Cambridge Christmas support community project

 wholesale Christmas costumes

Every year in December, Christmas festival is celebrated at Cambridge town hall in Cambridge.

Their wholesale Christmas costumes shows that the festival runs two weeks in a store and teahouse building, allowing it to raise funds to support community projects.

Some of the money is used to pay for the activities and rent of the rental hall.

“We bought some ornaments because we can’t do anything, but more than 50% are purely handmade volunteers during this year, Deb Robinson president said” the festival. ”

“We do all kinds of things we do decorations, we make wall hanging, tablecloths, aprons, wholesale Christmas costumes and all kinds of things.”

The working bees began in February and continued every Tuesday, so that volunteers from Cambridge, Hamilton or Hamilton and the surrounding areas could sell them.

They went from morning till 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Robsinson said.

But the association doesn’t name it, volunteers can adapt to them.

However, they invested a lot of work to make Cambridge Christmas a fundraising success.

“At the end of November, it will take us a week to build the city hall. We are all Christmas years, “Robinson said.

“We used to go out to find money, but now, by oral language, many people think,” Oh, there are some money from these people. ”

This year, the recipients, including the Salvation Army, received 3000 dollars of game equipment and a cabin for mother and child group.

Hamilton and Hamilton’s community fruit group received 3500 dollars of new equipment for storing and distributing to people in need or food bank.

4500 dollars goes to Linda Roil, a woman who trains children. The money will help her provide knapsack and clothes for children.

A Cambridge arthritis group has received a 2000 raise in its new swimming pool complex.

And the achievement family has 10000 dollars instead of freight cars, which will help transport people work there.

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