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The cedar chest mining through the Old Lane offers a recent nostalgia for your true discovery of gifts from Christmas past. I retrieved it from a long period of exile, and found it under my grandmother’s old wool car blanket, my uncle’s World War II email and a large number of retro family photos.

I really don’t know why I kept it. Without considerable adjustments and new drive belts, it no longer operates as designed. However, my old scroll video recorder does not look worn. When I put it on the floor, I like its plastic cover and aluminum speaker grille. In fact, its name is Arvin, Model 57L19A. When Japanese were born in Japan, Nipponese cleverly pushed himself to the cutting-edge solid-state appliance industry.

Mom and Dad purchased wholesale Christmas costumes  gifts at Kokomo in the late autumn of 1966. Dad, as a jealous dog, knew what he was doing. At that time he was doing some sports programs for the local FM radio station WFKO, which was the predecessor of the national giant WWKI. Buying a tape recorder has always been his idea. What he needs is just a reason.

As a junior member of our family, I provide reasons for such behavior. Turn off the old street you know. So he and her mother slipped into the wholesale appliance and then at 215 W. Sycamore, the Howard County Community Foundation called him today.

Wholesale appliances are an ideal place for Dad’s eyes. He is familiar with the Marners who run this place. Elsie Carter has been president of the company since her husband John died in 1955, but her daughter Carolyn and son-in-law Jim Marner have held the next two positions in the company’s command structure.

In 1928, John Carter and Hugh Dungan merged with Charles Kerlin and Harry Becraft to create the Wholesale Electric Co., which has been thriving since then and has provided top electrical and lighting products for decades.

Back to Marners, Carolyn&Jim participated in Wholesale Electric, in addition to Alvin Marner, Sim Marner, Albert Marner and Bill Marner… Very sad, this is a family business! My dad knows. When he gives money to your trusted friends and people, he feels that doing business is more enjoyable.

Maybe you did some business in W.E. The favorite partner of people who have been dealing with you for years. In addition to Marners, there are Bill Pittman, Herman McFarland, Glen Brooker, Madge Schlatter, and Eddie Hannah. I may omit one or two and forgive me.

In an interview with this article, Al Marner reminded me that they have used forgotten advertising tools for many years; books match. Not the twenty kinds of packaging you usually see every day. No sir, they are a few inches long and the employee’s photos are printed on their side. (Suitable for chain smokers) This unique steamed buns attracted attention to the electric pedestal heaters they provided, and all electric homes in the 1960s and 1970s became popular. If there is a long row of red tips, the miracle of sulphur is ignited at the same time. In contrast, St. Helens will be pale.

Sorry, I drifted. Well, I got a tape recorder at Christmas and immediately started to hate myself. With the optional AC/DC power supply, I can walk on the house while expanding my microphone. When the Scottish tape reel rotates, nothing prevents my recorded habits. Our dogs, cats and my sister (who is not happy) have become victims.

I fixed the microphone on the TV speakers and recorded the theme song from various favorite shows and wholesale Christmas costumes  movies. Let’s look at a few examples; Petit Point, Red Skelton Hours, McHale Navy, Iron Horse, Fellowship and the Adams Family.

I recorded the launch of NASA’s Apollo Moon Rocket for future generations. As the countdown reaches zero, we will never 100% determine that these huge beasts will stand out. When the powerful engine ignites, flames and smoke roar from below. They push Dr. Feng Bolang’s work high. We breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that the tower was cleared. I recorded it with tape.

When I was called “The Monkees”‘s first LP album, I was welcomed on the school bus by older teens. Our bus drivers all ended when we pushed to “Oh, hey, we were Monkees” and “last train to Clarksville.”

Of course, classrooms with breaks are easy to record. My friend Rex Dunn sang cute little pieces about Miss Lucy and her ship. Mike Lamb, another close friend, rehearsed his lineup for our upcoming sixth retreat. Grade class, “Tom Sawyer.” When they discovered my secret sound project, the girls screamed in surprise.

But the most meaningful meeting involved my family, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I might hide Arvin under a sofa or chair and let it run. When talking, they didn’t know it was within a hundred miles. I used to play back in my room while I was sleeping.

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