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Best Gift Ideas for Women for Birthdays and Valentines

A personalized magic pillow with your woman’s picture on it will definitely please her to the core. Giving this to her on her Birthday will add to lots of emotions as she will feel like she is the queen of your heart. Alternatively, with an addition of a heart in the sequined pillow along with the picture, can be used as a Valentine Gift too. Get a colorful picture of your woman and surprise her with this personalized pillow. Women love surprises and n o matter how much they deny, they always love getting gifts! Treat your woman like a queen!

personalized magic pillow


If your lady love admires dressing up, this brush that will not only straighten her hair, but will also aid in adding volume to it can be a great gift idea.  Give her the gift of love so she continues to look beautiful. With lots of colors available in this, make sure you gift her the favorite color just to add to the extra punch. Observing the beaming eyes of your woman on her birthday will set your emotions to fire.

Hair brush


A lovely Valentine’s gift for your woman will be this Kate Spade necklace. Enjoy putting it around her neck when she is expecting the least. The amazing gleam in her eyes and the warmth that she will show will make you fall in love with her over and over again. Every woman likes admiration and when the man remembers her important days, she feels very fortunate.  So endow her with fortune that will not take burn any hole in your pocket too.

kate spade necklace

Having known your lady for a long, you certainly would know her love for books and reading. Look no further and encourage her to read more through the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. This will be fantastic gift for her on her birthday as you have kept her hobby in mind and nothing makes more difference to a woman than a man who loves her and appreciates her and remembers her likes and dislikes. You may add a heart-shaped balloon to this gift and shower with more love if it is Valentine’s day. Pack the gift well and surprise her at the midnight.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Women love getting showered with gifts and no matter whether she has a watch or not, an apple watch added to her collection will only give her more happiness.  She can track her workout in this, listen to her favorite music and do a lot more than just time. A great brand given either on Birthday or Valentine’s day equates love, so shower it on her whenever you believe is the right time.


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