Earrings Make You More Attractive

Earrings Make You More Attractive

Earrings have been and will continue to be a part of the ever-evolving fashions and styles. Styles come and go. Among the items that have withstood the test of time is jewelry, specifically earrings. All generations of both men and women wear them. They distinguish out from other accessory varieties that can be used every day for various events. A single piece or set of earrings can have a major impact on one’s appearance, emotions, and overall personality. This claim might seem overly simplistic.

After all, earrings can assist highlight unique traits on a woman’s face and are frequently viewed as a mark of femininity. A splash of color or personality can also be added to an ensemble with the help of earrings.


The drop earrings have a noticeable extension below the ear lobe. The design of the pearl dribbles on the earlobe is just one-of-a-kind and lovely. The appropriate pearl color selection gives the overall design a great deal of charm. On the droppings, there is a stunning assortment of gold and diamond earrings. Wherever you are, the brilliant diamond-studded droppings will draw everyone’s attention.



Every girl wears stud earrings because they are the most common. Even though it is tiny, it can grab attention and enhance a person’s attire. Whatever your style, there will always be a set of studs that work with any dress and any event. It’s also a very reassuring form of an earring because you can wear it all day long without hurting your ear.



Designer stud earrings of the Cluster style cinch securely onto the top of the ear lobe. It has a cluster-like appearance due to the many distinct stones and crystals that are arranged closely together in the pattern.


By buying hoops online, you can travel back in time and relive the vogue of the 1990s. Although hoop earrings are large but light in weight, and you can find a variety of hoop earrings, we all want to avoid wearing heavy earrings (a moment of silence for the ears that adore wearing them). The good news is that they won’t cost you a lot of money. To wear two hoops, you can get your ears double-pierced. Hoops come in a variety of designs, dimensions, and hues. Ladies, go ahead and use these adorable trinkets to express your sense of style.


Drop earrings and dangle earrings are extremely similar. The top of the earrings is fixed and tightens the earlobe; the remaining portion of the earrings hangs freely below. The dangler style of earrings is a very fancy style that is offered in gold and diamond earrings. They feature an exquisite, elaborate pattern that is very glitzy in appearance. They are elegant, attractive, and can be the greatest match for any outfit. A stylish and entertaining jewelry style is dangle earrings. They are quite adaptable and work well for social gatherings.


These accessories are brash and can be shown by themselves to draw attention. These earrings should be your go-to choice for business events, cocktail parties, and nights out. It accentuates the beauty of nature independent of trends.

Each pair of earrings is expertly made, and they are the ideal addition to liven up any outfit. We have earrings appropriate for every situation, whether it’s a crucial business meeting or a cocktail party with your friends.


Your appearance can be entirely altered by earrings. They can assist you to highlight your clothing, skin tone, or positive face shape. You become more noticeable and expressive as a result of them. A woman can look attractive or opulent by wearing earrings.

5 Earings Definitely To Top Your Look With

5 Earings Definitely To Top Your Look With

Suppose you are a short hair girl or long hair girl; you always wanted to look perfect by wearing minimal earrings or sometimes fancy ones. During this modern era of minimal fashion trends, we always look for jewelry that remains antique, classic, and gorgeous forever. Even if you are wearing a very fancy branded dress, you still want your earrings to match and make you look dapper in it.

So without wasting our time, let’s go and find out what 5 earrings to top your look with can be bought.


Hoops are the fashion trend that has been followed for decades and is still iconic. It includes all the sizes depending on your mood and what you want to bring out of it. It can surely give you a sassy look or a simple look, depending on its size.

Hoops look mesmerizing when styled with a pair of simple jeans and a casual top. It gives you an easy and super dapper style for your everyday look. Hoops always come in different shapes; you can add more drama to them by choosing different geometric shapes as you want to!

Clip Stud:

Don’t worry for short-haired girls; you can choose clip studs and rock your dress with them.

To nail the daily routine, you can wear studs and keep yourself a minimal fashionista to adorn yourself.

Whether you are at a party or in a formal business meeting, clip studs serve you the best looks.

Exquisite Chandeliers

Exquisite chandelier earrings never go out of style!

The original exquisite chandelier earrings give you a royal vibe and complete your looks. All the pearls, diamonds, and details make you look majestic and beautiful. Wear it with your dress and slay!

 Trendy Jhumka

If you are traditional and love wearing earrings, you must be familiar with the jhumkas . Trendy jhumkas are always nice to wear with your eastern clothing. Every girl must have a pair of trendy jhumkas to style with Anarkali dresses.

 Statement Earrings

Statement earrings give you the confidence to rule out a room and stand out with worthy attention. It will give you vibrant, decent, and eye-catching attention. In this picture, you can see beautiful white and blue statement earrings, which ultimately make you look gorgeous!


In this article, we have discussed the top 5 choices of earrings and how they can make an impact on your overall look. The earrings are as essential to wear because, without them, your look does not feel like appreciating or appealing. To get on the board, carry these top 5 earrings and shine on!

Four Fashion Accessories That Really Worth Investing In

Four Fashion Accessories That Really Worth Investing In

Today we are talking about a very interesting topic. Like any woman, I adore gifts. I think there is nothing more beautiful than when we give to each other. Along with gifts, we share love and tenderness. I am romantic and gestures like this are always important to me. However, I have to be honest. Not all gifts we receive are always in line with our taste. Sometimes we wear something just out of respect. For this reason, I want to explain to you what kind of gift you will never go wrong with. Do you know that saying: “Diamonds are every woman’s best friend”? I would agree with that. Good jewelry and gold are something that lasts, is inherited, and passed down from generation to generation. Let’s enjoy my list.

  1. Cartier Love Bracelet

This had to be first on the list. Whichever piece of Cartier jewelry you choose you will not go wrong. It is simply jewelry that comes first forever—leading completely. Its price is skyrocketing. If you are a collector of such pieces, I am dangerously jealous of you. The love bracelet is my favorite. Behind this bracelet stands a story of love. The symbolism is clear. There is no mistake with a gift like this. It is absolutely decent and you will not be embarrassed. I can bet your gift will be the best. According to the wishes of the person you are buying, you choose the color of gold and whether they will own diamonds. In the pictures, I show you a bracelet in yellow and white gold. And rose gold is becoming more and more popular. So listen carefully to the person you want to please with this gift. I am always in favor of getting one gift, but valuable. It is better to invest money in jewelry than in clothes, bags, or shoes. What do you think?

  • Van Cleef Earrings

Another timeless piece of jewelry that you can buy as a gift. I dream of the day I get them. They are so beautiful, discreet, and gentle. A piece that suits every lady. I can’t describe to you how many smiles would be on the face of every woman who would receive a gift like this. This jewelry remains a memory for years. I know for myself, that some ordinary things I quickly stop wearing. I even forget where that gift came from. But such a valuable and carefully chosen gift is not forgotten. Of course, you select the color of the earrings according to the wishes of the person you are buying from. As this is a more expensive piece, I advise you to ask the person what his wishes are. Maybe white is a little nicer to me, but black is undoubtedly a reflection of elegance.

Van Cleef Earrings
  • Van Cleef long Necklace

I think every woman or girl has this necklace in her wish book. Behind this Brand and their jewelry is a great story. The four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness. Therefore, when you give this to someone, you wish them luck. Where will you get a better date? A beautiful piece of jewelry that will bring happiness to life. There is no mistake, just wonderful moments when wearing a gift like this.

  • Rolex Watch

I don’t even have to explain why it’s on my list of gift-worthy pieces. Rolex itself is an explanation. The watch of this brand is the most desirable. There are a lot of models, so it is a great gift for both men and women. We are often afraid of whether our gift will be sincerely liked, and whether the person will wear it or not. For this reason, I notice that more and more people are opting for the classics. Proven good things are always the best. It is worth investing money in such pieces. Some ordinary things quickly lose their value. As soon as you take them out of the store, the rule is that they lose 50% of their value. While the things that are on my list after the purchase and with age are much more valuable. If you ask me what a perfect gift is, this is exactly what I tried to describe in short and simple outlines. 

Rolex Watch

Fans-Favorite 10 Winter Trends Bag

Fans-Favorite 10 Winter Trends Bag

When you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a lengthy list of Future Year’s goals. We realize you’re not heading forward without the ideal purse if your goals are to further your profession, make new acquaintances, or be the best form of yourself.

Walk into 2021 wearing your new buddy, formerly the. This season’s trendiest bag. We’ve devoted the last year sifting through fashion shows, people-watching, and reading throughout our Instagram accounts to find the best purses for your closet. This harvest offers a little of everything, from sophisticated rucksacks for a boss-girl appearance to larger-than-life handbags that will accommodate all of your gym supplies.

Shoulder with shape.

We’ve found the ideal replacement for the famous ’90s shoulder handbag. For a nostalgic vibe that mixes the finest eras, go for a more proper format. We’ve witnessed big fashion brands go on board with this style, and we think it’ll be the finest investing trend in 2021.

Done with love by hand.

That is not a crocheted task for your granny. People and big companies are upgrading our hand-woven purses to leave them feeling like more one-of-a-kind works of art. Knitted textiles and powerful patterns will complement your 2021 ideas well.

On the outskirts.

It’s no surprise that the ’70s are making a comeback and if you’ve not already, begin by introducing little fringes to your collection. Anything which travels with us is easily accommodated in our clothing. This style is lighthearted and flirtatious, ideal for the colder months.

Make a cross in your heart.

Leveraging something you already possess is among the simplest themes to get started with. We adore how well this new method to dress your tiny purses elevates any outfit. Attach your little bag to your preferred necklace or modify the handles to complete the design.

The shape of you.

Pick a good handbag that’s as fascinating as the year ahead, since 2021 will be filled with plot twists and shocks. Nothing beats owning everything everyone else owns, so look for bags in unusual forms and sizes to add a unique touch to your outfit. Change up your style with some of these handbags; it’s beyond anything else you’ve seen before.

The handbags are covered in dye.

This previous year, tie-dye had a tremendous breakthrough. Although the weather has dropped, we’re quite able to say goodbye to the design just yet. Therefore, with several modifications to our purse inventories, we’ll be discovering sophisticated ways to showcase this look.

We’ve gone camping.

The utilitarian fad finds its creator when fashionable camping supplies join your grocery cart. We’re testing out helpful belt handbags, water bottle organizers, also with a bunch of pockets, all intending to make the finest fashion findings.

Much bigger than life.

With a canvas bag that can hold everything, you’ll be ready for the high levels. Each day, unless you’re like us, necessitates many clothing adjustments. A backpack is essential for everything from the workout to the workplace to after-work beverages.

Get in the saddle.

We always go back to the basics when we’re in question, and a saddle pack is one of them. This one has been working its way home towards our hearts in current history, and it will undoubtedly take center stage in 2021.

Miniature Looks.

We’ve developed a habit of fleeing the home with only the necessities (card, keys, cellphone, face shield) to head to the local supermarket or for an outdoor eating date since last year because we’re still focused on keeping this pared-down existence nowadays that workplaces and institutions are finally opening.

Petite handbags of various kinds are expected to be popular this autumn and winter, yet Telfar’s little tote, which would be the ideal size for taking only the essentials and nothing more, maybe the least wanted of them all.

These Fashion Staples Don’t Cost a Ton but Approved By Fashion Insider

These Fashion Staples Don’t Cost a Ton but Approved By Fashion Insider

Every year, many favorite clothing merchants receive a fresh batch of soon-to-be best-sellers. It’s difficult to decide what else to “bring to basket” when the time arrives because there are so many items and fads to catch pace on.

It’s important to get out the 2021 clothing styles chart and discover whatever you ought to purchase throughout this winter and what you could always have in your wardrobe. We recruited merchants and specialists, one of the top prominent businesses, and saw which fashionable products we could anticipate seeing within the next several months to create the buying list.

Hardware & Monochrome.

This year, monochrome isn’t only for individualists, featuring monochromatic showing to be timeless hues that are excellent choices. The hues also function well as a backdrop for large equipment or display jewelry that is strong and striking.

MatchesFashion has the Staud Rey Chain-Handle Designer Bag.

Chelsea Boot with Lugs.

It’s the chunky Chelsea shoe that’s the fall’s must-have footwear. This pull-on form seems to be a nice mix of elegance and utility, and it’s the development of last night’s military boot.

Nordstrom has the Ganni Chelsea Shoe.

The print should be checkered.

Since we began carrying Christmas the Brand’s iconic Kokomo Trousers, we’ve become fans of chessboard designs. However, with the premiere of The Queen’s Deception in middle October, the general public has caused a craze!

It’s a timeless design that you may recreate in a variety of styles and hues. We partnered alongside Swedish designer Katherine Plumb (KJP) during their in-house line Christmas 2021 range, bringing several amazing daisies to check designs to reality across our garments as well. Using her flowery pattern, a designer such as KJP has grabbed an old image and converted this into something fresh.

Puffers with a print.

We’re nonetheless heading out again to accomplish some chores and go on walking, notwithstanding the colder seasons. Just because you’re all snuggled up, you would like to display out your individuality, and a stylish puffy jacket is a terrific way to do that.

This year, the more distinctive, the merrier if it’s a vibrant color, an intriguing design, or an unusual substance like fake leather for everyone at Shopbop.

Shopbop has the Beautiful Occasional Queenie Jacket.

Denim with a loose fit.

Denim seems to be a prominent material for the next year, and we’ve seen it in everything from informal designs to much more refined, fashion-forward items. The Totem barrels legged denim is a standout style, with a great fit for a much more casual look. A significant piece will become the jean gown.

MatchesFashion has the Tote High-Rise Barrel-Leg Denim.

Formal Wear with a Twist.

We’re expecting plenty of opportunities and motivations to wear dresses in 2021, if online or in reality. Floral prints, rhinestones, and puffy sleeves all seem to be features that we’ll be seeing on-site right, though, and have created into goods for 2021. On-camera and off-camera, surprising features such as the 3-D flower needlework look fantastic.

Limited BY Shop ASOS has a Tier system Mini Costume Featuring 3D Floral Applique for $214.00.

Cute Summer Basics for All Budget

Cute Summer Basics for All Budget

Summer has come! You must have some basic items which are also budget-friendly with you that will make you feel more comfortable during summers.

 7 most basic and budget-friendly items which every girl must-have during the summers:-


  1. Tank Tops:

Of course, you can’t have summer with some sleeveless action, and often times it’s so hot out there that you would straight away skip your regular t-shirts and go out in your tank tops.

  1.   Light Wash Denim:

Whether it’s a pair of denim shorts or denim jeans or both there is nothing that queues in summer than just that light bright denim blue or stark white denim jeans. Denim looks amazing with all types of tops and it just looks so fresh.

    1. Refreshing Shower Gel:

The second basic item on the list is a refreshing shower gel. It’s important to keep a shower gel that is very cooling, very fruity, and may even have mint in it. It is very essential to keep it because it makes you feel refreshed and cools down your body whenever you come out of a shower.

  1. Body Mist / Body Roll-On:

In summers you sweat a lot but you want to keep smelling fresh all the time because it is the first thing anyone notices even if someone is just passing by. So make sure you carry a body mist throughout.


  1. Mineral Sunscreen:

Mineral sunscreen is not just a basic item to be used during summers but it should be kept with you throughout every season.

Reasons why you should use mineral sunscreen:-

  1. Mineral sunscreen as compared to chemical sunscreens is less harsh to your skin. So if you have an acne-prone or sensitive skin mineral sunscreen would be better.
  2. Mineral sunscreens protect your skin from the effects of U.V rays which is the most important benefit of them. And, of course, the higher the SPF rate of your sunscreen the better it is for you.


The next basic item to have during summers is a pair of sunglasses. You must not step out in this crazy heat and the glaring sun without one.

You must choose the pair of sunglasses depending upon the shape of your face to look more stylish and have a bold look.

  1. Powder Based Foundation:

The last item on the list of basic things you should have during summer is in the makeup category. You should have the foundation, which is powder-based or a light bb cream. It gets really tough to wear a full face of the foundation because it quickly gets very sweaty and sticky during summers which makes you feel uncomfortable. You must have a compact powder that has higher coverage or you can keep a foundation that is powder-based so it does not make you sweat or make you feel too heavy or sticky on your face.



These brings us to the end of this basic yet essential list. Hope you all find it useful and use these things to enjoy your summer.

These Chic Accessory Will Upgrade Your Look Immediately

These Chic Accessory Will Upgrade Your Look Immediately

Accessories are indeed a perfect opportunity to mix your collection and check out all the styles that intrigue you. Simple but strong, accessories immediately add excitement and personality to every ensemble. And furthermore, as just a result, they cost less than items of clothes.


Consequently, let me present my range of reliable accessories, some of which have served to uplift most of my looks. Below are some pieces to spice up your looks:

Boots in Leather aka Leather boots:

Zara boots

People just don’t have to describe why they’ve been great, but just let me speculate for something like a second: trendy, elegant, and fashionable leather shoes. They could quickly turn a comfortable wardrobe into some kind of style that’s much more put-together.

However, an excellent addition to a direct black collection is a set of leather shoes by Zara. While it might be fashionable for both the fall, including its deep burgundy shades and patent leather feel, the deep-maroon hue serves as a soothing hue. That implies that, like everything, it ends up going right, but these shoes seem to be a useful review of investing, which will satisfy you for several years.

Extrodinary earring

A fantastic set of earrings allows a dress to pop at all times. Whether your styling options really aren’t daring because you prefer to adhere to popular styles, earrings are indeed a perfect way of dressing up your ensemble while giving it much thought.

Since they still cheer up an ensemble, I enjoy dangling earrings (such as the collection from this and Certain Tales) or declaration earrings. Just put it up and then go.


Topshop mini bag

Anything shouts stylishness in some kind of a mini pack. This style weekend, influencers, and modeling off work are always about the mini purse, but this year they should undoubtedly be for certainly the fashionable alternative for designer bags.

Select one that would be vibrant in style, design or texture-you won’t be disappointed with such a mini bag as this. (For additional trendy purposes, P.S include a matching bandana scarf.)

Silk/Scarves of Bandana:

With the past several years, luscious, bandana-style scarves seem to be a popular motif. A fine, velvety scarf is chic, sophisticated, and flexible, bringing a bit of beauty to every signature scent.

But merely must you carry a few of these across their neck, you could maybe style one of those as a headband or even on a purse.

The fantastic world of Belts:

Believe maybe there’s plenty left out on your style, yet can’t seem to find out which one it is? Just wear a belt.

The belt does have the ability to bring the ensemble along and combine together all components of a style in what seems like a uniform fashion. Maybe it’s the correct balance of accessories you have to highlight your style.

Unless you’re a real veteran, choose a gesture belt that really is broader or narrower and includes a loop that could have been the central focus for your look.



These Fashion Accessories Should Be Added to Your Wishlist

These Fashion Accessories Should Be Added to Your Wishlist

The lists of fashion accessories never go empty. With gradual upgrades in pieces of jewelry and cosmetics, our demand for these accessories keeps on increasing. However, there are some items that you need to add to your bucket list immediately.

Let us tell you which accessories you can add to your wishlist right now.

1. Estee Lauder travel in colour makeup palette


Estée Lauder Travel Exclusive Expert Color Palette
Estée Lauder Travel Exclusive Expert Color Palette


This entire make–up set of Estee Lauder should immediately be added to your bucket list as this kit comes with everything you desire. The travel colour makeup palette contains 4 eye shadows, 4 lip colours, 1 blush on, 1 mascara, 1 eye pencil, and 1 bag to hold these items. What can be better than this perfect combination of cosmetics!


2. Classic WOC Crossboy Bag


crossbody bag
Chanel Classic WOC Crossbody Bag – Yellow Lambskin



The lavish & stylish Crossboy bag by Chanel is the most catchy sling bag which no sooner will you spot than you will jump to add to your wish list. The all-yellow wallet on a chain sling bag has several compartments, and though small in size, is pretty spacious.

3. Bvlgari Ring



This powerful Serpenti ring by Bvlgari is designed in a way that represents the head of a snake which also shines & shimmers, fixing your eyes to it. The stunning & attractive ring is one such accessory that should definitely be added to your wish list.


4. Hermes pre-owned art deco print bracelet


Hermès pre-owned art-deco print bracelet
Hermès pre-owned art-deco print bracelet

Bracelets are unavoidable pieces of accessories that become a must buy when as pretty as the pre-owned art deco bracelet designed by Hermes. This bracelet is 14 k gold plated on brass & has a multicoloured geometric print & can be worn like a bangle. This bracelet is worth adding to the bucket list.


5. David Yurman wrap necklace

david yourman wrap necklace

This classy piece of jewelry will keep you dazing at it until you finally decide to this item to your wish list. The 18 kt yellow gold forged carbon ingot amulet by David Yurman has a sophisticated & ancient look which makes it look even more attractive. This pendant comes without a chain. It can also be cleaned very easily.


6. Dolce & Gabanna animal print sunglass

Print family sunglasses


This amazing sunglass with an animal print rim is the perfect glasses for nailing any look. These sunglasses are extremely light as well as free sized which has a full rim covering of the animal print. The glasses also provide complete protection to your eyes while making you look very smart too.


7. Marco Bicego diamond Marrakech bracelet


18k Gold & Diamond
18k Gold & Diamond “Goa” Bar Bracelet

This golden bracelet of Marco Bicego has a unique & detailed, intricate design. This bracelet is made up of 18 k gold & is studded with 18 shiny diamonds throughout the 15 twisted strands of the bracelet. This glam bracelet is worth adding to your wish list without any second thoughts.

An accessory filled cupboard is the most satisfying thing. Thus, this list of amazing & irresistible accessories is just for you. Do not hesitate to add them all to your wishlist right away!

Best Gift Ideas for Women for Birthdays and Valentines

Best Gift Ideas for Women for Birthdays and Valentines

A personalized magic pillow with your woman’s picture on it will definitely please her to the core. Giving this to her on her Birthday will add to lots of emotions as she will feel like she is the queen of your heart. Alternatively, with an addition of a heart in the sequined pillow along with the picture, can be used as a Valentine Gift too. Get a colorful picture of your woman and surprise her with this personalized pillow. Women love surprises and n o matter how much they deny, they always love getting gifts! Treat your woman like a queen!

personalized magic pillow


If your lady love admires dressing up, this brush that will not only straighten her hair, but will also aid in adding volume to it can be a great gift idea.  Give her the gift of love so she continues to look beautiful. With lots of colors available in this, make sure you gift her the favorite color just to add to the extra punch. Observing the beaming eyes of your woman on her birthday will set your emotions to fire.

Hair brush


A lovely Valentine’s gift for your woman will be this Kate Spade necklace. Enjoy putting it around her neck when she is expecting the least. The amazing gleam in her eyes and the warmth that she will show will make you fall in love with her over and over again. Every woman likes admiration and when the man remembers her important days, she feels very fortunate.  So endow her with fortune that will not take burn any hole in your pocket too.

kate spade necklace

Having known your lady for a long, you certainly would know her love for books and reading. Look no further and encourage her to read more through the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This will be fantastic gift for her on her birthday as you have kept her hobby in mind and nothing makes more difference to a woman than a man who loves her and appreciates her and remembers her likes and dislikes. You may add a heart-shaped balloon to this gift and shower with more love if it is Valentine’s day. Pack the gift well and surprise her at the midnight.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Women love getting showered with gifts and no matter whether she has a watch or not, an apple watch added to her collection will only give her more happiness.  She can track her workout in this, listen to her favorite music and do a lot more than just time. A great brand given either on Birthday or Valentine’s day equates love, so shower it on her whenever you believe is the right time.




Are you a fashionista that knows every single trend out there and is patiently waiting for a new one to come? Well, than you already know what is waiting for you in this article, right? In case you are not a fashion expert than you should read the text below really carefully.

Every single girl has to have those items which she would happily wear and those items would make any outfit of hers look ten times better. Of course, we are talking about those accessories that simply are like a cherry on top for your outfit. We can list those accessories. Those would be: a bag, a belt, sunglasses, statement earrings and basically everything else you could call an accessory. As we always do, today we also found perfect examples of those statement accessories in different online shops. Take a look down below and tell us what you think:

BAGUETTE FENDI BAG – Every girl needs a statement bag. Statement bag is something that is different for every girl. For some women statement bag can be a simple shaped bag in red color ( if they usually tend to wear monochrome and earthy colors red is pretty much statement in that case).

GUCCI BELT – Belt is something that can completely transform a „shapeless“ outfit and wearing a logo belt in that case can not be more statement. Belt doesn’t have to have a logo in order to be statement but we decided to show you this one because a lot of women around the world tend to love this Gucci belt.

BALENCIAGA RECTANGLE SUNGLASSES –  We all know the importance of wearing sunglasses because of their protection but that fashion accessory can also be what completely transorms a look. Our look can get a totally differnt vibe when we put on a different pair of sunglasses. For example, imagine that you are wearing a simple look with oversized classic sunglasess. Those would make that look diva and feminine and with these rectangle sunglasses you would get a totally different vibe.

ANTHROPOLOGIE SAFARI DROP EARRINGS – If you are creating an outfit and it kind of looks like it misses something simply put these animal print earrings on and you are ready to go.


FANCY PANTS CHAIN NECKLACE – If you are looking for something to spice up your outfit than this it.