The octagonal theater reveals its Christmas production

wholesale Christmas costumes

EASTER, everything is over. It’s time for Christmas. – Oh, yes!

The octagonal theatre has announced that the wizard of Oz will become its holiday production, but this year people will go along the yellow brick road leading to Ma Kelong.

Octagonal has jointly held regular Christmas performances with Bolton Wanderers, Ma Long stadium and White Hotel, and the theater has been rebuilt for 9 million 870 thousand pounds.

Elizabeth Newman, art director, said: “we look forward to taking the Maclon stadium as our home this year to bring our famous” Wizard of Oz “, and we are particularly excited about our favorite local football team – Bolton Wanderers.

“This is a colorful feast of joy, full of bold figures, dangerous adventures and friendly friendships. Holding our holiday show at Ma Long is an exciting opportunity to create truly new and wonderful wholesale Christmas costumes to attract more audiences. Waiting to be a member of a football family. ”

In fact, there is no place like home where production is located near home, rather than Kansas.

Replace the ruby slippers of the Red Coach, and collect new friends Dorothea and the scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Timid Lion along the way to the Emerald City, looking for the great Ozzy – a wonderful wizard from Vigan.

Original music will be on the scene and say the creative team ‘s “Wizard of Oz” will bring the dazzling scenery and charming music of the Bolton family in the winter.

Ben Occhipinti, deputy director, said: “our festival is always a chance to bring joy and surprise to all ages. From grandparents to young people, we want to explore the Yellow adventurous brick road as much as we can.”

The Bolton version of the landmark story was premiered in the octagonal square on 2011, which has made huge box office results.

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