The Best Shapewear Brand for Winter- Sculptshe

The Best Shapewear Brand for Winter- Sculptshe

Getting in shape has been the trend of the hour and with major brands and celebrities talking about the same, it builds a lot of anxiety in all of us. While emerging in this busy lifestyle, it is tough to find a suitable time to pamper ourselves, getting fit and in shape can get a little tough. Our lifestyles have clearly taken a hit and it is extremely hard to find a suitable time frame to get in shape. This is exactly where we thank the heavens for shapewear. Especially in winters, when we are looking to wear comfortable and cozy clothes while also giving the right shape to our body, it becomes important to find the perfect fit for ourselves. Thanks to Sculptshe, we don’t have to look any further for slim shapewear!

Let me take you through some amazing collections of shapewear they have!

Are you worried about that little belly pooch or is winter making it difficult for you to lose the fat? Cellulite can be a tough bone to crack no matter how hard you work out and burning it requires a lot of time. While you work those abs out, these tummy tuckers could pose as a great option for your rescue! It tightens your body and carves the curves the right way. Those cellulite and body fat near your tummy slims down with ease. With amazing elasticity and durability delivered by 6 high-quality velcros and loop fasteners, it gives your body a desirable shape. Not only that, but for people with lower back issues, this can be a relief as it straightens your posture and gives you a lovely hourglass figure.

This amazing product gives shape to your tummy as well making your butt look firm. This serves you two purposes with a comfortable feel and seamless shape. This is perfect to wear under a dress or fit jeans by giving your body the right curves in the perfect places. The elasticity gives the tummy a good tightening while the butt lifter straps give the butt a good plump look.

SculptShe understands that it becomes difficult to find the perfect fit for slim shapewear according to your body and thus, this product introduces zippers on the side to fit you perfectly. By shaping your waist, thighs, and butt, this shapewear leaves no stone unturned. Perfect for occasions where you want to don your favorite dress or wear those slim-fit jeans, this shaper is there for you. In addition to its benefits, it gives you the right posture. The highlight is that the lace beautifies the product even more.

This product is a marvel in itself. It has a 4-hook front closure that gives firmness to the fit. It is breathable and has an opening for bathroom release so you don’t have to worry about taking it off altogether. With this amazing product, the back posture is given a lift and the rear shape improves. Not just the butt, it gives a tightness to the tummy and thighs as well. The fabric is comfortable and fits perfectly for any body type.

Winters can be the hardest season to work out through and even tougher for the stubborn fat to burn. But this should not be the reason you cannot enjoy your best clothes or skip out on anything you want to wear. While you keep hustling through to get that right shape, let SculptShe make the work a little easier for you.

So, get started and browse through the endless products available on the website and pick your favorite shapewear and butt lifters. Reviews are abundantly available throughout the website so do not forget to leave yours after you have made the purchase. Comfortable, affordable and purposeful! That’s what you will get there!

The Best Shapewear To Give You The Flattering Figure You Want

The Best Shapewear To Give You The Flattering Figure You Want

How long has it been since you tried out that Black bodycon dress? All of us love being admired for an irresistibly streamlined silhouette no matter how different our bodies are. It is where shapewear comes in.

Now, with a wide range of bodysuits and tummy tuckers from Shapellx Official, you will be able to spice up your fashion game to a whole new level.

● Hide your belly fat with this tummy and torso tucker.

best shapewear for women
AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Now you don’t have to worry about eating that extra dollop of ice cream on your date for fear of a flabby belly. With this seamless body shaping garment from Shapellx, or as we know it, the AirSlim Lycra Seamless Cami Bodysuit, you can hide those extra inches around the torso and the belly without minimising on comfort. Made from micro fibred nylon and premium quality Lycra, it will give an even shape to your buttocks and rear and still retain elasticity.

● Who said that new moms can’t be fashionable?

AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper
AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper

Yes, we know how hard it is to get out of those loose, comfy home clothes and dress up to go out. The stretch marks and the additional weight will make it hard to fit in that pre-pregnancy wardrobe, so here’s our solution. AirSlim Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper is just the right product for all those women who have recently undergone pregnancy. With an open bust to hold up the heavy breasts and side zipper to allow you a quick restroom trip, this best body shaper will lift your figure no matter what you dress up in.

● Hips definitely won’t lie but will turn heads with this butt enhancer.

best shapewear for butt lifter
AirSlim™ Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear

How many of you have sweated at the gym just to get that jaw-dropping ass like Jennifer Lopez or Scarlett Johansson’s? Plenty, right? With Air Slim Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear, you can get a defined and well-toned butt in no time! The foam pads around the hip area  are easily replaceable and will give you the perfect curve for bodycon dresses.

● Get that hourglass figure in a few minutes.

best body shaper
AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper

If you want your body to get overall support, especially in the back and lumbar region, there’s no better choice than a full body shaper. AirSlim Power Control Full Body Shaper from Shapellx Official will erase all love handles around your upper body and keep your breasts from sagging even without a bra. It is relatively hassle-free, and the shoulder straps can be adjusted so that you won’t feel uneasy.

● Give a twist to your flirty weekend attire with this backless bodysuit

thong shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Backless Thong Bodysuit


For those who love wearing halter neck or backless attires yet cannot due to weight around the back and chest, this backless thong bodysuit is a must-have. You can wear it with strapless tops and gowns too as the straps of this shapewear are easily removable. Want to get more daring? Wear the bodysuit like a tank top and match with denim bottoms.


We hope that our review of these top-rated best shapewear for women will solve all your worries about hiding that extra fat. Our products are made from specially engineered fabrics which not only support your posture but also keep you feeling breezy all day long.




Shapewear Is The Way To A Slimmer Waistline – Here Is Why

Shapewear Is The Way To A Slimmer Waistline – Here Is Why

Reaching your ideal body look while actively trying to perfect certain areas of your body can be very hard task if eating healthy and going to the gym isn’t the thing for you. Shapewear is a piece of under garment that will assist you with smoothing your skin and thin down those problematic areas – don’t forget about looking amazing in any outfit as well-. There is a wide range of shapewear styles, to suit everyone’s needs, yes even those who are avid gym goers. The waist and thigh trainer plus size collection is an innovation on its own. But how exactly are you going to have a smaller waistline effortlessly? Are there really that many benefits? Well yes, and this is why.

 Self-esteem boost

thong shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Seamless Thong shapewear Bodysuit
thong shapewear
AirSlim™ Backless Thong Bodysuit shapewear for women

In all honesty, shaping underwear does not only change your outside appearance, it can change your mentality towards weight loss too. Most ladies who wear shapewear are urged to have a solid and healthy way of life. Seeing your body with having the curves you always used you had will urge you to have an overall better eating schedule and stick to it even after you reached your ultimate body goals. Killer curves along with finally being able to wear your favorite dress additionally gives you a lift in confidence and self-esteem . Shapewear that camouflage your “flawed” areas while complimenting the rest of your body in the best way possible can be a life changing purchase. A thong shapewear bodysuit for example can easily do all the work for you thought out the day.

Instant thinning results

tummy control shapewear
AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper
best shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Adjustable Crotch Butt Lifting Shapewear

There are specific areas that shapewear can alter for you, the bust, midsection, hips and thighs. One major advantage of wearing shapewear is that you right away get curvy, sculptured silhouette you always dreamed of having. With the correct shaper, you have that hourglass figure that will most definitely help you fit in your dream dress easily. All the above can be obtained within minutes without having to go through crushing dieting and excessive work out routines.  

Cellulite and muffin top reduction

Ladies who work out often for an extended period of time to obtain a thinner waistline can too have muffin tops despite the fact that they are in a good shape. Nowadays with fitted tops and low rise jeans being on trend more and more women try to camouflage their belly pooch, shapewear can do just that. It can assist you with fitting in up to two sizes smaller clothes. A considerable lot of the new age shapers are improved with key fabrics that can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Are you more on the curvier side? Buy plus size women shapewear at Shapellx

plus size waist trainer
NeoSweat™ Sport Vest with Double Belts

These Shapewear Pieces Are Selling Like Hot Cakes Right Now

These Shapewear Pieces Are Selling Like Hot Cakes Right Now

When it comes to buying waist trainer for women and body shaper, most of the women face a lot of confusion as they don’t know which one will be the most effective piece. A wrong product can create discomfort, and the result will not be visible. So, to help you out in this, we have listed down a few top-selling body shapers that you can buy online now.

  1. Detachable straps full body shaper

When it comes to choosing the best shapewear for tummy and waist,  you can’t ignore this product. It has 70 per cent nylon and 30 per cent spandex material which has made it quite comfortable to use. For easy put-off, the body shaper comes with detachable straps. There are two plastic bones which are effective in preventing curling. Use it now and strengthen your tummy area with the 3-layered abdomen design.

best shapewear bodysuits for women
  • Full bodysuit slimming shaper

This full bodysuit is quite effective in shaping your entire body, giving you a perfect and sexy hourglass figure. There are contour and triangle-shaped cups that enhance the bust look. The bodysuit is designed to compress and to offer maximum support to the thighs, abdomen, waist and hips. Besides, it is also a perfect postpartum and post-surgical bodysuit. This bodysuit will give your rear side a perfect shape.

full body shaper
  • Zipper postsurgical body shaper with detachable straps

This body shapewear is quite effective in shaping thighs, stomach, waist and buttock areas. The inner portion has a high-quality moisture-wicking fabric that is super breathable and comfortable. On the other hand, to keep away the curling issues, the waist sides have a rubber bone. The abdomen part has three layers of high-quality elastic material that instantly strengthen your abdomen area. The epoxy design with lace leg opening structure, you will find it quite comfortable to wear.  

best shapewear shorts for women
  • Moderate level tummy control waist cincher

The fabric used in this product combines elastic lining, mesh, 22 per cent spandex and 78 per cent nylon.  For better chest support it has a w-shape design. Besides, its nine steel bones support the back area and compress the tummy part.  You can wear it under any dresses to get a sexy look.

waist trainer for women
  • Double belts latex waist trainer

It is made of a material that has 100 per cent latex, 4 per cent spandex and 96 per cent cotton. The seven steel bones design is effectively shaping your curve and can compress the stomach. Give it a try now.

latex waist trainer

No matter what are your requirements, Shapellx shapewear will be a perfect solution for you. The best thing is they all are now available at up to 50 per cent discount. Grab them now and get a perfectly shaped body.

Types of Plus Size Shapewear You Can Pick

Types of Plus Size Shapewear You Can Pick

If you are a Plus sized beauty who is looking to find the ideal shapewear for herself, then you are in the right place. Shapewear is every female’s best friend. Even if you are aware of the myths that surround shapewear, you cannot ignore it for the obvious benefits. Just like Rome was not built in a day, achieving a killer body doesn’t happen overnight. The temporary solution to this problem is shapewear. Even the slender beauties stick to shapewear in case they have that embarrassing love handle or flabby thighs. So, there is nothing wrong in the plus sized beauties embracing it. Here are a few shapewear models that you should add to your lingerie collection.

best waist trainer

A plus size waist trainer vest is a necessity if you are looking to burn the flab around the waistline. This one not only combats the fat around your stomach but also concentrates on giving you a good posture and providing optimum support to your upper body. SOmetimes, because of the hunching in front of computers and wrong sitting postures can also lead to love handle formation and weight gain. You can prevent all that trouble by using this waist trainer during your workouts. It will set you right in no time.

plus size shapewear

This tummy control body shaper is the best shapewear for tummy and waist fat reduction. It comes with a good zipper in the front so that there won’t be any roll down even if you bend and move during the day. The bones will prevent unwanted wrinkling and cooperate for hassle free tummy control work. This can be worn under any outfit and it will blend in easily to tone your body the right way.

plus size shapewear

The whole point of shapewear is to conceal the extra fat and give you a toned body that will carry any outfit with ease. If you can get extra benefits apart from the obvious job, will you not take it? That’s where the butt lifting shapers come into picture. These do a good job to give your back a good lift so that the jeans you wear or the bodyfit dresses you choose will make you look dapper and sexy.

waist and thigh trainer

The neoprene waist trainer and thigh trimmers are great for the exercise enthusiasts. If you are on the path of weight loss, this body shaper will help you double your weight loss benefits with little efforts. They activate the core, engage your thighs into action and also help in shaping your booty. You should own this one for the triple benefits that it offers.

full body shaper

Lastly, a full bodysuit is the ideal choice for plus sized women who are looking to contour their full body. This is going to push your belly in, control the love handles, boost your bust and lift your butt. It has a good design to enable your restroom use and they can be worn on any occasion. For the postpartum mothers out there, this is a good choice to hide the fat you gained during childbirth journey.

The best out there is the Shapewear by Shapellx. You can purchase some of the best types of shapewear for reasonable cost and they are highly durable and long-lasting too.

Find Your Dream Shapewear Types from Cosmolle

Find Your Dream Shapewear Types from Cosmolle

It is not easy for every woman to have a curvy and super sexy body like the lingerie models. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get into the dress that you’d been desiring for quite a long period of time. Every woman looks beautiful in her own way. If you are looking for an instant solution to enhance your curves and hide the additional fats from the love handles of your body, then getting the best seamless shapewear is the way to go.

Imagine that you are wearing an outstanding dress, but the only factor of concern is the muffin on the waist. Obviously you would want to get rid of that. Best seamless shapewear from Cosmolle can do that for you. A tummy control shorts or a waist trainer under your dress can enhance your curves in the right proportion to make you look much more desirable than you already are!


The first tummy control shaper panty on the list is the luxury seamless 1021 exclusive butt lifter. It comes with a level 5 firm compression along with adjustable straps. This one has got anti-roll down silicone strip design. The material is a breathable fabric that will cinch your waist and flatter your tummy.

The next tummy control shaper panty on the list is the seamless 1020 mesh shaper shorts that can make you look sleeker and slimmer in any dress. It comes with a level 5 compression that tightens and flattens the tummy region. There are adjustable and removable straps.

seamless shaper shorts

The third on this list is the mid control 4023 sculptwear. This tummy control shaper panty is high-waist shapewear that will lift your butt and make your tummy flat. It comes with a level 3 compression, no visible panty lines, and the firm control will not allow you to roll down. It will tighten your bottom and lift your butt.

seamless shapewear shorts

The fourth Cosmolle Shapewear on the list is the comfort line 4021 compression shorts. It comes with level 2 compression and anti-slip silicone straps for no rolling down. It has got high thick waist control to reduce tummy fat and enhance your curves in the right proportion. Get full coverage and control right down to the knees.

seamless shapewear shorts

The last one on the list is the Magic Mesh seamless 1024 butt lifter. If you are looking for an everyday confidence boost then this is the ideal one. This Cosmolle Shapewear comes with a level 5 compression that ensures control shaping. The breathable fabric is 100% seamless. It comes with full back coverage.

best shapewear bodysuits for women

Wear Seamless Shapewear to Make You Look Slimmer

Wear Seamless Shapewear to Make You Look Slimmer

Shapewear is one of the major products that can be seen as having much importance in the life of women. The shapewear is one of the few things that can be seen as a must in every woman’s wardrobe. The major part of having shapewear is the acquiring of the well-desired shape that can easily be achieved. The shape wears are one of the major things that enhance the body parts and many other benefits. Some of the best seamless shapewear is,

Luxury Seamless 1023 Shaping Panties

The product is one of the Best shapewear not rolling-down and has the extra firmness of up to level 2 compression and comes up with the best possible breathable material that shows no traces of having panty lines that are visible to the outer side of the outfit. The product provides the best ever benefit of decreasing the fat level from the stomach area, and this is one of the best products for the shaping of the body.

seamless shapewear panty

Luxury Seamless 1020 Mesh Shorts Shaper

The product is one of a kind with the likes of the inclusion of the open bust design that allows you to wear the favorite bra of your desire and thus is one of the few that enhances the look of the breasts. The product has the softest and smooth material that comes with the advantage of flattening and tightening of the stomach by the reduction of the tummy fat. The specially designed product helps in the uplifting of the butts and showcasing of your curves.

seamless shapewear shorts

Luxury Seamless 1022 Half Slip Shaper

The strapless shapewear comes in with the advantage of having the most non-slippery material that helps in holding on to the skin without getting slipped. It has the presence of the adjustable straps that are non-slippery and thus possesses a quality of being the material that does not reveal the panty lines above the dress.


shaper slip

Powernet 5027 Firm Sculptwear Shorts

These shaper shorts are one of the few that comes up with the presence of the laces at the edges of the shapewear and come up with the high waist design in inclusion to the soft, smooth, and elastic fabric.

best shapewear shorts

Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid-Thigh Power slim Shorts

The shapewear is one of the few that has the smooth fabric of Lycra in it and does have the characteristics of flattening of the stomach fat and reduction of the tummy line.

seamless shapewear for women

The Cosmolle shapewear is one of the few brands that deals in with a variable range of products that helps in the enhancement of the body shape in inclusion to the providing of the looks that are both sensuous and stylish.