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Thank you for the costumes – ‘We figured with our clothes, people would remember us even if we finished ninth’

There’s a time and a place for white over-the-knee boots; ruffled trousers are a flagrant fire hazard and you might want to give the ‘Super Trouper’ disco poncho a miss for lunch with the in-laws.

But with Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again arriving in cinemas tomorrow – three months after the fab four announced their comeback in virtual avatar form – it’s time to accept that Abba have had more of an impact on your wardrobe than you might care to admit.

The Swedish quartet’s outré fashion choices have never had the best reputation. In fashion circles, Abba was either a byword for bad taste or an outlandish option for a fancy dress party.

But with the 70s fashion revival in full swing – and with the Abba resurgence upon us – fashion lovers are starting to come out of the closet and admit that some of Abba’s sartorial flourishes were… you know… kind of okay.

Björn Ulvaeus once said that Abba’s outrageous costumes were designed to be tax-deductible.

In other words, he told his accountant that his white spandex catsuit was directly related to the nature of his employment.

“In my honest opinion, we looked like nuts in those years,” he added. “Nobody can have been as badly dressed on stage as we were.”

But he seems to forget that Abba never set out to be trendsetters. They came of age in the ‘go big or go home’ disco era when the costume was just as important as the artist wearing it.

Fashion writer and stylist, Darren Kennedy, agrees: “Abba was a major cultural phenomenon and their impact can’t be underestimated.

“They came at a time when video was becoming part of popular culture and it was the first time that a generation had such a visual influence.”

Sure, their outfits were high camp – and highly flammable – but they wore them during a time when all self-respecting disco artists were hiring costume designers to make them look like intergalactic acrobats.
Anni-Frid Lyngstad knew costume designer Owe Sandström from her earlier work in the Swedish cabaret scene and he was hired, along with his partner Lars Wigenius, to make the band stand out on the Eurovision stage in 1974.

Sandström knew the power of theatricality and showmanship when he designed the group’s Napoleon-inspired looks for their performance of ‘Waterloo’. Lyngstad arrived on stage looking like a rodeo queen and the rest of the group like yellow-pack glam rockers, but as Ulvaeus later said: “We figured with our clothes, people would remember us even if we finished ninth.”

Abba’s fashion represented escapism. It could be ironic, like the time they covered themselves in tinfoil for a photo shoot. And it could be avant garde, such as the metallic robes they wore on the 1997 tour, which wouldn’t have looked out of place at this year’s Met Ball.

Sandström thought of his costumes as “pieces of art” and while some may baulk at that statement, they can’t deny that his extravagant creations have made a lasting impression on contemporary culture.

We can see the impact of Abba’s costumes everywhere. The dramatic capes that Florence Welch wears on stage look like they were plucked straight off the ‘Super Trouper’ moodboard. Lady Gaga must have been at least partly influenced by their spandex leotards (she admits that their music has inspired her, after all). Even Beyonce has little accents of Abba in her stage attire – check out the outfits from her Mrs Carter tour and compare them to some of Lyngstad and Fältskog’s more revealing costumes.

Abba’s trademark white boots are often aped in Halloween costumes, but think back to the last few seasons of high fashion and you’ll remember that the white boot has come full circle. Gigi and Bella Hadid put their best foot forward in Stuart Weitzman; Kendall Jenner wore the KG Kurt Geiger ‘Strut’ ankle boot for the better part of last year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Abba’s spandex leotards haven’t gone anywhere either. Visit Burning Man, Glastonbury or the big clubs of Ibiza and you’ll see at least a dozen women wearing Burnt Soul catsuits that bear a striking resemblance to the skin-tight apparel that Abba wore in the late 70s.

Gender-neutral fashion is also having a moment and the fashion pack have got themselves into a tizzy over ‘progressive’ labels like Vetements. But rewind to the 70s and you’ll realise Abba were one of the forerunners of the trend.

Check out the photograph of Ulvaeus looking like the lovechild of a Mexican wrestler and an American flag, and don’t overlook dark horse Benny Andersson, who liked to keep it real in a purple jumpsuit accessorised with dusty pink boots.

Abba’s blue and purple jumpsuits (right) aren’t a million miles away from the ones we’ve recently seen on everyone from J-Lo to Beyonce. As for the tiered denim ruffle flares in the Mamma Mia! sequel, well… that might be a bridge too far.

So where to get your Abba fashion fix this season? Tom Ford and Gucci’s extravagant SS18 collections have plenty of inspiration for dancing queens, or for a more affordable option, try Rixo. The hugely popular brand, beloved for their retro-inspired prints, are leading the charge for AW18 with their ‘Disco Daze’ collection.

“The 70s was a pivotal era for fashion,” says Rixo’s Irish co-founder Orlagh McCloskey. “This disco-inspired collection celebrates an era where, whether day or night, maximalism and fearless dressing dominated.”

The power suit trend is holding strong too. British designer Malcolm Hall designed Abba’s made-to-measure suits; mere mortals could try Massimo Dutti. Or nod to their off-duty style in a draped gown, like Uterque’s bright dress (left, €135,

Elsewhere, platform sandals are back in fashion (in fact, they never went away for Prada and little sister Miu Miu); flares have hit the high street once again and the feather-sleeved Zara blazer that is flying out of stores has echoes of Abba’s capes.

Like it or not, Sweden’s fab four will be making an impact on your autumn wardrobe. At the end of a documentary exploring Abba’s fashion legacy, Sandström put it nicely when he said, “thank you for the costumes”.

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The fight over She-Ra’s Netflix redesign, explained

At this point in the history of humanity, it’s too naive to believe there are still things in the world that largely don’t upset people. Highly anticipated sequels from beloved film franchises, even when they’re praised in critical reviews, spur toxic reactions from the deepest pockets of the internet. Something as simple as a red coffee cup might start a new chapter in the so-called war on Christmas. Sushi can suddenly become political if the person who served the spicy tuna roll doesn’t agree with its recipient’s political views.

The latest subject of such outrage is She-Ra, the princess of power, twin sister to He-Man, and fixture of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons. And what’s the reason for this newfound and previously undiscovered pot of anger? In short, She-Ra is being reinvented and rebooted for a younger audience — and in the process, a certain contingent of fans have grown very angry that she is now, in their eyes, less sexy than she used to be.

It’s yet another example of a vocal fandom seething with seemingly irrational demands and the latest chapter in an ongoing debate about how female superheroes look.

She-Ra’s new look has rubbed her “fans” the wrong way
She-Ra is the star of a brand new cartoon that’s set to debut on Netflix this November, and as part of that reboot, she’s getting a bit of a makeover. Showrunner Noelle Stevenson, an Eisner Award-winning comic book writer who gave us Lumberjanes, recently teased the character’s new look on Twitter:

For those old enough to recall the She-Ra cartoons of yore (or anyone who can cobble together a simple Google image search), the changes to She-Ra’s costume and appearance are noticeable. She looks much younger, and her costume is a little more battle-ready, more befitting of a space cadet than a lipstick glamazon with indomitable cleavage.

The changes make sense. Netflix’s She-Ra series is ostensibly aimed at children, and the characters look like they’ve been rebooted to be younger and reflect the show’s primary audience. But that hasn’t stopped a certain sect of fans from declaring that She-Ra is no longer appealing, no longer sexy, and perhaps no longer an object of their sexual attention.

While I am not prepared to defend bouts of “She-Ra doesn’t give me boners anymore” extremism, I can see the kernels of the argument that sexuality shouldn’t be in diametric opposition to capability. There’s no reason female characters can’t be glamorous and sexy and also battle-ready, smart, and compassionate. It’s not unlike the ongoing debate about Wonder Woman’s appearance and whether her revealing uniform ultimately undermines her feminism. I’d argue that the most important thing about women superheroes in skimpy clothes is agency — what matters is that their costumes aren’t designed primarily for the sake of someone else’s erotic thrill.

But the outrage over the new She-Ra doesn’t really seem to be concerned with that debate. It lives and dies by the idea that the new She-Ra isn’t beautiful, that She-Ra is supposed to be beautiful and sexy, and that someone has destroyed a previously beautiful, sexy woman. Some people also seem to believe that She-Ra’s reimagination is spiteful:

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Another 5 Best Sexy Santa Costumes for Christmas 2018



1. Best Sexy Santa Costume Thigh Highs
If you’re feeling extraordinarily confident about your sexy Santa costume, then I’ve got something that’ll knock Mr. Claus’s socks off: Just a pair of tights. The Red White Striped Tight Elf Tights are the perfect addition to any outfit…or can be worn alone, as the sexiest Santa costume on the planet. Pair with some sexy red pumps and St. Nick’s jaw may just hit the floor.

2. Best Sexy Santa Costume Teddy
Sexy Santa costumes, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are child-appropriate, while others are for the bedroom only. We’ve seen some sexy bikinis, but here’s a sexy Santa teddy. It’s called the Women Red Santa Teddy, and it’s made of cotton and chinlin. Providing both a sexy and cute look, the fabric is high-quality and comfortable for extended wear. No matter what, you’ll be loving this sexy Santa costume.

3. Best Two-Piece Sexy Santa Costume
Perhaps you were feeling the sexiness of the Santa costume above, but want to take it up a notch. Well, the Christmas Dress Santa Clothes Cosplay Bikini Set will do you justice. This incredibly sexy set comes with Hat + Dress + Bikini. It’s made of high-quality, comfortable material. It is a one-size-fits-most, but does have significant stretch. Be the sexy Santa you always wanted to be.


4. Best Sexy Elf Costume
Let’s be honest. Sometimes a sexy little elf costume is exactly what you’re looking for. Psh, everyone is interested in a sexy Santa costume, why not change it up a bit? This elf costume is built for guys, and it comes with shorts, hat, and bowtie. Plus, it’s made of lightweight, breathable fabric for any tasks Santa may send you on.

5. Best Bodysuit Sexy Santa Costume
ometimes a sexy Santa costume is meant to be seen only by Santa himself. Instead of purchasing something that’s acceptable in the streets…go straight to the sexy Santa freak in the sheets. The Twinkle Metallic Cutout Santa Bodysuit is everything you need. It’s made of 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, so there’s tons of stretch. And, it’s made in the USA. Peep the size chart before pulling the trigger, as sizing may vary.

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Harry Potter Costumes: An expert shows us some famous looks

Wizard couture was on display at Harry Potter: The Exhibition—and if you couldn’t Apparate or get there through a Portkey, exhibition creator and curator Eddie Newquist is bringing you as close to the magic as you can virtually get in an exclusive interview with SYFY WIRE.

You might already be familiar with the Hogwarts school uniforms and the standard robes and hats for wizards and witches, but some of the supernaturally gorgeous costumes from Bill and Fleur’s wedding definitely deserved more screen time. Who didn’t want Ginny Weasley’s ethereal black dress that Harry zipped up before an impromptu makeout session that George so casually walked in on?

Mischief was managed for the Weasley Twins when the costume designers decided the shirts in their appropriately glitzy black suits would tell them apart. It’s been almost impossible to tell who was Fred and who was George since they pranked their mother in Sorcerer’s Stone, so if the glaringly obvious bandage around George’s head didn’t set him apart enough in Deathly Hallows, his purple tie and collar sure did.

Luna Lovegood’s dress from the Slug Club Christmas party may be iconic or infamous depending on how close your fashion sensibilities are to those of a girl who wears Spectrespecs, but you can’t deny that here was some serious design wizardry behind it. It almost floats away on layers and layers of shimmery silver fabric that’s been painstakingly detailed for a frosted Christmas tree effect. That was the look Luna was going for.

Venturing over to the dark side, you have to admit the black robes and snakes and leather that the Death Eaters conjured dark magic in are easily some of the most badass costumes in the exhibition. A closeup of the clasp on Lucius Malfoy’s fur-trimmed robes reveals two entwined serpents. The battered leather corset on Bellatrix might have been pure serial killer, but it obviously didn’t scare off Molly Weasley. Don’t mess with her daughter. Ever.

Also in the exhibition are Viktor Krum’s Durmstrang uniform, Hermione’s dress from the Yule Ball, ’20s-era finery from Fantastic Beasts, magical artifacts, and even a menagerie of creatures that only exist in the wizarding world.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

Top 5 Best Sexy Santa Costumes for Christmas 2018

Christmas has rolled around once again. You know what that means, right? Sexy Santa costumes! What? That wasn’t what you were expecting?

Of course, the Holidays are full of amazing things like showing gratitude, visiting family, and creating memories for a lifetime. But, sometimes you need to let loose and have a little fun. So, why not consider investing in a sexy Santa costume to spice up the party…or bedroom.

Either way, use this list of the best sexy Santa costumes around. Make Mr. Claus one jolly dude.

1. Best Kid-Friendly Sexy Santa Costume
Sexy santa costumes aren’t just limited to those that show a lot of skin. Some people aren’t comfortable with revealing clothing–but still want something sultry. Well, the Ecilu Women’s Red Sexy Xmas Dress does just that. It includes a belt, hat with faux fur accents and g-string. Yep, it’s kid-friendly on the top, but adult-friendly underneath. And, it’s offered in multiple sizes, so you can get a sexy Santa costume that truly fits you.

2. Best Sexy Santa Costume Cape
If you’re looking to up the oomph of your sexy Santa costume, then you definitely need a cloak. After all, the Clause family is well-known for their distinct red outfits, and flowing cloaks. Snag the Mrs. Santa Claus Deluxe Velet Cardigan Hooded Cape–it’ll blow you away. It’s available in multiple lengths, and made of high-quality material. Keep yourself warm, as you dazzle the crowd in your sexy Santa costume.

3. Best OSFA Sexy Santa Costume
If you’re looking for a sexy Santa costume that covers a bit more than it reveals, then the Tinksky 3Pcs Womens Santa Claus Christmas Costume is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a free-size, so you don’t have to worry about finding your perfect measurements. This baby comes with a hat, dress and belt. Just add boots, and you’ll be the sexiest Santa around.


4. Best Plus-Size Sexy Santa Costume
While many sexy Santa costumes tout that they’re a one-size-fits-all, let’s be honest. Most OSFA pieces of clothing don’t fit all. If you’re looking for a plus-size sexy Santa costume, I’ve got just the thing: Dreamgirl Plus Velvet Santa Themed Halter Chemise. It’s a stretch velvet and marabou-trimmed dress, and it comes with a matching hat and belt. Sleight it, Santa.

5. Best Sexy Santa Costume to Pair With Leggings
If you live in a colder climate, like the mountains or Midwest, you may want a sexy Santa costume that covers up a bit more. After all, the more skin that’s showing, the colder you’ll be. To fix that, the Jug&Po Women’s 2PC Mrs Santa Claus Christmas Dress Costume has a sightly longer skirt, and full-length sleeves.



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The Colonial Theatre announces new season

Beginning in September, The Colonial Theatre in Keene kicks off its 2018-19 season to inspire the cultural spirit of the community with world-class entertainment opportunities that include comedy, popular music, dance and family shows, and student matinees in our historic theatre in downtown Keene.

“Every year we do our utmost to present a season that celebrates excellence in multiple genres, and 2018-19 is certainly no exception.” The Colonial Theatre’s Executive Director Alec Doyle said in the announcement. “We are thrilled to be bringing an exceptional range of artists that are sure to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages.”

The Wood Brothers.

The Colonial will provide a season full of hilarity with the cynical brilliance of Lewis Black on Sept. 22; the smart, observational humor of Paula Poundstone on Oct. 5); the New England brand comedy stylings of Juston McKinney on Nov. 17 and The Best of North Shore Comedy Jan. 26); and the topical satire of The Second City on April 5.

A full range of musical diversity will be represented throughout the season, beginning with Get The Led Out on Sept. 14 and their passion for the music of Led Zeppelin; The high lonesome harmony of The Wood Brothers on Nov. 2; Irish American supergroup, Cherish The Ladies on Dec. 7, with their Celtic Christmas; an incredible quartet of guitar artists for International Guitar Night on Feb. 9; Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet with The Subdudes on March 9 representing the superb musical tradition of Louisiana; the country’s premier Fleetwood Mac tribute band, Rumours on March 29; and the ever-spectacular One Night of Queen on April 12.

As always, The Colonial will welcome a number of legendary performers to the stage; including international master of the solo acoustic guitar, Tommy Emmanuel on Oct. 13; Grammy winner Kathy Mattea on Oct. 20; and virtuoso ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro on Nov. 3.

Cultural diversity and family entertainment will be provided throughout the 2018-19 season beginning with a collision of canines and comedy in Mutts Gone Nuts on Nov. 18. Cirque Mechanics on Dec. 9 will delight all ages with their acrobatics and mechanical marvels. Voctave on Feb. 1 will bring their gorgeous a cappella performances of Disney and Broadway hits. A full range of dance stylings will be represented; from the percussive African dance styles of Step Afrika! on Feb. 8, to the wildly entertaining all-male comic ballet troupe Les Ballets Tockadero De Monte Carlo on Feb. 23, otherwise known as “The Trocks”; Murphy’s Celtic Legacy on March 15, representing the next generation of Irish dance; and the world renowned Russian National Ballet, presenting Cinderella on March 24.

The Colonial Theatre is once again proud to partner with The Metropolitan Opera to present the Met Live in HD’s 2018-19 Season (tickets on sale to Colonial Members July 16). Broadcast in high definition on the largest screen in the Monadnock region, Met Live performances offer awe-inspiring singing and orchestration, lavish costumes, and spectacular scenery.

In addition, five productions will be presented for local students as a part of The Colonial’s Student Matinee Series, which serves as a key part of The Colonial’s vision to excite, educate and challenge audiences of all ages. Serving more than 8,000 students each year, this educational outreach program introduces children to live theatre while tying into curriculum-based topics such as literature, music, social studies, science and math.

The Colonial Theatre is grateful for the support of its 2018-19 season underwriters: C&S Wholesale Grocers and True North Networks, as well as its individual and corporate Colonial Members. Like most nonprofit organizations, The Colonial Theatre relies on donations for part (40 percent) of its operating budget. Now more than ever, the support of members is crucial to the continued success of The Colonial.

Online Buy Wholesale christmas costumes from China

‘Tis the Season: Preparation for (Hopefully) Hefty Holiday Sales Starts Now

Christmas is right around the corner. No, not Christmas in July—actual Christmas. While most people are not giving the winter holiday season a thought during the warm days of summer, any successful manufacturer, distributor or retailer is.

Getting ready for the increase in product demand the gift-giving time brings takes planning, and it is important that the pet industry makes the most of these consumer-spending months. Plus, with people now seeing pets as members of the family, we can expect there to be more pet product presents granted to pets and pet owners. Now’s the time to get ahead of that wintertime rush.

An Easy Shopping Experience

The holidays aren’t all merriment; it can also be really stressful.

“In general, people are exhausted. They’ve been Christmas shopping, and [as the retailer], you need to tell them what to buy,” store designer Tom Crossman explained.

That’s where bulk stack and prewrap come in.

“If you have an aquarium—and you have a lot of them—keep one or two on display and gift wrap the rest of them so that you’re just making it easy on people, because that’s exactly what they want—they want you to tell them what to buy,” Crossman said.

Complete kits are something else retailers can stock in order to make shopping—especially for a first-time pet— easier on customers. Kaytee sees a seasonal increase in sales of its starter kits during the holidays, according to Jason Casto, the company’s director of marketing.

Kaytee offers six species-specific complete starter kits for small animals, including hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and two different-sized cage options for rabbits.

“The complete kits contain everything a consumer needs to get started with a new small animal pet, including the cage, food, bedding, water bottle and food dish,” Casto said. “The Kaytee Complete Kit Habitats are also merchandised in full-colored boxes with graphics on all sides for an easy way to display on shelf. Just add a holiday ribbon or box and the retailer’s small animal department is ready for the holiday season!”

Pet Zone in San Diego, California, which specializes in tropical fish and their supplies, also sees an increase in sales of complete aquarium kits during the winter.

“About a month or so before Christmas hits, people are coming in and getting either five-, 10- or 20-gallon starter kits for either their kids or significant other,” said Roger Ma, owner of Pet Zone.

And Pet Zone’s surge in kit sales from Christmas continues through January and February due to the New Year and Valentine’s Day holidays. In fact, for the duration of the three major winter holidays, Pet Zone says it sees a 20 percent increase in foot traffic and sales.

“We move the most tank packages during the months of December and February,” Ma explained. “Also, since everyone has New Year resolutions, they finally get that fish tank they’ve always wanted, and January is the month that we get a surge in first-timer fish hobbyists that come in.”

Penn-Plax is one of the companies that experiences an uptick in sales of all-in-one tank kits during the winter months. According to Marissa Kactioglu of Penn-Plax’s Product Development, the company’s Right-Bite Educational Tank, which offers a parent-child activity and learning experience, and the SpongeBob Aquarium Kit are two examples of top-sellers.

Another important component to making customers’ shopping experience easier is setting up a clearly demarcated queue for the cash wrap. While having just a cash wrap might be fine most of the year, Christmastime calls for a more organized checkout experience. Crossman says stores need a rope and signage so people know where to get in line and so that the store’s associates know where each customer is in that line.

“A lot of stores, there will be a number of people around the register and the associate will say, ‘Can I help the next customer,’ and it’s like, Holiday paws3I don’t want to manage that; I want you to know who the next guest is because it’s stressful otherwise,” Crossman said. “So you need a queue that you know where they are in line, and hopefully you have a long line of people!”

The most important piece of a customer’s shopping experience? According to Crossman, it’s four-foot aisles.

Providing an ample amount of walking and viewing space allows for customers to shop more easily, which can lead to more sales. Without fourfoot aisles, customers might only look at the top shelf. With aisles that are wide enough for customers to stand back, they can see all that is offered. Plus, Crossman points out, store associates will be saving time, for they “wouldn’t have to answer unnecessary questions like, ‘Where’s the dog shampoo?’”

If getting a four-foot aisle means removing a fixture from the store floor for the time being, it’s worth it, he says.

Besides helping to make people’s stressful holiday season less so, pet stores can also help in making it more festive. People want to feel the holiday spirit as they are out and about.

Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Paws Pet Boutique has its store decorated in time for the second week of November, according to owner Ruth Kiser. The store also hosts a Picture with Santa Paws event on the first Saturday of December, where they offer props, like reindeer antlers, for customers to buy for the photo.

Pet Zone loves to get festive and decorates for nearly every holiday, including Christmas, Ma said. To help customers bring the merry mood the store creates home, Pet Zone gives out free Christmas moss to every person who buys an aquatic plant. Not only does that spruce up customers’ aquariums, but it also gives Pet Zone a surge in business during the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Decorating a store is important to creating a space in which a patron wants to shop and spend money. However, Crossman says, retailers shouldn’t let their decorations be wimpy. This is many stores’ time to make a big profit, so retailers should make it count.

“You need to invest in some serious garland, some thick four- or five-inch garland. Put lights in it. And spend some money because this is your money time of the year,” Crossman said. “I’ve seen many stores that just use that cheap garland, and it would be better not to use anything than that cheap garland… cheap garland means there’s a cheap store—and I don’t mean in terms of prices. You have to believe in Christmas; you really have to show that tHoliday – 58451_snowman_LShis is a really important time for you.”

As for a window display, clean is key. A border of garland with lights is enough—simple, yet impactful.

Besides decorations, another way to let customers know you’re ready for the holidays is to have plenty of items. Christmas is about abundance, and stores should look like they have a lot in stock.

“My motto is pile it high and watch it fly because you have to have it in order to sell it,” said Jungle Bob Smith, who owns Jungle Bob’s Reptile World in Selden, New York. “You can’t skimp on inventory that time of year.”

Crossman suggests stocking up on the items that sell well throughout the year.

“When you have a lot of one product, it’s the retailer telling you they believe in this product,” he said. “They believe so much in this product that they bought a whole bunch of them.”

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KW Real Estate Business Kim Miller Helps National Charity Union Rock Runway to Benefit Needy People

Real estate developer Kim Miller, founder of Kim Miller Group of Keller Williams recently participated in the 21st National Charity Federation fashion show hosted by the Hearst Convention Center.

The event benefited 14 local charities, including the Battered Women’s Foundation, Christmas for Children, Christmas Provider, Grace, Metroport Meal on Wheels, National Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Mercy Operation, Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, South Lake Special Olympics, Stepping Stone Foundation, Gatehouse, South Lake Wonder Alliance and Shining House.

Miller said: “This year’s fashion show raised $110,000 and will be used for the above-mentioned 14 charities.”

The National Charity Federation is a non-profit organization made up of mothers and daughters from across the United States. Its mission is to nurture a mother-daughter relationship in a charitable organization committed to community service,wholesale Christmas costumes, leadership development and cultural experience.

Miller and her two daughters have been working in the National Charity Federation for six years. Both of her daughters participated in the fashion show as models. They help raise revenue by selling tickets and soliciting on-site and silent auction items from the community.

“This benefit is provided by the mother and daughter for hundreds of hours of volunteering,” Miller said. “Planning and queuing retailers need a few months to loan clothing for junior and advanced models.”

As mentioned above, Miller is a proud supporter of the Stepping Stone Foundation through the National Charity Federation. The non-profit organization helps “risked” and homeless children in the community by helping to break the cycle and change lifestyle plans.

“This altruistic organization also helps mothers who have housing and employment put them in a better living environment,” concluded Miller. “I am proud to help founder Christine Bynum, who stepped on the stone, to do housework modification for those families who sometimes live in cars without clothes or food. When I work with my real estate client, I often Get furniture and other donations.These mothers and their children who do not have a house or any household items, and the solid stone is definitely my favorite volunteer organization, because almost immediately will see the change of life!”

About Kim Miller, Kim Miller Group, Keller Williams
Kim Miller has partnerships with wholesale Christmas costumes and sellers in all price ranges. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Real Estate Agents Association, the Metrotex Realtors Association and members of the North Texas Real Estate Information System, and the Luxury Homes Marketing Association. Kim also works in the luxury team at Keller Williams Southlake.

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Real or Memorex?

 wholesale Christmas costumes

The cedar chest mining through the Old Lane offers a recent nostalgia for your true discovery of gifts from Christmas past. I retrieved it from a long period of exile, and found it under my grandmother’s old wool car blanket, my uncle’s World War II email and a large number of retro family photos.

I really don’t know why I kept it. Without considerable adjustments and new drive belts, it no longer operates as designed. However, my old scroll video recorder does not look worn. When I put it on the floor, I like its plastic cover and aluminum speaker grille. In fact, its name is Arvin, Model 57L19A. When Japanese were born in Japan, Nipponese cleverly pushed himself to the cutting-edge solid-state appliance industry.

Mom and Dad purchased wholesale Christmas costumes  gifts at Kokomo in the late autumn of 1966. Dad, as a jealous dog, knew what he was doing. At that time he was doing some sports programs for the local FM radio station WFKO, which was the predecessor of the national giant WWKI. Buying a tape recorder has always been his idea. What he needs is just a reason.

As a junior member of our family, I provide reasons for such behavior. Turn off the old street you know. So he and her mother slipped into the wholesale appliance and then at 215 W. Sycamore, the Howard County Community Foundation called him today.

Wholesale appliances are an ideal place for Dad’s eyes. He is familiar with the Marners who run this place. Elsie Carter has been president of the company since her husband John died in 1955, but her daughter Carolyn and son-in-law Jim Marner have held the next two positions in the company’s command structure.

In 1928, John Carter and Hugh Dungan merged with Charles Kerlin and Harry Becraft to create the Wholesale Electric Co., which has been thriving since then and has provided top electrical and lighting products for decades.

Back to Marners, Carolyn&Jim participated in Wholesale Electric, in addition to Alvin Marner, Sim Marner, Albert Marner and Bill Marner… Very sad, this is a family business! My dad knows. When he gives money to your trusted friends and people, he feels that doing business is more enjoyable.

Maybe you did some business in W.E. The favorite partner of people who have been dealing with you for years. In addition to Marners, there are Bill Pittman, Herman McFarland, Glen Brooker, Madge Schlatter, and Eddie Hannah. I may omit one or two and forgive me.

In an interview with this article, Al Marner reminded me that they have used forgotten advertising tools for many years; books match. Not the twenty kinds of packaging you usually see every day. No sir, they are a few inches long and the employee’s photos are printed on their side. (Suitable for chain smokers) This unique steamed buns attracted attention to the electric pedestal heaters they provided, and all electric homes in the 1960s and 1970s became popular. If there is a long row of red tips, the miracle of sulphur is ignited at the same time. In contrast, St. Helens will be pale.

Sorry, I drifted. Well, I got a tape recorder at Christmas and immediately started to hate myself. With the optional AC/DC power supply, I can walk on the house while expanding my microphone. When the Scottish tape reel rotates, nothing prevents my recorded habits. Our dogs, cats and my sister (who is not happy) have become victims.

I fixed the microphone on the TV speakers and recorded the theme song from various favorite shows and wholesale Christmas costumes  movies. Let’s look at a few examples; Petit Point, Red Skelton Hours, McHale Navy, Iron Horse, Fellowship and the Adams Family.

I recorded the launch of NASA’s Apollo Moon Rocket for future generations. As the countdown reaches zero, we will never 100% determine that these huge beasts will stand out. When the powerful engine ignites, flames and smoke roar from below. They push Dr. Feng Bolang’s work high. We breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that the tower was cleared. I recorded it with tape.

When I was called “The Monkees”‘s first LP album, I was welcomed on the school bus by older teens. Our bus drivers all ended when we pushed to “Oh, hey, we were Monkees” and “last train to Clarksville.”

Of course, classrooms with breaks are easy to record. My friend Rex Dunn sang cute little pieces about Miss Lucy and her ship. Mike Lamb, another close friend, rehearsed his lineup for our upcoming sixth retreat. Grade class, “Tom Sawyer.” When they discovered my secret sound project, the girls screamed in surprise.

But the most meaningful meeting involved my family, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I might hide Arvin under a sofa or chair and let it run. When talking, they didn’t know it was within a hundred miles. I used to play back in my room while I was sleeping.

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American Market: Foreign Trade “focuses on hatching small brands”

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President Trump, the United States calling itself a “very stable genius”, probably has no reading problems – it’s just fake news. Whether he had time to read while enjoying his (allegedly) bedtime cheeseburger was not known, but in November, the site posted a direct appeal that he and his family in Virginia had The winery’s words: “Listen, Mr. Trump, the proposed merger of the second and third largest liquor sales companies is not good for wholesale Christmas costumes companies like you.” This is a national distribution company for the Republic (RNDC ) The reference to the merger decision with Breakthru Beverage Group.

If approved, the new RNDC-Breakthru company’s sales will reach about 12 billion US dollars, while South Glazer’s sales of 17 billion US dollars, which makes the two wholesale giants estimated that accounted for 56% of the US alcohol market share. In ten states such as Texas, Florida and Kentucky, the combined share will exceed 90%. How this will affect the supply chain remains to be seen, but many predict that small brand owners will face tough times, whether they are artisanal wineries or presidential wineries. As Ronnie Cox, Brand Director of Berry Bros & Rudd (BBR), puts it: “If you don’t have big brands in your portfolio, it’s hard to have any influence on these major players.”

However, Edrington Americas CEO Chris Spalding said: “At the end of the day, consumers will choose whether you are successful. All other things are about opening the valve. If the brand declines in the recession category, it can support for some time, But it will eventually fall off the cliff.” He pointed out that everyone can now access consumers through cheap media channels and claim that “the retail industry used to just like big brands, but in fact it is usually anti-big brands”. Spalding believes that there will be a “completely focused on hatchery alternatives,” which he calls “bone” or “digital” distributors.

Including Liberty Distribution, or LibDib, was founded by Sheryl Murphy after 20 years in marketing his family’s California wine in 2016. Murphy was frustrated with the existing mainstream market route and described LibDib as “the first technology wholesale Christmas costumes company to provide a three-tier compatible Web-based platform for the sale of wholesale wine.” Currently it is located in New York and California, but the goal is to travel the country within two years.

Ralph Erenzo of Tuthilltown Spirits, New York, said: “The problem with very large distributors is that they have big brand goals. The salespeople and buyers who walk in have limited time and he will push this month’s incentive brand. He will not spend 40 minutes explain some beautiful new craft spirit. ”

Erenzo co-founded Tulthilltown and its Hudson Whisky brand in 2005 and stated that since Prohibition became the first whisky distillery in New York, when it was sold to restaurants and restaurants, “it was a big advantage and it was a manufacturer. I can jump out of the lineup of all sales people “shops.

In his words, five years of hard work have paid off, “Each little distiller’s prayer will come one day.” This is the acquisition of the brand and care distribution provided by William Grant & Sons, leaving Erenzo and his team to continue what they are best at – Distilling. “When I started, I thought dealerships were demons,” he said. “But I realized they really understand the market. If you want your brand to go to other countries, they know the local laws.” It is doubtful that the introduction of Hudson’s whisky today will be more difficult, and not that the army of process distiller facing fresh bread will be discouraged. But everyone will soon discover that being listed by distributors is just the beginning. If you want to avoid being pushed behind the warehouse and forgotten, then the real work starts after the transaction is completed.

“It was very difficult when you were young,” said Dennis Carr, CEO of Anchor Distilling Company. BBR now has a controlling stake. “If you are a brand from outside the United States, you really need to find an import partner with resources and relationships with distributors to seize the opportunity.” As an importer, he worried about the influx of new brands in recent years and said: “It’s hard to stay focused for a long time.”

Interbev, whose brands include Old Pulteney and Speyburn single malt and Caorunn Gin, merged with Sazerac of the United States in 2015. “Sazerac has a strong sales force and strong influence in controlling the situation,” says Milo Thompson, who helps take care of the US market. Despite the challenges of dealing with large distributors, he is still optimistic. “You must be patient and ultra-efficient to share the voice with these guys,” he explained.