How To Choose The Right Skirt

How To Choose The Right Skirt

Skirts are essential clothing in most wardrobes since they are simple to make, style, and feel more comfortable. This timeless piece comes in many different shapes and designs, but not all of them are equally suitable to all body shapes. Let us look at several basic skirt styles and discover which ones will work best for different body types.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Skirt:

Straight Skirts

Girls love these skirts because they are equal in width at the waistline and the bottom edge. They are commonly made of thick cloth, and it looks elegant on all body types.

Someone with a pear-shaped physique will look fine in this skirt since it does not add fat to the butt area. It might make you appear thinner and longer since it clings tight to your body, mainly if it is long.

Wear high heels with this skirt to avoid trying to look stout. Because this skirt is straight, it can make you appear bulky if you wear a loose-fitting top with it – this skirt requires a fitted-shaped top.

Pencil Skirts

This skirt is ideally suited to those who have a shapely body, such as an hourglass figure. This shirt highlights shapes in the hips and waist while minimizing the appearance of fat legs. This skirt is not recommended for those with very small hips.

Circle Skirts

This skirt has a full A shape and is cut just on the diagonal line. It is often made of a light substance. If you have a large upper body, a circle skirt will look nice on you; if you have a large waist, go for a high-waisted skirt that sits at the narrowest section of your waist.

A-line Skirts

The waistline and hips of an A-line skirt are fitted, while the hips flare out. Because of the triangle shape of this skirt, persons with a large lower body should avoid wearing it.

This flare will highlight a pear-shaped body’s buttocks. The small shoulders that most pear body types have will be highlighted in this skirt.

Maxi Skirts

This is the skirt that mostly wails casualness. This hippie-style skirt quickly catches the attention of fashionistas, who are experimenting with wide-ranging transformations. Flared maxis, ruffled maxis, and midi skirts with godets are all attractive skirt types.

A short girl should avoid wearing a maxi skirt because it would make her appear even shorter; nevertheless, if you must wear one, choose one with a less puffy shape. Place it at the narrowest area of your waistline (high waist) to make the height of the skirt make you appear taller.

Pleated Skirts

This is a pleated skirt that may be produced by machine or by hand. They come in a variety of styles, with different numbers of pleats and fittings. As a result, the influence they have on body forms can differ.

A pleated skirt that flares just at the bottom might slim the thighs and waistline unless it has a large number of pleats originating at the waist; this will look unpleasant on a bigger lower body and one with a bulging stomach.

Hip Rider Skirts

The said skirt is a layered skirt with a tight-fitting yoke all along the hips and the bottom tier having assemblies or pleats. The design of the yoke might be flat, rounded, or triangular. This is a stunning outfit for folks with slim waists and curvy hips.

Tulip Skirts

Tulip skirts are modifications of pencil skirts that are thin at the waistline and bottom hem but have volume in the sort of pleats of cloth at the hips (formed like a tulip).

A tulip skirt with a defined waist is great for women who have an hourglass physique. This skirt is especially beneficial to very slim-hipped figures since it adds curves to their otherwise flat shape.

Outfits Ideas to Wear to Your Birthday Party

Outfits Ideas to Wear to Your Birthday Party

It’s once again that season of the year when: YOUR BIRTHDAY!! Is it possible to have too much? The nicest part about commemorating your birthday is typically your birthday dress, to be honest. You may be as crazy as you would like, but no one will object. Then again, if glitter and wings aren’t your things, that’s great too—no one will notice, and you’ll still look spectacular without them. If you’re going out to a club, having a dinner celebration, relaxing on a Caribbean beach, or commemorating your big day at breakfast, remember that it’s your night.

But there’s no need for you to worry about what to wear—these birthday clothes are worth partying in.

This look is out of others league.

Paco Rabanne’s modern-day chainmail outfits are influenced by the classic 1966 show “Twelve Impossible to wear Designs in Modern Fabrics,” which is a birthday outfit with a taste of haute couture. The well-known chainmail gowns straddle the line among fashion and art, can’t imagine anyone not wanting to adorn a masterpiece on their birthday? Since this outfit is composed of PVC floral paillettes, you may help hide with a strapless pair of shorts even while appearing seductive. A heavenly silk pouch handbag completes your out-of-this-world wardrobe.

Here’s where to get the look.

  • Dress by Paco Rabanne.
  • Jenny Bird Nova hoops.
  • Bandeau Chantelle
  • Eres briefs are a kind of brief.
  • Bag from Les Petits Joueurs.
  • Sandals by Schutz.

Girly, all grown up.

Your princess-pink ball gown has been given a grown-up makeover. This sculpted silk mini seems to be the ideal way to maturely embrace your innermost girly girl. Add large crystal diamond studs to your outfit for a birthday touch; balance out your womanly figure with a set of spiked slingback shoes, and bring it together with a sophisticated top-rated purse and a sleek black headpiece.

These may be found at-

  • Dress from Gauge81
  • Headband from ASOS.
  • Earring by Alessandra Rich.
  • Bulgari handbag
  • Slingback pumps by Alexander Wang.

The Amazing Brunch for a birthday.

Although if your birthday party is low-key, you could still appear great by having a laid-back celebration breakfast with the ladies. Folded midi dresses are becoming a fashion standard; take it up a level with a glittery midi for your party. Combine the unique item with a beige sweater, gold jewelry, a classical purse, and snake pattern boots for a stylish look. The outfit isn’t overly flashy, but the silver skirt provides a special touch—after all, it’s also your day

These may be purchased here.

  • SandroTop is the best.
  • Earring by Vanessa Mooney.
  • Necklace with Mejuri chain.
  • Skirt from Topshop.
  • Bag by Louis Vuitton.
  • Texas boots in Paris.

Texas boots

It’s not always necessary to jazz up for your party in feathery gowns and sky-high stiletto. Sensible shoes are essential if you plan on spending your big day wandering around from club to club. With a folded golden leather miniskirt, bright gold standout card of spades jewelry, wedge Converse, and a ’90s-inspired canvas purse, embrace your rebellious inner queen.

Take a look at these options:

  • Ace of Spades jewelry by Celeste Starre.
  • Bodysuit from SKIMS.
  • Soft tights by Wolford.
  • MSGM is a brand of the skirt.
  • Prada Handbags
  • Converse sneakers with a platform.

The Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses Saved To Your Wishlist

The Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses Saved To Your Wishlist

Well, a marriage ceremony is always about the stunning bride and bridegroom. However, what makes you think that you can’t wear gorgeous dresses too! There are stunning wedding guest dresses that are trending in 2021, especially now for summer weddings.


Again, the speciality of a wedding is diversity. Your friends or family might be getting married on a beach, in a church hall, in a temple, in a house, or even nowadays on Zoom! However, thanks to the nearing the end of the pandemic, we can actually visit our loved ones on their wedding day!


So, need a few ideas on what to wear? Look no further, as we have brought to you a few gorgeous wedding guest dresses for you to wear.

What do you need to keep an eye out for?

The main thing is you have to look elegant yet casual. The dresses that you wear should bring out a fine balance of this. Hence, the colours that you choose should be toned yet light. Most weddings take place in the morning, so choosing something a bit pleasing to the eye will go a long way. We’ll just pin a few ideas of different types of dresses that you can wear here.

Ideas for wedding guest dresses.

1. Don’t forget the classics!

These will not go wrong as they are elegant and can be found in a variety of styles. While you can choose the classic gowns in light colours, you can also opt for patterned dresses to wear. The length of the gown or maxi dress gives a classy sort of look and the colours can be chosen either according to the colour theme of the wedding or the location. Beaches can have brighter hues, whereas in churches and halls opt for rich and toned colours.

2. Add a splash of floral designs!

These are underrated and not many people wear many floral dresses to weddings nowadays. Which is exactly why it is trending right now. There are a variety of patterns to choose from. You can avail of it in various styles too, like short dresses, off-shoulder and deep backed gowns.




3. Considered, Jumpsuit Dresses?

These are very trendy and would look really classy. They’re also trending nowadays and are quite the ideal dresses to wear.


4. You won’t go wrong with lace!

Lace has always been a classic and bears a touch of elegance. These suit grand occasions like weddings. In fact, lace paired with satin, meshes, embellishments, or embedded stones actually give a great look. There are various styles in this yet again. Sheer lace dresses often look very elegant, especially in halls and churches.





So, here were a few ideas for wedding guest dresses. These styles cannot go wrong. All you have to do is choose the right colour, accessories, footwear, and walk with confidence! Remember to choose good material that would suit the interiors of the wedding function and with the above ideas in mind, you would just look stunning!

Perfect Party Fashion Dress Picks for Holiday

Perfect Party Fashion Dress Picks for Holiday

There’s no resisting the spirit of the season during Christmas, New Year’s, or all the compulsory celebrations somewhere between. But because this is the time to still be stylish, your evening drinks and dancing skills require the right party outfit to go along with.


There would be no nicer way of saying farewell to last year and than about wearing the best styles of this year.


While you’re going to still be home solely, enjoy a few other bonding time alongside your roommates, or stick out together with your relatives likely to find a chic match to reward yourself towards this festive season. Therefore no wonder if you’d like to go over your tassels and sparkling skirts or sit relaxed with your favorite sweatpants, we’ve ended up getting you wrapped.

The whole Collection OF Glittery Top With Jeans 

Pant Lucinda-


Any coordinating set makes any outfit look way better instantly; however, this helps a lot to bring another dress together Really. For something like a flawless but stylish pick ready, put on such matching pleated sets. It has an elastic waistband and a micro-pleat satin material of the fabric. It is 5% spandex and 95% polyester.

Lucinda Pant

The whole Outfit With Combination  

Black Ruched Poplin Mini Tea Dress

Not so much with the heels? You, I hear you. An elevated converse set, particularly with nothing but a taupe dress such as the one above, could go a big step.

Including a racer neck and keyhole back finishing, this outfit is crafted. Sparkle up through the night to glow with such a new number every moment!

Black Ruched Poplin Mini Tea Dress

This cutout dress-


Roxy Dress | The Blue Jeans

This outfit with cutouts will be anything but typical. And render the cutout quite conspicuous, you could also change its ties, in Incase.

Roxy Dress | The Blue Jeans

The mesh dress-


Dress of Shailene

A nude sequencer it’s just the correct balance of shimmer is the one you’re going to somehow get many usages off of, and therefore shade works with anything and its design would go from season to season. Adjustable lining with slip. Design Pull-on.

AFRM refers to something like a claim from one’s self or one’s personality. They’re a group, expressing your personality, your experiences, your mood changes with artsy bits.

Shailene Dress

The look with Blazer-

Stretch faux patent-leather leggings

Flex Faux patent-Leather legging

Not merely are such faux-patent leather leggings trendy, though they are soft and efficient, however, you can dress it up every winter partying despite scratching your waist against them.

The four-way flexibility means that they are great to carry and quick to put on. Group it with such an oversized sweater and shoe or even a blazer plus heels.



Wear Fancy Dress To Kiss The Year Good-Bye

Wear Fancy Dress To Kiss The Year Good-Bye

The year is about to end and the Zero night celebrations are about to kick in. So, you need to get some fancy attire ready to hit the dance floor with style and glamour. Not just the year-end but also the New Year parties and celebrations would demand you to dress up like a paradise.

If you are looking for some great fancy attire options to bid farewell to the year 2020 and welcome 2021, then follow this article till the end to get your options straight.

Pair A Crop Top With dress

You can wear a crop top that suits you and pair it up with dress to bring out that party look. If you wish, you can add a jacket as well to keep you warm and add more elegance to your style. It is a perfect celebration combo where you look stylish and sassy at the same time.

Try Out A Backless Gown

A backless gown can be glowing attire for a New Year party. You can go in as a head turner to the party and stand out amongst the crowd with the elegantly designed and colourful backless gown. Pair it up with high heels and apply a clutch to hold your hairs to let you flaunt the look of the dress.

Jumpsuits For New Year Parties

Try wearing the colourful jumpsuits that will go well for your Christmas, Zero night and New Year parties. Choose the desired colour that will suit you perfectly. Moreover, as the winter months are on, this attire will make you look sizzling and will also keep you warm as it covers most parts of your body.

Sequin Trousers 

These trousers are usually flared and are comfortable to wear to late-night parties. These pants are available in various design and textures to suit the individual needs. It has a high elastic waist, and you can pair it up with any type of tops. Choose the perfect colour as per your choice, and you will be ready for your New Year celebrations.

Off-Shoulder One Piece Dresses

Off-shoulder one-piece dresses are meant to make you look prettier just like a Barbie doll. Find the colour that brightens your face up and wear it to your New Year eve party to make the crowd praise you for your pretty look in the dress.


So, if you were confused about what attire you must buy for your New Year celebrations then here are a few options available for you to try on. These are just a few out of the many fancy attire ideas you can opt for. Do your experiments with these attires and make sure you glam up the party with your mesmerizing style.


Enter the Holiday Season in Style

Enter the Holiday Season in Style

This soft cardigan with front buttons is awesome gift for this Holiday season. Wearing this over your favorite high neck will add to the warmth and the comfort that is much needed every winter season. pairing this with a long skirt or a pair of denims in blue, black or white, would simply make the look very stylish. Interestingly, you can also wear it with a red colored sweater underneath to complete your Holiday Look, as red is the color embarking the beginning of the holiday season. Moreover, this becomes a perfect utility gift for the amazing and relaxing holiday season.

ASOS DESIGN Cropped Cardigan In Chenille With Buttons

Black is a color of all seasons and when mingled with red, it surely becomes the perfect gift for the Holiday Season. Make a style statement in this chic dress that is short; however, perfect material for that cozy Christmas Dinner with the closed ones. Add on to a pair of Long boots and some lovely hoop earrings to complete that alluring and beautiful look that you have been waiting to create. Gifting this to your sister, girl friend or even to your mom, your shall be talked about for its wonderful appeal. The slight shine on the fabric and the division at the torso is something that shapes up the dress. Moreover, the front open idea is also a great one so you can fit in well and can wear a layer underneath to protect yourself from the winters.

If you someone who prefers comfort over anything, this knitted high neck sweater will serve as a wonderful gift for them. Beaming with joy, you will be pleased to learn how this has been the favorite wear the entire Holiday Season, irrespective of the occasion. Indeed, comfort serves the purpose when this is further accompanied by a pair of regular fit denim and shoes that are flats but still exude lots of styles. The color of this sweater is the most acquired this season by girls, so follow the trend, but set one too with this wholistic look of denim and shoes!


Pierce Cashmere Turtleneck

What a fantastic dress this would make for your girl waiting for you in this Holiday Season. This will enthrall her as not just the color but the silhouette to is enigmatic and absolutely sensuous. With the balloon sleeves made from net, and the bow adorning the front giving this an amazing look. The sleeves with ruches on the joint allows you to work without wetting the sleeves. So in full swing, you can get ready and continue with the chores, if needed. The fabric is absolutely wonderful that fits your body like a co-ord set. With this Holiday Season, a good dress can certainly bring immense happiness of feeling sustained and able to enjoy the graceful Holiday Season.

The Best Shapewear To Give You The Flattering Figure You Want

The Best Shapewear To Give You The Flattering Figure You Want

How long has it been since you tried out that Black bodycon dress? All of us love being admired for an irresistibly streamlined silhouette no matter how different our bodies are. It is where shapewear comes in.

Now, with a wide range of bodysuits and tummy tuckers from Shapellx Official, you will be able to spice up your fashion game to a whole new level.

● Hide your belly fat with this tummy and torso tucker.

best shapewear for women
AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Now you don’t have to worry about eating that extra dollop of ice cream on your date for fear of a flabby belly. With this seamless body shaping garment from Shapellx, or as we know it, the AirSlim Lycra Seamless Cami Bodysuit, you can hide those extra inches around the torso and the belly without minimising on comfort. Made from micro fibred nylon and premium quality Lycra, it will give an even shape to your buttocks and rear and still retain elasticity.

● Who said that new moms can’t be fashionable?

AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper
AirSlim™ Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper

Yes, we know how hard it is to get out of those loose, comfy home clothes and dress up to go out. The stretch marks and the additional weight will make it hard to fit in that pre-pregnancy wardrobe, so here’s our solution. AirSlim Postpartum Surgery Tummy Control Shapewear with Side Zipper is just the right product for all those women who have recently undergone pregnancy. With an open bust to hold up the heavy breasts and side zipper to allow you a quick restroom trip, this best body shaper will lift your figure no matter what you dress up in.

● Hips definitely won’t lie but will turn heads with this butt enhancer.

best shapewear for butt lifter
AirSlim™ Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear

How many of you have sweated at the gym just to get that jaw-dropping ass like Jennifer Lopez or Scarlett Johansson’s? Plenty, right? With Air Slim Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer Pads Shapewear, you can get a defined and well-toned butt in no time! The foam pads around the hip area  are easily replaceable and will give you the perfect curve for bodycon dresses.

● Get that hourglass figure in a few minutes.

best body shaper
AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper

If you want your body to get overall support, especially in the back and lumbar region, there’s no better choice than a full body shaper. AirSlim Power Control Full Body Shaper from Shapellx Official will erase all love handles around your upper body and keep your breasts from sagging even without a bra. It is relatively hassle-free, and the shoulder straps can be adjusted so that you won’t feel uneasy.

● Give a twist to your flirty weekend attire with this backless bodysuit

thong shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Backless Thong Bodysuit


For those who love wearing halter neck or backless attires yet cannot due to weight around the back and chest, this backless thong bodysuit is a must-have. You can wear it with strapless tops and gowns too as the straps of this shapewear are easily removable. Want to get more daring? Wear the bodysuit like a tank top and match with denim bottoms.


We hope that our review of these top-rated best shapewear for women will solve all your worries about hiding that extra fat. Our products are made from specially engineered fabrics which not only support your posture but also keep you feeling breezy all day long.




Top Trends for Winter Fashion

Top Trends for Winter Fashion

The new fashion season always means new fashion trends. After the spring/summer crisis, when the whole world was dipped into simplicity and minimalism, we all welcomed an abundance of colors, textured materials, and dramatic volumes. Are you ready to rock these top fashion trends for winter?

One of the spiciest trends for the upcoming season is going to be an extra-long fringe. It is so hard to pass by this trend! You can wear it anywhere on your clothes: jeans, skirt, top and even accessories. We love the fringe on the dress, it gives the dress a brand-new, flirty appeal.

The next trend for winter is textured knitwear. It can be chunky, fuzzy, or covered in fur. Wear a tight sweater and cheap shapewear for women plus size underneath the oversized cardigan for the utterly comfortable and warm winter look.

One of the most voluminous trends for winter 2021 is the puff sleeve trend. Just like the fringe, puff sleeves can decorate your top, blouse, dress, or even sweater. They look very feminine and romantic.

If there is one thing we all should put before anything else this winter season, is our comfort. Keep your body cozy in trendy Wholesale sweatsuits and wear them together with comfy sneakers or uggs. Or simply stay in one of these cozy suits at home, spending the day in the circle of your friends and relatives.

Plaid print always comes in our fashion lives in fall and stays there during the shole cold period of a year. Take your regular checked print to a whole new level and incorporate it into every piece of clothes you have. For example, this white plaid mini dress with large black checks looks fantastic and playful.

Yellow is a new black. This sunny color is made for gloomy weather because it can easily boost up even the saddest winter mood. What do you think of this bright yellow two-piece suit? View Feelingirldress Black Friday sale to get yourself a similar ensemble to rock the season.

And, lastly, we want to mention leather as one of the hottest winter trends. This material is going to be everywhere this season from shoes to tops. Layer a leather jacket or wear a tight midi leather skirt to the office. Such outfits are going to look both chic and fashionable.


5 Comfy H&M Outfits You Don’t Want to Miss

5 Comfy H&M Outfits You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to choosing the best clothing brand to get high-quality clothes, you can’t ignore the brand H&M. This brand is well-known for its superior quality fashion products that let you express your style in different ways. Now, you might be thinking that the cost of the dresses will be high. Well, here are some best and stylish dresses from H&M that will come under your budget.

  1. Jacquard-weave dress

If you are looking for short-length and stylish dress, then with H&M’s jacquard-weave dress, you will never go wrong. This is a short and fitted dress and will help you to show off the sexy parts of your body. What’s more?  The dress has an asymmetric seam at the waistline that gives it a unique look. The V-neck design will give your font a sexy look. On the other hand, concealed zipper, and puff sleeves make it comfortable to use. Buy it now.



 2.Turtleneck sweater with a brooch

If you are looking for a quality sweater dress for you this winter, then try out this turtleneck sweater now. This relaxed-fit and short sweater feels very soft and is perfectly knit with wool content. On the other hand, metal brooch decorated with plastic beads, give it a unique appearance. What’s more? The dropped shoulders design is trendy. The dress has recycled polyester material. Under USD 35, this looks a great option.

  1. Shimmering satin dress

Some women think that buying a satin dress from a good brand will cost more? Well, if you are thinking the same, then how about buying a satin dress of H&M at USD 40? Sound good, right? This dress has a sexy V-neckline that will offer a sexy look. With the concealed hook and eye fastener, you will find it easy to use. Talking about some of its other features, the sleeves are long and close-fit. On the waistline, it has a tie belt, and you can remove it if you want. At the hem, the circle-shaped ruffle gives it a stylish look.

  1. Long chiffon dress

This long and stylish sleeveless dress is manufactured from chiffon product. The neckline has pleats design, and the backside has a small opening near the neck areas. You will find it easy to use as it comes with snap fasteners. Talking more about it, at the waist area, there is a seam along with high-quality concealed elastic. The outer layer of the dress has polyester content, and it is partly recycled.

  1. raped dress

This dress has a viscose lining, and polyester made shell. With a weight of just 0.52kg, you will find it super comfortable on your body. The waist has elasticized seam, and the shoulder straps are crossed at the back. The laser-cut hem looks stylish.

Patterned Flounced Dress




Hello to all of you fashionistas around the world reading this article. We all already know that autumn and winter are the best seasons to express your style and therefore we are so excited to create this article. And of course we are not able to write this article without associating it to maybe the most popular Netflix show right now and that is „ Emily in Paris“. We feel like it is the right show to get the inspo from considering that costumes were designed by famous Patricia Field who has also previously done costimography for Sex and the City, Devil wears Prada, etc…

Derek Lam 10 Crosby

FARFETCH GINGHAM SUIT – Some people would say that there is nothing more feminine than woman wearing a dress, but there is something that could quite run up close to that and that would be a powerful woman wearing a suit. Not only that a suit looks great but you could also wear it separately and get that wear out of it for the money you paid.

Béret Mini Cachemire

LAULHERE FRENCH BERET IN RED – Is there anything more French than wearing a French berete? We think there isn’t. Use this cute flirty hat to upgrade any of your outfits. Pair this hat with previously listed suit anf totally get the Emily in Paris look.


MONA PUFF SLEEVED TWEED BLAZER –  Be a real French fashion diva and throw on this trendy tweed blazer over your stylish outfit and you will definitely be noticed. This is a trendy version of a blazer ( shoulder pads and accented sleeves in general are the trend of the season ). If you are looking for something more classic than you should get the classic tweed blazer. If you have a high budget than a classic Chanel tweed blazer would be the one you should get.


RALPH LAUREN SWEATER –  We all know that a French stripes shirt is the most French fashion item out there ever, but considering that we are writing abou winter and autumunal clothes we thought that sweater would be a good replacement.


WHISTLES WOOL BELTED COAT –  Of course, every French woman is stylish but that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be cold and uncomfortable  so this wool belted coat would be a perfect stylish piece to warm you up during cold winter days. Pair it with cute accessories and you are ready to go.