How To Pick Out the Perfect Lingerie Gift for a Mom-to-Be

How To Pick Out the Perfect Lingerie Gift for a Mom-to-Be

If there is anyone who deserves to be spoiled rotten, it is a pregnant woman. Bringing a new life into the world is something magical. No matter if it is a first time or a third time mom, carrying a baby round-the-clock takes a big physical and mental toll on her. While it can be tough for some women, it should be a joyous experience. If you have a mom-to-be on your gifting list and you would like to treat her to something special, why not get her some lingerie?

Feeling comfortable during pregnancy is often easier said than done. One has to get accustomed to the changing body shape when the normal wardrobe does not fit anymore. It is also difficult to feel confident in the maternity clothes. This is why pregnancy lingerie such as maternity shapewear makes an ideal gift. It is a type of undergarment that offers supportive compression and helps to lift the strain of a pregnant belly. Or you can also get a custom waist trainer as a gift that the mom can wear after she has given birth to help her look and feel amazing.

Tips On How To Pick The Best Lingerie Gift For Moms-To-Be

In order to pick out the perfect lingerie gift, do scroll down and read on.

Pregnancy lingerie or shapewear is not designed to shape one’s body but instead, it is meant to provide support and comfort to the growing bump as well as taking the weight off the back. A good quality maternity shapewear is one that is comfortable and supportive. It can help to support the spine and improves posture. Maternity shapewear can also help to ease the pain and discomfort especially during the last stages of pregnancy. Avoid buying high compression garment that can be uncomfortable. Choose light to medium control shapewear such as a shaper pants that can smooth out bumps and keep a sleeker silhouette while making the mom-to-be comfortable.

The Best Maternity Shapewear or Lingerie For Moms-To-Be

Ahead is a selection of maternity shapewear that will have the pregnant woman covered for a formal affair or everyday outings.

Sheer Mesh Maternity Shaper Pants

This garment has high rise design that is elastic and seamless. Made from high quality soft and rebound fabric, it is one of the best body shaper that is comfortable to wear. It has sheer belly support which adds comfort.  This shaper pants goes down to mid-thigh to prevent chafing to allow the mom-to-be to walk freely. Besides providing support to the belly, it is seamless, making it perfect to wear for dresses. It also has a buckle design to hook on to the bra to ensure that it does not roll down.

Moderate Control Maternity Panty

Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, this maternity panty is not only smooth but also moisture-wicking to keep the mom-to-be comfortable. It offers good support for the belly and back. The anti-slip buckles ensure a secure fit and prevent rolling.  Its extended length of the shorts prevents thigh chaffing.  

Maternity Support Belt

This pelvic belt is worn on the baby belly’s underside, just above the hips and around the lower back. It can help to support and lift the belly to reduce pressure on the pelvis and back area. It features elastic material on both sides for breathability. 

Wear Seamless Shapewear to Make You Look Slimmer

Wear Seamless Shapewear to Make You Look Slimmer

Shapewear is one of the major products that can be seen as having much importance in the life of women. The shapewear is one of the few things that can be seen as a must in every woman’s wardrobe. The major part of having shapewear is the acquiring of the well-desired shape that can easily be achieved. The shape wears are one of the major things that enhance the body parts and many other benefits. Some of the best seamless shapewear is,

Luxury Seamless 1023 Shaping Panties

The product is one of the Best shapewear not rolling-down and has the extra firmness of up to level 2 compression and comes up with the best possible breathable material that shows no traces of having panty lines that are visible to the outer side of the outfit. The product provides the best ever benefit of decreasing the fat level from the stomach area, and this is one of the best products for the shaping of the body.

seamless shapewear panty

Luxury Seamless 1020 Mesh Shorts Shaper

The product is one of a kind with the likes of the inclusion of the open bust design that allows you to wear the favorite bra of your desire and thus is one of the few that enhances the look of the breasts. The product has the softest and smooth material that comes with the advantage of flattening and tightening of the stomach by the reduction of the tummy fat. The specially designed product helps in the uplifting of the butts and showcasing of your curves.

seamless shapewear shorts

Luxury Seamless 1022 Half Slip Shaper

The strapless shapewear comes in with the advantage of having the most non-slippery material that helps in holding on to the skin without getting slipped. It has the presence of the adjustable straps that are non-slippery and thus possesses a quality of being the material that does not reveal the panty lines above the dress.


shaper slip

Powernet 5027 Firm Sculptwear Shorts

These shaper shorts are one of the few that comes up with the presence of the laces at the edges of the shapewear and come up with the high waist design in inclusion to the soft, smooth, and elastic fabric.

best shapewear shorts

Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid-Thigh Power slim Shorts

The shapewear is one of the few that has the smooth fabric of Lycra in it and does have the characteristics of flattening of the stomach fat and reduction of the tummy line.

seamless shapewear for women

The Cosmolle shapewear is one of the few brands that deals in with a variable range of products that helps in the enhancement of the body shape in inclusion to the providing of the looks that are both sensuous and stylish.


Best Shapewear to Wear Under Summer Dress

Best Shapewear to Wear Under Summer Dress

Summer is the season to expose some flesh and get a good tan. Instead of running behind bronzers, we all look for a natural source of tan! In such cases, your summer dresses are freer, fit and flare type with more bounce. How do you choose the best shapewear for outfits like that? Your shapewear shouldn’t be visible or sticking out at the wrong places. While it hides your flab, it should not interfere with your fun and make you feel uncomfortable. Here’s your guide to choosing the best shapewear for your summer rendezvous

seamless shapewear for women

When you are looking for the best shapewear for women during the summers, the ones without any seam would be the best ones. The dresses come with thin spaghetti straps or with no straps at all. When you are wearing an off-shoulder dress with beautiful and vibrant flowers, you don’t want those straps popping out and spoiling the look of your outfit. In that case, you should go for the seamless ones that stay hidden behind the fabric of your dress.

shaper panty

Seamless shapewear is the obvious choice for most of us. There are various designs in the seamless types too. Some will help you hide your thigh fat while the others stick to your stomach area and do not extend until your thighs. If you think you are okay with your thighs, then you can go for this type of shapewear. Both of them are good for any outfit you wish to wear during summers.



cosmolle seamless shapewear shorts

When you choose the shapewear for summers, you should also remember the obvious issues that will trouble you during the hot months. The temperature is at a high and you will sweat more often. The shapewear you choose should be such that it should help to evaporate that sweat quickly and not cause any discomfort to you. Accumulating sweat will cause rashes and other skin problems that will force you to stay indoors during the summer months. Let’s try not to make it that worse.


high waist shaper shorts

Shorts will be a good choice too. For all those women who want to push the tummy in and lift their dearie up, they can go for good shorts that will do the job. Most of the time these are high waisted and make sure that the lower waistline is pushed in properly. The butt lift will be perfect for any outfit you wear. That is the right way of enhancing the beauty that you already own.

best seamless shapewear for women

When you are choosing your shapewear, it is important that you look for your right size. Even if you follow the points I have told you and bought yourself some seamless shorts or panties, if they do not fit you properly, your efforts will go in vain. Size has a long say in how your shapewear is going to help you. The online portal or shop you buy your shapewear from must give you a proper size guide.


Cosmolle Shapewear is the best in the market and provides customer-friendly products. The shapewear is of the right quality and you can get all your sizes from this seller.


What’s Best Shapewear to Flatten Belly Fat?

What’s Best Shapewear to Flatten Belly Fat?

It cannot be denied that shapewear can help you in getting the desired look. But the important thing is to buy the ones that actually make you feel more comfortable. With so many different styles of women’s shapewear bodysuits to choose from the online market, it might be difficult for you to get the right one for your body. We have got a plethora of shapewears that enables every buyer to get into their desired dress. You can rest assured that these shapewear will hide the stubborn fat of your body by adding the additional compression. The best part of our women’s shapewear bodysuits is, we make sure that our products do not provide too much compression. Thus, there will not be any undesired bulges. Eventually, the pressure on your stomach and waistline will flatten and it will be shaped perfectly. Yes, it is true that the body-shaping undergarments are not a magic bullet but they are also very much helpful if you are trying to get a trimmer belly.

The first women’s shapewear bodysuits in our list is the seamless 1024 butt lifter sculptwear. It comes with a level 5 compression that offers control shaping. The shapewear has got a breathable fabric that is absolutely seamless. You will be able to wear it every single day and you won’t feel uncomfortable.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

The second one on the list is the postpartum recovery tummy control body shaper. It comes in a seamless skin color full body shaper with adjustable straps. The best shapewear for lower belly pooch is just perfect to wear under all dresses, skirts or pants. The crotch buckle makes it easier to use the restroom. The adjustable shoulder straps offer additional comfort.

seamless shapewar bodysuits

The third one on our list is the seamless 1028 high waisted shaper panty. This best shapewear for lower belly pooch is a tummy-tucking shaper panty that makes any outfit look much better. It comes with a level 3 medium compression and it has got 360-degree compression shapewear with an instant slimming effect.

shaper panty

The next one on the list is Seamless 1027 power panties. The best feature of this Shapewear by Cosmolle is, it will make you look slim and sleek in a cocktail dress, jeans, t-shirt, work clothes, and any other dress. It has got a level 5 compression that will tighten and flatten the tummy. It comes with an adjustable and removable strap.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Finally, you can check out this seamless Lycra 0227 bodysuit shaper. This Shapewear by Cosmolle will reduce the waist size and tuck your tummy in the best way possible. It has got a level 4 compression with breathable and lightweight lycra fabric. It comes with an open bust so that you can wear your preferable bra.

seamless shapewear by cosmolle

Best Shapewear to Smoothing Under Every Outfit 2020

Best Shapewear to Smoothing Under Every Outfit 2020

The first criteria to buy the best shapewear are to check its smoothness on the body and the comfort ratio. There are many products available online that ensures comfort but are somewhere lagging in quality. In this article, you will know about some of the shapewear products in the year 2020 that goes perfectly smooth with all types of outfits.

Shapellx Seamless Thin Straps Tummy Control Bodysuit

This product of Shapellx comes with a light compression but is a full bodysuit that also acts as tummy control underwear. It compresses the fat zones such as tummy, waist, back, and bust to give an enhanced shape to the body. It is the best choice for the ladies to pair it up with all styles of dresses and clothes. The material of this shapewear is also breathable for eradicating the sense of irritation.


thong body shaper

Shapellx Adjustable Straps Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

This type of shapewear is also available for plus size women and is backless to blend perfectly with backless party dresses. It comes with adjustable straps to give you comfort as per your desire. The fit is perfect and has an elastic bust compression to enhance the curves. The inner layer of this shapewear is made up of breathable material to prevent excessive sweating.


thong shapewear bodysuits

Shapellx Seamless Butt Lifter Tummy Control Underwear

The seamless design of this best body shaper makes it completely invisible under all types of dresses. It consists of bones inside the materials to give a good sitting and standing posture of the body. It is the perfect shapewear that can also be used for workouts and can go well under the gym clothes. It is available in many sizes to fulfill the needs of the ladies with different body types.

seamless shapewear

Shapellx Seamless Tummy Control Shaping Shorts

If you are looking for the best version of the butt lifter and tummy controller, then this is the top product available over the site of Shapellx. It blends perfectly with your tight skin-fit clothes as well. It targets the tummy, waist, back, and thighs for compression and holds it firmly without any discomfort to the body. The fabric is purely breathable that does not irritate the body due to excessive sweating.

high waist shaping shorts

Shapellx High-Waisted Tummy Control Butt Lifter

There is numerous collection of shapewear, but this one is the masterpiece collection of Shapellx Shapewear that takes proper care of enhancing your curves. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the shoulder straps as per your will. It compresses your fat zones to provide you with a perfect hourglass figure.

shaper panty

These are few of the popular shapewear collection at Shapellx that blends perfectly with all types of outfits.


Best -Selling Curves- Defining Shapewear in 2020

Best -Selling Curves- Defining Shapewear  in 2020

Are you worried about how to get Shapewears with the best quality to serve you for all occasions, all year long? Stop worrying and start buying. We’ve got you covered. Here are your go-to to Cosmolle Shapewear for dress that are selling fast:


  1. Luxury Seamless 1021 Exclusive Butt Lifter:

This shapewear for women comes in detachable and adjustable straps which makes it fit for all  bust sizes, and all kinds of dresses. This product is one that is perfect for every skin type. It is a seamless shapewear that is made out of fabric that allows your skin to be comfortable and breathe even when you wear it all day long. Apart from this, you also do not have to worry about your underwear  lines being visible through your dress.  Amazing right? The shapewear has been designed to smooth your midsection, cinch your waist to make it snatching and also to support, lift and enhance your butt under any clothing. With this in your wardrobe, that event is a go.

seamless shapewear shorts


  1. Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit shaper:

Do you want to give your body that small waistline you’ve always desired within the shortest period of time? Then this compression bodysuit which is one of the best comfortable shapewear you can find might just be you best bet. It is seamless and designed to be gentle on your skin, yet, firm enough to tuck your tummy and reduce your waist size. In this, your skin enjoys comfort, you are certain that it does not roll up or down underneath your dress and you can choose to go braless or not. This Shapewear is specifically designed to control your abdominal area, enhance your natural contours and make you look great in dresses.  What more?

seamless body shaper


  1. Luxury Lycra 0228 Mid- Thigh Powerslim Shorts:

Why wear regular shorts as underwear  when you can flatter your body in this seamless shaping shorts? It comes as a high waist brief that is designed to flatten your tummy and keep it looking sexy all day long and it ranks high on our list of best shapewear for women. Interestingly, this Shapewear could sit in your wardrobe as a multipurpose clothing. Apart from wearing it as underwear, you could have fun with it by wearing it to the club or that night party you were invited for. With this product, you have use, style and comfort; all in one.

shaper shorts

  1. Comfort Mid-control 4024 Bodysuit Fajas:

Find out how extra sexy you could look with this slimming body shaper. Made for all body types, this bodysuit  has a high level of elasticity that makes it a perfect fit for you, as well as a skin-friendly fabric that makes your skin breath freely in it. The 4024 bodysuit  is a Cosmolle shapewear for dress designed as a butt compressor that immediately lifts and enhances your butt by giving it a firm appearance. It also serves your tummy and waistline by smoothening it and giving it a slimmer look. For that banging body you desire, 4024 bodysuit should be your fave.

seamless shapewear bodysuits

  1. Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts:

Not a fan of bodysuit , but you still want to enhance your body contours in that dress? Then this product is for you. Tummy flattening, check, Butt volume enhancement, double check, skin and body comfort, triple check. You’ve got the perfect underwear for that short dress in your wardrobe. You can see why it makes it to our list of top shapewear for women.

shaper shorts

This list of Cosmolle shapewear for dress is one that provides you with options for some of the best comfortable shapewear. So what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!

Shapewear for Wedding Dress with a Low Back

Shapewear for Wedding Dress with a Low Back

Every woman wants the wedding of her dreams. As a bride, your wedding day is a day you look forward to and you want to look outstandingly beautiful. You don’t have to worry about your body shape anymore or be overly concerned about your type of wedding dress. Wearing shapewear underneath your wedding dresshas been found to be very effective in making you look your best and have the awesome body curves that you desire as you walk down the aisle.

If you plan to wear a backless wedding dress and you think you have limited options for body shaper then, you don’t need to look any further.  For your backless bridal dress, we compiled a range of some of the best shapewear for dress and thong shapewear for women for you.

  1. High waist shaper shorts: This high waist body shaper short is uniquely made to give you a comfortable feel, flat tummy and remove love handles.

high waist shaper shorts

This piece of shapewear has an invisible low back high waist shorts that you can wear  underneath your dresses and you don’t have to worry about panty lines. With its front hooks and waist cincher shorts, it provides you a firmer tummy control, overall shaping for your waist, slimmer thighs and a nicely shaped backside.

  1. Thong shapewear: Finding the best shapewear for your dress just got easier with the double layers elastic butt lifter .

shaper panty thong shapewear

It eliminates discomfort and provides an effective tummy compression while also targeting the waist and backside. It is a stylish, sexy, lace-trimmed butt lifter. If you plan to wear a tight wedding dress then, its breathable double elastic fabric with lace design makes this thong shapewear for women an ideal choice  for you.

  1. Full body shaper: This full body shaper is crafted from Nylon-Spandex blend of elastic fabric materials and can be worn beneath your wedding dress.full body shaper for women


It has easy detachable bra straps, two plastic bones to avoid edge curling or sliding, three cloth layers including front hook and zip for firmer tummy control and also, zipper opening in the crotch for easy use of the restroom, making it a favorite on our list of best shapewear for dress. It is designed to give a shaped hip, curves, support and lift the butt. The best partis its floral lace legs that adds a flirty and sweet finish.


  1. Thong shapewear bodysuits: Asides from the fact that it is a sexy cut lace thong, it has some intriguing features that would give your body a sleek fit.

thong shapewear bodysuits

Its high waist design reduces your waistline and tummy. It gives you a perfectly shaped body figure with its open  bust bodysuit. It also comes with removable bra straps which would make your shapewear invisible. Its thong cut won’t flatten your backside even when you wear a tight dress and it makes using the restroom easier. It’s why it gets a nod of approval on our list of thong shapewear for women

5. Thong shapewear bodysuits: This high waist shaper panty provides you with tummy control and instant slimming effect which will make your dress look stunning on you.

seamless shapewear for dress

It makes it to our list of because it has double fabric that has a comfortable feel and anti-slip silicone strip that won’t roll. Another cool thing is its funnel-shaped thong and its butt lifter design that supports, lifts and gives you an awesomely shaped backside. Even after your wedding, you can always wear it under your everyday outfits.

Dance at your wedding reception without worrying about any discomfort. These are some of the best shapewear for wedding gowns with low back will give you that awesome hourglass body figure, keep you safe and secure in any dress of your choice without your shapewear being revealed. Go for your the best shapewear on Shapellx now!