What Are Best Shapewear for Curved Women

When you belong to the plus-sized category, you may find the right dresses but finding the right shapewear becomes a challenge. Not many of us pay concentration towards the needs of curvy women who look for shapewear. And these women are not aware of the dos and don’ts of buying the right shapewear for themselves. While the whole point of buying shapewear is to hide the extra fat in the body, there are other pointers that you need to remember while buying a shaper in the market. Here are some listed for you to know

full body shaper

Curvy women cannot be generalized and we cannot assume that all of them are going to have the same body type. Some will have narrow hips but a bigger butt. There are people who have wider hips and look busty. Though their waists are thin, the thighs will be huge and butt will be big. Thus, it becomes necessary that the right type of shapewear should be chosen. Depending on the fat and where it lies in your body, the shapewear should be taken accordingly.

high waist shaping shorts

The best shapewear for women who have bigger thighs is high waisted trainers or shapers. They are like any random shorts and cover the thigh part perfectly and also any extra fat in the lower waistline. If you have a good waist that doesn’t require disguise, you can go for the ones with no waist discretion option. They simply stick to your thighs.

high waist shaping shorts

Plus Size Shapewear is not rocket science and is very easy to understand if you put in some efforts. You need to understand what level of support and discretion your body wants. Depending on that you will be selecting your size. Too large will make you look even fatter while too small will suffocate you so much that you won’t look at shapewear again in your life. Measure yourself properly and understand your body’s demands properly before choosing your shapewear.

best shapewear shorts for women


Full-body suits or shapewear panties and shorts, it depends on the outfit you are wearing. The shapewear you decide to wear under your summer dress shouldn’t be the one you reach out for to wear under your wedding dress. Each of them has different requirements and the shapewear you buy should be able to serve the individual purpose.



plus size shapewear

For curvy women who are into gym routine and yoga sessions, the trainers you wear can be of latex and with firm compression. That level of compression is great for you to incorporate into your workout routine. When your shaper is firm during your workout. The fat will dissolve faster and the skin will turn more toned than a no shaper workout. Of course, your diet and lifestyle choices also have a great say in how your body will shape out.


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