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The summer of this family is awesome. They lost track of time and missed the first day of school.

My four children cannot wait for the school to go out in the summer. On the last day of the school, they used poster paint to paint our wagon as “outside the school! Freedom finally!” They tied balloons and ribbons to my car, and we had a car to go to school. When I picked them up later that day, when we got home, we burned down all the school documents in the backyard. When the children roasted marshmallows on the fire, I removed poster paint from my car.

Unfortunately, it did not fall off. The next day, I took my car to a detailed car. They told me that I needed to repaint the car. Well, we didn’t have a good start this summer, but the new paint job looks great. This is only a small setback.

My ten-year-old son, Troy, said he hopes he can stop and that summer will never end. My other three children – nine, eight and seven – agreed that the summer should last forever. I told them that we can’t stop the time, but we can ignore it for three months. I removed the calendar from the wall and put it in a drawer. I took off my watch and put every clock in the calendar in the house in the drawer. I turned off the ringtone on my phone and decided to check only twice a day for missed calls and only returned important calls. I was surprised that I never received any “important” calls. Eventually I only started to check the phone once a week. Then the battery on my phone runs out, I just use the calendar and clock to throw the phone into the drawer. I found that it was easy for no one phone to stick to my ear, and it was important that the phone did not let my time and feel relaxed before.

We stopped the time and silenced the outside world. This feeling is incredible.

Every night, we towed the quilt and a basket of snacks on the roof and lay there to watch the stars.

In July, we celebrated the fourth of July. We decided to celebrate Halloween on July 15. We carved watermelons like watermelons, made costumes, ran around the yard and pretended to be ghosts, witches and pirates. On July 25, we decided to celebrate Christmas. We set up artificial trees, decorate it, bake Christmas cookies and watch wholesale Christmas costumes movie marathons.

We watched old silent films by Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin on television. They always seem to end up fighting with the pie, which looks very interesting. I filled it with fifty buttered paper plates and we put a pie in the yard. We were all covered with butter, so we rinsed off with a garden hose.

We understand that we can rent any instrument for ten days and five dollars. We found we could not play trumpet, violin, flute, guitar, banjo or bagpipe. Our family has no musical talent at all. This is a very good thing to know.

We learned that if we draw a chalk line on the sidewalk, we will hypnotize a chicken.

Our neighbors are often amused and confused by our antics. We are called “strange, weird and weird.”

This is freedom. We eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, and get up when we feel it. My daughter made a twelve-layer chocolate cake that looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it was delicious.

This is our summer, exploring, inventing and making amazing things. There is a Renaissance, we wear costumes. We ride elephants and camels at the assembly. My sons and the knights simulated a sword fighting together, and my eight-year-old daughter became a princess and rescued from a dragon (two men dressed in dragon clothes).

Every afternoon, I would throw a quilt in the shade, then bring a picnic basket and a book. Children will eat on the quilt, and I will read classic stories such as “How to eat fried clams, secret gardens and Lord of the Rings.”

Then one day, when I saw the school bus passing by, I hung my clothes on the clothesline. I would like to know if the bus driver is conducting a test run on his route before the school starts. If he does not perform the test, it means that the school begins – my children missed the first day.

I rushed into the house and called the neighbor. He told me that the school had started. Her two children just got on the bus.

I woke up and told them that if we scrambled, they might go to school at noon and would only miss half of the first day. Or we can forget the first day they can start tomorrow morning. I told them we could quickly go to the mall and buy everything they needed to start school.

They thought for a moment, then Troy said: “Or we can wear old clothes, use our old notebooks and supplies last year, and one day of summer, we can go shopping wholesale Christmas costumes on weekends.”

They agree that they will be late for school one day so that they can spend another day in the long summer.

That day is the best day for all people.

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