapewear for longer hours, they shouldn’t feel suffocated in it. This shapewear will help in avoiding that and keeping them free during the day. The zip and hook system is also quite inconspicuous and you don’t have to worry about them being visible to the outside.

full body shaper

There is that part of the women who happen to gain weight post-delivery. Postmortem weight gain can be stressful and cause immense physical issues as well. Using proper shapewear during this time will give the needed support for your body and also helps in losing those extra 1 or 2 inches. This postmortem shapewear will cover the female body from the bust to thighs and tries to tone the entire figure of a new mommy. This is a relief to many women who are not comfortable with the way they look post bringing their bundle of joy into the world.

thigh trimmer and waist trainer

Exercise is inevitable for losing weight and staying healthy. When you are hitting the gym or planning to go run a marathon, consider wearing proper waist trainers. These look like a huge burden but if you put that notion aside, they do a terrific job in reducing the fat around the waistline and the thighs. Especially for plus-sized women, they can be very useful and healthy. They promote proper blood circulation, unlike the myth that is circulated that shapewear will stop the free flow of blood. These are trendy and no one is going to stare at you if you wear them to the gym.


At the end of the day, choosing the right shapewear is very important for seeing the fruitful results.


Plus Size Shapewear Fit All Your Outfits

Plus Size Shapewear Fit All Your Outfits

When it comes to buying plus size shapewear for women, most women face a lot of issues as they don’t find a perfect piece that can enhance their look.  In fact, if you choose the wrong one, it can create discomfort when you wear it under your dresses.  Well, are you looking for some perfect and affordable plus size shapewear for your plus size body? Don’t worry.  Here are some products that you can buy now to shape your figure. All these products are super comfortable. So, let’s explore the products.

  1. Shapellx plus size bodysuit with adjustable straps

Comes with the advanced and scientific design, this bodysuit will let you attain an impressive figure instantly. Once you wear it, it will work like a charm and bring out the sexy curves in the right places.  Besides, with the built-in butt lifter, it effectively enhances the butt look. To eliminate curling issues, the waistband comes with the epoxy design. The abdomen part helps you to get a flatting tummy.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. Underbust plus size thong bodysuit

This plus size thing body shaper is intelligently designed to offer your plus size body a sensational look. Besides, it creates a compression level that is sufficient to burn the extra calories. Moreover, it instantly enhances the curves and makes you appear super sexy. With adjustable straps, you won’t face many issues while wearing it. Witness a sexy look with this plus size shapewear.


plus size shapewear for women

  1. Plus size ultra-conceal bodysuit

It’s time to shape your body with this high-quality bodysuit. The shapewear creates the compression that cuts down some inches instantly, offering you an hourglass figure. This is very easy to use and remains invisible under any type of dress. On the other hand, this comes with a super elegant design.

plus size shapewearshorts

  1. Plus size butt lifting panty

When it comes to buying a perfect tummy control underwear, go for this one without thinking much. With well-designed butt-lift construction, it gives you a perky backside. To prevent rolling down, the edges come with glue. The high-quality lightweight fabric is breathable and contours & stretches your body for a perfect fit. You can use it for pants, underskirts, dancing dresses, and more.

butt lifter shaper panty

  1. Ultra-light seamless bodysuit to burn fat

This fat burner bodysuit is designed to burn excess fats at a faster rate. It comes with a backless design, and you can wear it with your open back wedding or evening dress. Use and enhance your beauty instantly comfortably.


seamless body shaper

Apart from these, you can also consider having a look at best shapewear by Shapellx online. Buy them all now and get ready to attain a sexy figure.


What Are Best Shapewear for Curved Women

What Are Best Shapewear for Curved Women

When you belong to the plus-sized category, you may find the right dresses but finding the right shapewear becomes a challenge. Not many of us pay concentration towards the needs of curvy women who look for shapewear. And these women are not aware of the dos and don’ts of buying the right shapewear for themselves. While the whole point of buying shapewear is to hide the extra fat in the body, there are other pointers that you need to remember while buying a shaper in the market. Here are some listed for you to know

full body shaper

Curvy women cannot be generalized and we cannot assume that all of them are going to have the same body type. Some will have narrow hips but a bigger butt. There are people who have wider hips and look busty. Though their waists are thin, the thighs will be huge and butt will be big. Thus, it becomes necessary that the right type of shapewear should be chosen. Depending on the fat and where it lies in your body, the shapewear should be taken accordingly.

high waist shaping shorts

The best shapewear for women who have bigger thighs is high waisted trainers or shapers. They are like any random shorts and cover the thigh part perfectly and also any extra fat in the lower waistline. If you have a good waist that doesn’t require disguise, you can go for the ones with no waist discretion option. They simply stick to your thighs.

high waist shaping shorts

Plus Size Shapewear is not rocket science and is very easy to understand if you put in some efforts. You need to understand what level of support and discretion your body wants. Depending on that you will be selecting your size. Too large will make you look even fatter while too small will suffocate you so much that you won’t look at shapewear again in your life. Measure yourself properly and understand your body’s demands properly before choosing your shapewear.

best shapewear shorts for women


Full-body suits or shapewear panties and shorts, it depends on the outfit you are wearing. The shapewear you decide to wear under your summer dress shouldn’t be the one you reach out for to wear under your wedding dress. Each of them has different requirements and the shapewear you buy should be able to serve the individual purpose.



plus size shapewear

For curvy women who are into gym routine and yoga sessions, the trainers you wear can be of latex and with firm compression. That level of compression is great for you to incorporate into your workout routine. When your shaper is firm during your workout. The fat will dissolve faster and the skin will turn more toned than a no shaper workout. Of course, your diet and lifestyle choices also have a great say in how your body will shape out.


Shapellx shapewear has all the above-mentioned types of shapewear for curvy women. You will find all your shapewear necessities under one roof and that too at a much-discounted price. The size is of the right measure and the products are durable and long-lasting!