Double Christmas will help Joshua travel from Richmond.

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Easter has been a faithful mother, Karen Jessop, busy organizing a two Christmas her Christmas crazy son suffering from a life restricted disease that attracts 2500 people.

Karen plans to celebrate the two Christmas this Christmas, the summer festival of June 16th.

Joshua, nine years old, suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a destructive muscular atrophy that affects boys and leads to progressive and extreme weakness. His life expectancy is from adolescence to early adulthood.

Because Joshua would have lost a lot of Christmas costumes more than most people, Karen and husband Alan, from Brompton’s depression, near Richmond, decided that they should have 21 years to celebrate.

They hope that 2500 people can help them mark the event. They send Christmas cards to Joshua. It will also be a symbolic gesture, representing one of the children suffering from muscular atrophy in this country.

On the same day, Richmond cricket club will also organize a fundraising campaign to raise money and take Joshua to Lapland to see the real Santa.

“He will definitely be on the moon,” said Mrs. Jessop. He had a Christmas bell, like Santa on the express train, though he told me that many of his age was not so sure.

“Joshua has been doing a drug test in the big children’s Hospital in the north of Newcastle. It’s really hard for him.

“These tests are to help the children in the future, we have to go up every month, which means to do a lot of blood tests and scans, and the staff ask him if he is willing to do it, and he says he will agree if he can help others.

“We want to make life as special as possible, as he is, a life limit, Joshua won’t see a lot and a lot of why not celebrating Christmas in June?”

“He was diagnosed with Duchenne’s disease in June 16, 2010, and at that time we did something special for him, so the cricket club’s family activity seemed an ideal idea.”

Karen said that one summer’sĀ  Christmas costumesĀ  support added: “in 2008, astronomer Dave Reneke thought Jesus was born in summer. Bethlehem star, Reneke told New Scientist, Venus and Jupiter together may be formed in the sky a bright light.

Using computer models, Reneke confirmed that this rare event occurred in June 17th, in 2 BC, so who knew what we might have arrived.

Either way, any help can be truly appreciated by sending greeting cards or supporting family fundraising activities.

The card can be sent to Wackadayz, Station Road, Brompton depression, northern Yorkshire, 7sq DL10. His story, the journey Joshua, is a Facebook.

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