How To Most Effectively Prevent Makeup From Falling Off

How To Most Effectively Prevent Makeup From Falling Off

For those with oily skin, summer can be a complicated period! Heat increases oil production, which causes makeup to melt and skin to glow. If you have trouble putting on makeup that lasts on hot days, check out some tips that can help you keep your makeup on your face longer and reduce the oiliness of your face!

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  1. Bet on an anti-oil primer

The primer is essential to guarantee the fixation of the make and make it last until the end of the day. If you have oily skin, use an oily product on the T-zone of your face – and other areas that produce excess oil. Did you know that sunscreen can also serve as a primer? Just invest in products with mattifying activities.

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  • Use makeup setting spray

On hotter days, when sweat can make your makeup hold, even more, use a setting spray on your face. Prevents melting and ensures that the look stays intact for longer.

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3) Apply an evening foundation with a dry touch

When the face gets oily, the liquid foundation ends up leaving that wet skin look. To avoid this situation, bet on anti-oil products, such as Effaclar BB Blur. It has a Blur effect that smoothes and covers imperfections; controls the oil and moisture of the skin throughout the day; and doesn’t leave that cracked texture, keeping your makeup perfect for much longer.

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4) Believe in the power of translucent powder

The translucent powder also helps to set the foundation and concealer on the skin – in addition to leaving the face super dry! Bet on a product that mattifies without clogging pores, ensuring a natural and long-lasting finish.

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5) Refresh your face throughout the day with zinc-based spray products

Zinc is the perfect asset to reduce skin oiliness, especially on the hottest days. There are spray products based on this substance that can be applied over makeup without taking the risk of removing it, such as La Roche-Posay’s serozinc. Just spray throughout the day as needed. With this gesture, your makeup will last much longer and your skin will be drier and healthier.

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6) Opt for products with a matte finish

Makeup with a matte finish usually has a longer-lasting hold. In addition, they are more resistant to oil, preventing excessive shine on the face f

Want to Look Glowy and More Youthful, Try These Make Up Tips

Want to Look Glowy and More Youthful, Try These Make Up Tips

When people grow older, they look out desperately for a secret formula to make them appear younger. Besides, when it comes to attaining a party, you all want to have a glow and beautiful look to make yourself look different from others. Well, it’s quite natural. This is a good thing to embrace aging and the natural look that you get while aging. But sometimes it feels good to appear slightly younger. So, today we will talk about a few simple make-up tips that can help you with this.

  1. Don’t forget to take good care of your eyebrows 

When it comes to looking younger, you should not forget your eyebrows. As you get older, the eyebrows will start to drop and thin out. You need to create the illusion of having a fuller eyebrow to make yourself look younger. So, what you can do is, you can use a high-quality eyebrow pencil to emphasize them. Make sure to pick the color based on your hair color.

  • Its time to curl your lashes

As per the experts, after 35 years old, the eyelashed will start to flatten. You can find a lot of different ways to curl eyelashes.  You can go for a heated curler or the spoon trick; you need to high light the lashes. For the ultimate perfect looking finishing touch, apply a volume-enhancing mascara. Always prefer to buy a good one for better results.

  • Moisturize the skin

It is quite essential to keep your skin nourished. But as you all are living a hectic lifestyle, you may forget the easiest steps for this, i.e., moisturizing. The more you keep your skin hydrated, it will appear in the best condition. It will also boost up the cell repairing process. So, remember to apply moisturizer regularly. However, while buying one, make sure that the product has vitamin E.

  • Keep a Trendy lip style and color

You will say Bordeaux or oxblood lip styles are now trending. But when you get older, such style won’t support your look. With time, the lips will begin to thin and will appear less defined. So, for a youthful look, you should go for a light pink or neutral lip color. If not possible, then you can try out a sheer alternative. You can easily get one online.

  • Go for a liquid concealer

Your concealer can draw attention to lines and crepiness. You need to use a product that can hide circles and redness while not appearing cakey. So, instead of regular concealers, prefer to use liquid concealer to get the best result. Just pick a good one, and you can give your skin an amazingly luminous look.