KW Real Estate Business Kim Miller Helps National Charity Union Rock Runway to Benefit Needy People

Real estate developer Kim Miller, founder of Kim Miller Group of Keller Williams recently participated in the 21st National Charity Federation fashion show hosted by the Hearst Convention Center.

The event benefited 14 local charities, including the Battered Women’s Foundation, Christmas for Children, Christmas Provider, Grace, Metroport Meal on Wheels, National Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Mercy Operation, Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, South Lake Special Olympics, Stepping Stone Foundation, Gatehouse, South Lake Wonder Alliance and Shining House.

Miller said: “This year’s fashion show raised $110,000 and will be used for the above-mentioned 14 charities.”

The National Charity Federation is a non-profit organization made up of mothers and daughters from across the United States. Its mission is to nurture a mother-daughter relationship in a charitable organization committed to community service,wholesale Christmas costumes, leadership development and cultural experience.

Miller and her two daughters have been working in the National Charity Federation for six years. Both of her daughters participated in the fashion show as models. They help raise revenue by selling tickets and soliciting on-site and silent auction items from the community.

“This benefit is provided by the mother and daughter for hundreds of hours of volunteering,” Miller said. “Planning and queuing retailers need a few months to loan clothing for junior and advanced models.”

As mentioned above, Miller is a proud supporter of the Stepping Stone Foundation through the National Charity Federation. The non-profit organization helps “risked” and homeless children in the community by helping to break the cycle and change lifestyle plans.

“This altruistic organization also helps mothers who have housing and employment put them in a better living environment,” concluded Miller. “I am proud to help founder Christine Bynum, who stepped on the stone, to do housework modification for those families who sometimes live in cars without clothes or food. When I work with my real estate client, I often Get furniture and other donations.These mothers and their children who do not have a house or any household items, and the solid stone is definitely my favorite volunteer organization, because almost immediately will see the change of life!”

About Kim Miller, Kim Miller Group, Keller Williams
Kim Miller has partnerships with wholesale Christmas costumes and sellers in all price ranges. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Real Estate Agents Association, the Metrotex Realtors Association and members of the North Texas Real Estate Information System, and the Luxury Homes Marketing Association. Kim also works in the luxury team at Keller Williams Southlake.

Real or Memorex?

 wholesale Christmas costumes

The cedar chest mining through the Old Lane offers a recent nostalgia for your true discovery of gifts from Christmas past. I retrieved it from a long period of exile, and found it under my grandmother’s old wool car blanket, my uncle’s World War II email and a large number of retro family photos.

I really don’t know why I kept it. Without considerable adjustments and new drive belts, it no longer operates as designed. However, my old scroll video recorder does not look worn. When I put it on the floor, I like its plastic cover and aluminum speaker grille. In fact, its name is Arvin, Model 57L19A. When Japanese were born in Japan, Nipponese cleverly pushed himself to the cutting-edge solid-state appliance industry.

Mom and Dad purchased wholesale Christmas costumes  gifts at Kokomo in the late autumn of 1966. Dad, as a jealous dog, knew what he was doing. At that time he was doing some sports programs for the local FM radio station WFKO, which was the predecessor of the national giant WWKI. Buying a tape recorder has always been his idea. What he needs is just a reason.

As a junior member of our family, I provide reasons for such behavior. Turn off the old street you know. So he and her mother slipped into the wholesale appliance and then at 215 W. Sycamore, the Howard County Community Foundation called him today.

Wholesale appliances are an ideal place for Dad’s eyes. He is familiar with the Marners who run this place. Elsie Carter has been president of the company since her husband John died in 1955, but her daughter Carolyn and son-in-law Jim Marner have held the next two positions in the company’s command structure.

In 1928, John Carter and Hugh Dungan merged with Charles Kerlin and Harry Becraft to create the Wholesale Electric Co., which has been thriving since then and has provided top electrical and lighting products for decades.

Back to Marners, Carolyn&Jim participated in Wholesale Electric, in addition to Alvin Marner, Sim Marner, Albert Marner and Bill Marner… Very sad, this is a family business! My dad knows. When he gives money to your trusted friends and people, he feels that doing business is more enjoyable.

Maybe you did some business in W.E. The favorite partner of people who have been dealing with you for years. In addition to Marners, there are Bill Pittman, Herman McFarland, Glen Brooker, Madge Schlatter, and Eddie Hannah. I may omit one or two and forgive me.

In an interview with this article, Al Marner reminded me that they have used forgotten advertising tools for many years; books match. Not the twenty kinds of packaging you usually see every day. No sir, they are a few inches long and the employee’s photos are printed on their side. (Suitable for chain smokers) This unique steamed buns attracted attention to the electric pedestal heaters they provided, and all electric homes in the 1960s and 1970s became popular. If there is a long row of red tips, the miracle of sulphur is ignited at the same time. In contrast, St. Helens will be pale.

Sorry, I drifted. Well, I got a tape recorder at Christmas and immediately started to hate myself. With the optional AC/DC power supply, I can walk on the house while expanding my microphone. When the Scottish tape reel rotates, nothing prevents my recorded habits. Our dogs, cats and my sister (who is not happy) have become victims.

I fixed the microphone on the TV speakers and recorded the theme song from various favorite shows and wholesale Christmas costumes  movies. Let’s look at a few examples; Petit Point, Red Skelton Hours, McHale Navy, Iron Horse, Fellowship and the Adams Family.

I recorded the launch of NASA’s Apollo Moon Rocket for future generations. As the countdown reaches zero, we will never 100% determine that these huge beasts will stand out. When the powerful engine ignites, flames and smoke roar from below. They push Dr. Feng Bolang’s work high. We breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that the tower was cleared. I recorded it with tape.

When I was called “The Monkees”‘s first LP album, I was welcomed on the school bus by older teens. Our bus drivers all ended when we pushed to “Oh, hey, we were Monkees” and “last train to Clarksville.”

Of course, classrooms with breaks are easy to record. My friend Rex Dunn sang cute little pieces about Miss Lucy and her ship. Mike Lamb, another close friend, rehearsed his lineup for our upcoming sixth retreat. Grade class, “Tom Sawyer.” When they discovered my secret sound project, the girls screamed in surprise.

But the most meaningful meeting involved my family, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I might hide Arvin under a sofa or chair and let it run. When talking, they didn’t know it was within a hundred miles. I used to play back in my room while I was sleeping.

American Market: Foreign Trade “focuses on hatching small brands”

 wholesale Christmas costumes

President Trump, the United States calling itself a “very stable genius”, probably has no reading problems – it’s just fake news. Whether he had time to read while enjoying his (allegedly) bedtime cheeseburger was not known, but in November, the site posted a direct appeal that he and his family in Virginia had The winery’s words: “Listen, Mr. Trump, the proposed merger of the second and third largest liquor sales companies is not good for wholesale Christmas costumes companies like you.” This is a national distribution company for the Republic (RNDC ) The reference to the merger decision with Breakthru Beverage Group.

If approved, the new RNDC-Breakthru company’s sales will reach about 12 billion US dollars, while South Glazer’s sales of 17 billion US dollars, which makes the two wholesale giants estimated that accounted for 56% of the US alcohol market share. In ten states such as Texas, Florida and Kentucky, the combined share will exceed 90%. How this will affect the supply chain remains to be seen, but many predict that small brand owners will face tough times, whether they are artisanal wineries or presidential wineries. As Ronnie Cox, Brand Director of Berry Bros & Rudd (BBR), puts it: “If you don’t have big brands in your portfolio, it’s hard to have any influence on these major players.”

However, Edrington Americas CEO Chris Spalding said: “At the end of the day, consumers will choose whether you are successful. All other things are about opening the valve. If the brand declines in the recession category, it can support for some time, But it will eventually fall off the cliff.” He pointed out that everyone can now access consumers through cheap media channels and claim that “the retail industry used to just like big brands, but in fact it is usually anti-big brands”. Spalding believes that there will be a “completely focused on hatchery alternatives,” which he calls “bone” or “digital” distributors.

Including Liberty Distribution, or LibDib, was founded by Sheryl Murphy after 20 years in marketing his family’s California wine in 2016. Murphy was frustrated with the existing mainstream market route and described LibDib as “the first technology wholesale Christmas costumes company to provide a three-tier compatible Web-based platform for the sale of wholesale wine.” Currently it is located in New York and California, but the goal is to travel the country within two years.

Ralph Erenzo of Tuthilltown Spirits, New York, said: “The problem with very large distributors is that they have big brand goals. The salespeople and buyers who walk in have limited time and he will push this month’s incentive brand. He will not spend 40 minutes explain some beautiful new craft spirit. ”

Erenzo co-founded Tulthilltown and its Hudson Whisky brand in 2005 and stated that since Prohibition became the first whisky distillery in New York, when it was sold to restaurants and restaurants, “it was a big advantage and it was a manufacturer. I can jump out of the lineup of all sales people “shops.

In his words, five years of hard work have paid off, “Each little distiller’s prayer will come one day.” This is the acquisition of the brand and care distribution provided by William Grant & Sons, leaving Erenzo and his team to continue what they are best at – Distilling. “When I started, I thought dealerships were demons,” he said. “But I realized they really understand the market. If you want your brand to go to other countries, they know the local laws.” It is doubtful that the introduction of Hudson’s whisky today will be more difficult, and not that the army of process distiller facing fresh bread will be discouraged. But everyone will soon discover that being listed by distributors is just the beginning. If you want to avoid being pushed behind the warehouse and forgotten, then the real work starts after the transaction is completed.

“It was very difficult when you were young,” said Dennis Carr, CEO of Anchor Distilling Company. BBR now has a controlling stake. “If you are a brand from outside the United States, you really need to find an import partner with resources and relationships with distributors to seize the opportunity.” As an importer, he worried about the influx of new brands in recent years and said: “It’s hard to stay focused for a long time.”

Interbev, whose brands include Old Pulteney and Speyburn single malt and Caorunn Gin, merged with Sazerac of the United States in 2015. “Sazerac has a strong sales force and strong influence in controlling the situation,” says Milo Thompson, who helps take care of the US market. Despite the challenges of dealing with large distributors, he is still optimistic. “You must be patient and ultra-efficient to share the voice with these guys,” he explained.

Wholesale prices show inflation hints

WASHINGTON – In the United States, wholesale Christmas costumes prices rose by 0.3% in March, driven by the largest increase in food prices in the past four years.

The Labor Department said on Tuesday that the producer price index rose in March. The index measures inflationary pressures before consumers reach consumers. It rose by 0.2% in February and rose by 0.4% in January.

The wholesale price of food rose by 2.2%, the largest increase since April 2014, and prices in many categories have risen. However, energy costs fell by 2.1% because gasoline prices fell by 3.7%, the largest monthly drop since May last year.

In the past 12 months, wholesale prices have risen by 3%, the fastest annual increase since November last year. Another indication is that inflationary pressures have risen after years of dormancy.

The rise in food prices is closely related to the weather affecting crops, but analysts still believe the report shows that inflationary pressures are starting to increase.

“These figures are not worrying yet, but we cannot explain with any confidence that (wholesale) inflation has peaked,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist of the Pantheon Macroeconomics.

Core inflation excludes fluctuations in food and energy prices, which rose by 0.3% in March and rose by 2.7% in the past 12 months.

The Fed raised the benchmark interest rate by a quarter last month and said that it expects to raise interest rates three times this year, which is the same as the number of interest rate  wholesale Christmas costumes increases in 2017. However, many economists believe that a stronger economy and rising inflationary pressures will eventually push the Fed’s pace of raising interest rates this year to speed up to four times.

The large increase in food costs reflected a wide range of growth in many categories, with fish prices rising by 62.5%, the largest increase since 2014, while egg prices rose 41.6% and vegetable costs rose 31.5%.

The summer of this family is awesome. They lost track of time and missed the first day of school.

My four children cannot wait for the school to go out in the summer. On the last day of the school, they used poster paint to paint our wagon as “outside the school! Freedom finally!” They tied balloons and ribbons to my car, and we had a car to go to school. When I picked them up later that day, when we got home, we burned down all the school documents in the backyard. When the children roasted marshmallows on the fire, I removed poster paint from my car.

Unfortunately, it did not fall off. The next day, I took my car to a detailed car. They told me that I needed to repaint the car. Well, we didn’t have a good start this summer, but the new paint job looks great. This is only a small setback.

My ten-year-old son, Troy, said he hopes he can stop and that summer will never end. My other three children – nine, eight and seven – agreed that the summer should last forever. I told them that we can’t stop the time, but we can ignore it for three months. I removed the calendar from the wall and put it in a drawer. I took off my watch and put every clock in the calendar in the house in the drawer. I turned off the ringtone on my phone and decided to check only twice a day for missed calls and only returned important calls. I was surprised that I never received any “important” calls. Eventually I only started to check the phone once a week. Then the battery on my phone runs out, I just use the calendar and clock to throw the phone into the drawer. I found that it was easy for no one phone to stick to my ear, and it was important that the phone did not let my time and feel relaxed before.

We stopped the time and silenced the outside world. This feeling is incredible.

Every night, we towed the quilt and a basket of snacks on the roof and lay there to watch the stars.

In July, we celebrated the fourth of July. We decided to celebrate Halloween on July 15. We carved watermelons like watermelons, made costumes, ran around the yard and pretended to be ghosts, witches and pirates. On July 25, we decided to celebrate Christmas. We set up artificial trees, decorate it, bake Christmas cookies and watch wholesale Christmas costumes movie marathons.

We watched old silent films by Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin on television. They always seem to end up fighting with the pie, which looks very interesting. I filled it with fifty buttered paper plates and we put a pie in the yard. We were all covered with butter, so we rinsed off with a garden hose.

We understand that we can rent any instrument for ten days and five dollars. We found we could not play trumpet, violin, flute, guitar, banjo or bagpipe. Our family has no musical talent at all. This is a very good thing to know.

We learned that if we draw a chalk line on the sidewalk, we will hypnotize a chicken.

Our neighbors are often amused and confused by our antics. We are called “strange, weird and weird.”

This is freedom. We eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, and get up when we feel it. My daughter made a twelve-layer chocolate cake that looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it was delicious.

This is our summer, exploring, inventing and making amazing things. There is a Renaissance, we wear costumes. We ride elephants and camels at the assembly. My sons and the knights simulated a sword fighting together, and my eight-year-old daughter became a princess and rescued from a dragon (two men dressed in dragon clothes).

Every afternoon, I would throw a quilt in the shade, then bring a picnic basket and a book. Children will eat on the quilt, and I will read classic stories such as “How to eat fried clams, secret gardens and Lord of the Rings.”

Then one day, when I saw the school bus passing by, I hung my clothes on the clothesline. I would like to know if the bus driver is conducting a test run on his route before the school starts. If he does not perform the test, it means that the school begins – my children missed the first day.

I rushed into the house and called the neighbor. He told me that the school had started. Her two children just got on the bus.

I woke up and told them that if we scrambled, they might go to school at noon and would only miss half of the first day. Or we can forget the first day they can start tomorrow morning. I told them we could quickly go to the mall and buy everything they needed to start school.

They thought for a moment, then Troy said: “Or we can wear old clothes, use our old notebooks and supplies last year, and one day of summer, we can go shopping wholesale Christmas costumes on weekends.”

They agree that they will be late for school one day so that they can spend another day in the long summer.

That day is the best day for all people.

Kathmandu expanded again, this time entering the United States

Kathmandu has seen the acquisition as a way of growth, as risky wholesale Christmas costumes chains have seen a substantial increase in sales and profits in the first half of the year.

In the six months to the end of January, the company’s profits increased by 23% to S$12.3 million, and its sales increased by 4.3%.

Kathmandu ignores the Christmas/New Year’s downturn reported by some retailers. In the six weeks to March 11, sales were 7.9% higher than last year. Same-store sales growth in Australia was 7.5%, and New Zealand was 5.1%.

Kathmandu announced that it will acquire U.S.Oboz Footwear for US$6 billion in cash and receive up to US$15 million in revenue.

Chief Executive Officer Xavier Simonet stated: “Achieving the right balance between promoting sales growth and improving gross profit margins contributed to the growth of health earnings in the first half of the year.

“The sales momentum has improved at the end of Christmas trading hours and in February and March.”

The acquisition of Oboz will be funded by institutional and sophisticated investors and a NZ$8 million stock purchase plan for a NZ$2.66 share placement fund at a price of 2.16 New Zealand dollars.

Oboz is an American outdoor shoe company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. It designs, supplies and distributes footwear products for North American outdoor retailers through wholesale channels for backpacks, hiking, travel, winter and general outdoor clothing.

Simonet said: “This is an important event for the company, which has accelerated our international growth and diversified our product portfolio, geographical location and channels.”

After a series of promotions in 2015, the wholesale Christmas costumes retailer returned to profitability in 2016, confusing customers. Since then, Kathmandu has withdrawn from the UK sales network.

Simonet said that Kathmandu is focused on achieving profit growth in the core market during the second half of the fiscal year.

The octagonal theater reveals its Christmas production

wholesale Christmas costumes

EASTER, everything is over. It’s time for Christmas. – Oh, yes!

The octagonal theatre has announced that the wizard of Oz will become its holiday production, but this year people will go along the yellow brick road leading to Ma Kelong.

Octagonal has jointly held regular Christmas performances with Bolton Wanderers, Ma Long stadium and White Hotel, and the theater has been rebuilt for 9 million 870 thousand pounds.

Elizabeth Newman, art director, said: “we look forward to taking the Maclon stadium as our home this year to bring our famous” Wizard of Oz “, and we are particularly excited about our favorite local football team – Bolton Wanderers.

“This is a colorful feast of joy, full of bold figures, dangerous adventures and friendly friendships. Holding our holiday show at Ma Long is an exciting opportunity to create truly new and wonderful wholesale Christmas costumes to attract more audiences. Waiting to be a member of a football family. ”

In fact, there is no place like home where production is located near home, rather than Kansas.

Replace the ruby slippers of the Red Coach, and collect new friends Dorothea and the scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Timid Lion along the way to the Emerald City, looking for the great Ozzy – a wonderful wizard from Vigan.

Original music will be on the scene and say the creative team ‘s “Wizard of Oz” will bring the dazzling scenery and charming music of the Bolton family in the winter.

Ben Occhipinti, deputy director, said: “our festival is always a chance to bring joy and surprise to all ages. From grandparents to young people, we want to explore the Yellow adventurous brick road as much as we can.”

The Bolton version of the landmark story was premiered in the octagonal square on 2011, which has made huge box office results.

Manga fans gather in the city center

wholesale Christmas costumes

On Saturday morning, hundreds of people lined up around downtown Saratoga Springs because Saratoga Anime Park began the spring show.

Among them was Sky Dejong, an eighth grade student from Scotia-Grunerville Middle School, who anxiously waited for her first anime festival.

“This is overwhelming,” she said while standing in a supplier’s room. “There are many great things in one area.”

Dejong played Mal in the comic book “Lumberjanes” and was introduced into the world of wholesale Christmas costumes comics in the fourth grade.

“My friend brought me into it and was very happy to be surrounded by people who were equally interested,” she said.

Dejong’s mother, Marnie, who was tagged on Saturday, said the comic book helped promote her daughter’s creativity and her daughter created her own original character work.

“She and her friends read comics and share them when they are done, very neat,” Marnie said. “She is also a writer, so she thought of something like this.”

Milton’s Darbie Clegg has attended the Saratoga Comic Con for the past five years.

On Saturday, Clegg walked on to play Little Red Riding Hood.

“I did some cosplays and I bought some,” she said of her costume. “It’s fun to be able to dress up any role I want.”

In past shows, Clegg wore Sally from the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” and Freddy Kruger.

“It may take a few weeks to a year to put my costumes together,” she said. “When I get praise and people want to take pictures with me, that’s fine.”

Clegg said she hopes Saratoga Animation will expand.

“I hope to see more activities and groups,” she said. “Maybe it is a karaoke game.”

Chase Con Expo president Samuel Chase (Samuel Chase) said that the company will hold the event over the weekend and is expected to have 6,000 participants.

Empire State Animation Corporation also held this weekend at the Albany Capital Center.

Chase said that although the Albany incident was unexpected, it was a good opportunity for those who traveled from the field to the capital area.

“We have attracted a lot of people into the community,” he said. “This is a great place, Saratoga is a great place.”

For the past four years, Jesse Forte has traveled from Lincoln Park to Saratoga Comic Con.

He opened his company Kyoto Animation in 2003 and sells imported animation and video game collections.

He said: “I was working in a dead end at the time and I was interested in this thing.” “I have no place to buy it, so I have to buy it online.

“I started to study how to open a store, and then I realized that the convention would be more profitable and require less overhead.”

Forte stated that since he launched Kyoto Animation in the past 15 years, the industry has grown exponentially.

“There are more things available now than they are now,” he said. “Everything is getting better and better.

“You used to have to watch anime in a shop in Chinatown, but now they sell it at all major retailers.”

Forte said he hopes more people will join the anime and wholesale Christmas costumes comic books.

“Most comic shortcomings are growing every year, so it makes me believe that it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future,” he said.

For Anna Leue of East Hampton, Massachusetts, preparing the Saratoga Comic Con is a long process.

Leue wrote her own comics and worked with four different artists to get them alive. She said comic books take six months to complete.

Before creating Leue’s comic book for her company Constellation Comics, she said she talked with each artist about how she depicted characters.

She said: “For the way women are portrayed in comics, it is important for me to make more socially conscious decisions. “From an artist’s point of view, diversity is a reflection of reality. Without diversity, we have no space. Rethink the world we know.

“Readers are diverse, so creators also need to be diversified.”

Leue said she hopes that independent comic book creators will have the opportunity to grow.

She said: “Independent comics now have more support than 10 or 15 years ago.” “I hope to continue to support.”

Saratoga Comic Con will be held on Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Saratoga Springs Center at 522 Broadway Street.

Cambridge Christmas support community project

 wholesale Christmas costumes

Every year in December, Christmas festival is celebrated at Cambridge town hall in Cambridge.

Their wholesale Christmas costumes shows that the festival runs two weeks in a store and teahouse building, allowing it to raise funds to support community projects.

Some of the money is used to pay for the activities and rent of the rental hall.

“We bought some ornaments because we can’t do anything, but more than 50% are purely handmade volunteers during this year, Deb Robinson president said” the festival. ”

“We do all kinds of things we do decorations, we make wall hanging, tablecloths, aprons, wholesale Christmas costumes and all kinds of things.”

The working bees began in February and continued every Tuesday, so that volunteers from Cambridge, Hamilton or Hamilton and the surrounding areas could sell them.

They went from morning till 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Robsinson said.

But the association doesn’t name it, volunteers can adapt to them.

However, they invested a lot of work to make Cambridge Christmas a fundraising success.

“At the end of November, it will take us a week to build the city hall. We are all Christmas years, “Robinson said.

“We used to go out to find money, but now, by oral language, many people think,” Oh, there are some money from these people. ”

This year, the recipients, including the Salvation Army, received 3000 dollars of game equipment and a cabin for mother and child group.

Hamilton and Hamilton’s community fruit group received 3500 dollars of new equipment for storing and distributing to people in need or food bank.

4500 dollars goes to Linda Roil, a woman who trains children. The money will help her provide knapsack and clothes for children.

A Cambridge arthritis group has received a 2000 raise in its new swimming pool complex.

And the achievement family has 10000 dollars instead of freight cars, which will help transport people work there.

Double Christmas will help Joshua travel from Richmond.

wholesale Christmas costumes

Easter has been a faithful mother, Karen Jessop, busy organizing a two Christmas her Christmas crazy son suffering from a life restricted disease that attracts 2500 people.

Karen plans to celebrate the two Christmas this Christmas, the summer festival of June 16th.

Joshua, nine years old, suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a destructive muscular atrophy that affects boys and leads to progressive and extreme weakness. His life expectancy is from adolescence to early adulthood.

Because Joshua would have lost a lot of Christmas costumes more than most people, Karen and husband Alan, from Brompton’s depression, near Richmond, decided that they should have 21 years to celebrate.

They hope that 2500 people can help them mark the event. They send Christmas cards to Joshua. It will also be a symbolic gesture, representing one of the children suffering from muscular atrophy in this country.

On the same day, Richmond cricket club will also organize a fundraising campaign to raise money and take Joshua to Lapland to see the real Santa.

“He will definitely be on the moon,” said Mrs. Jessop. He had a Christmas bell, like Santa on the express train, though he told me that many of his age was not so sure.

“Joshua has been doing a drug test in the big children’s Hospital in the north of Newcastle. It’s really hard for him.

“These tests are to help the children in the future, we have to go up every month, which means to do a lot of blood tests and scans, and the staff ask him if he is willing to do it, and he says he will agree if he can help others.

“We want to make life as special as possible, as he is, a life limit, Joshua won’t see a lot and a lot of why not celebrating Christmas in June?”

“He was diagnosed with Duchenne’s disease in June 16, 2010, and at that time we did something special for him, so the cricket club’s family activity seemed an ideal idea.”

Karen said that one summer’s  Christmas costumes  support added: “in 2008, astronomer Dave Reneke thought Jesus was born in summer. Bethlehem star, Reneke told New Scientist, Venus and Jupiter together may be formed in the sky a bright light.

Using computer models, Reneke confirmed that this rare event occurred in June 17th, in 2 BC, so who knew what we might have arrived.

Either way, any help can be truly appreciated by sending greeting cards or supporting family fundraising activities.

The card can be sent to Wackadayz, Station Road, Brompton depression, northern Yorkshire, 7sq DL10. His story, the journey Joshua, is a Facebook.