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Halloween – A Retailer’s Goldmine

A trip through the shopping malls this past week showed me why… I saw everything from strings of lights shaped like pumpkins or skeletons, to large yard decorations, to t-shirts, and even children’s warm gloves. And that’s in addition to the racks and racks of candy, the costumes, the face and hair paint, and all the paper goods for serving up refreshments and decorating the house with cardboard cut-outs and streamers.

We also saw some pretty wholesale Christmas costumes items – such as serving platters, ceramic cookie jars, and hammered metal pumpkins.

When I was a child, this holiday was all about kids and candy. Now adults want to get in on the fun, so the adult costume industry is cashing in. The week-end nights closest to Halloween see costume parties in homes and costume contests in night clubs and bars across the country.

It began as a pagan holiday called Samhain . October 31 is the midpoint between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice – a time for crossing from summer to winter and beginning the “Wheel of the Year” anew.

This is when the people celebrated the bounty of the harvest and asked for strength to get through the coming winter. It was a time to let go of the old and welcome the new.

In the earth-based religions, it is also a time to acknowledge death as a part of life, and to honor the dead. At this time the veil between this world and the next was believed to be very thin – making this the time when it might be possible to communicate with those in the spirit world. The ancient Celts believed that this then was the time to invite the family’s ancestors home, and many of those who practice the earth based religions still set out favorite foods and cherished items to welcome those ancestors to their gatherings.

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Christmases Past – What Do You Remember?

It’s interesting the things we remember and the things we don’t; especially at special times like the holidays. I heard someone asking recently, “What were your top 3 favorite Christmas presents?” I think it was on TV, but it prompted me to ask myself that same question. I thought about it and tried to recall favorite gifts from my childhood. I do remember the guitar. I also remember the easy bake oven that my mother swore I’d never get because it was sure to make a horrid mess. That was the year Santa was confirmed for me. Mother never would have gotten an easy bake oven; she told me so.

I had to dig for those two material memories. I was sifting among the other, more vivid recollections; the clearer, more colorful reminiscences that bring a smile to my face and a thankful, happy tear to my eye.

I remember home; the warm southern Mississippi temperatures, Christmas trees, and family faces. I remember everyone taking turns opening presents in order of age, but I don’t remember what was in the packages themselves. I remember throwing olives at my sister at the other end of the table and my grandmother’s disapproving but slightly amused glances. I remember the kids’ table and the grown ups’ table and who sat where…and when. I remember anxiously waiting for my first cousin to show up on Christmas day from Florida to spend several days with us and how we slept on the rarely used, foldout couch and made up silly songs late into the night. I recall the warmth and laughter of having all the family together and the traditional meal. I can still see my grandfather ceremoniously cutting the turkey, and I can taste my grandmother’s incredible ambrosia. I remember a feeling of belonging amidst the organized chaos of food preparation, making room, organizing gifts, seating arrangements and numerous conversations going on at once.

Still, I don’t recall most of the tangible gifts. I remember pictures and sounds, smells and tastes. Maybe those are what are worth remembering after all. Gifts, for all their anticipation and pleasure at the time, are often tossed aside after the season; outdated and wholesale Christmas costumes.

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How to Budget For Halloween During Hard Times

Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday next to Christmas. It is estimated that people spend $7 billion annually for the Halloween festivities. These include wholesale Christmas costumes , decorations, and food and candies for the trick-or-treaters. Though Halloween usually provides so much fun and entertainment for everyone, it can also burn a hole in your pocket as expenses tend to skyrocket during this holiday. Unfortunately, expenses are inevitable in events such as this. The key is to start building your Halloween money as early as possible, not just in October. Budgeting for Halloween can be a difficult assignment because there are only two months separating it from Christmas, another extremely expensive holiday. However, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. It’s very doable, if you follow these three little steps.

Open a Halloween savings account or start a pumpkin bank

You’ve probably heard of the Christmas Club Accounts, why not try opening a Halloween account? It doesn’t have to be like a club account; just a regular savings account would do wonders. Starting from January of the same year, try getting a small chunk of your monthly paycheck and make a deposit into the new account. Even if it’s a small amount, say twenty dollars, you’ll still end up with a sizeable amount that will come in handy come October. Apart from this, you can also create a pumpkin bank. Just as a piggy bank stores spare change, a pumpkin bank can keep small amounts of money of the whole family. Since all members of the family will benefit from this venture by the time Halloween comes, you can advise your children and other family members to put spare change in the pumpkin bank as well. You’d be surprised that this collective effort can provide you with enough money to spend when the holiday comes.

Have a garage sale

All of us have items we do not need from time to time. Instead of letting them rot away in your backyard or basement, try holding a garage or yard sale months before the Halloween holidays. It’s both a great way to earn more money for the Halloween festivities, and it clears out space in your storage area for new Halloween stuff. If you haven’t used something for a year now, consider selling it. Also, think about all the not-so-hard-earned money you can get and all the wonderful new things you could purchase for your upcoming Halloween haunt. So go ahead and start having a garage sale. Some quick sellers include old computer and video games, old music CDs and vinyl records, DVDs, and unwanted clothing.


Apart from the two above mentioned options, you can also recycle aluminum cans, plastic containers, glass bottles and other recyclables throughout the year so by the time Halloween comes, you can just take all of it to a recycling center and trade them in for cash. Of course the more recyclables you trade in, the more dollars you’ll get. Thus, you can acquire more items if you sought help from your relatives, friends and neighbors. Most people do not recycle anyway so it might be a good idea to recycle for them and earn some extra cash as you’re reward. After all, it’s easy; all you need is persuasive powers and an empty room for storage.


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Donny And Marie Show – The Greatest Costume Moments

The Donny & Marie Show was created by SId and Marty Krofft, the famed creators of other such offbeat television programs as H.R. Pufnstuf and Land of the Lost. It aired from January 1976 to May 1979 as a weekly on ABC and featured such famous guest stars as Redd Fox, Lucile Ball, Betty White, Jerry Lewis, and Milton Berle. The format usually consisted of an elaborate opening act followed by a series of comedy sketches and an even more elaborate closing musical number. But for all the campy scripts and synchronized dance routines, the real stars of the Donny & Marie Show were, without a doubt, the wholesale Christmas costumes .

The 1977 Christmas special episode is a great example of Donny and Marie’s ability to balance cutesy-poo costumes on that thin line between adorable and nauseating. Donny kept it simple; dressing in a matching white knit sweater and slacks combo with a red, white and green striped scarf, he wasn’t afraid to say to the world, “Hi! I’m Donny Osmond! I taste like spearmint!” Marie made bolder choices in her winter finest with what looks to be a one-piece body suit but, upon closer inspection, turns out to be a sweater and stretch pants that are just slightly different shades of green. What makes this episode so memorable costume-wise is the fact that the entire Osmond family was featured –Mother, Father, the small army of twenty-eight that is the rest of their immediate family– and they all match. I’m not sure who was in charge of coordinating outfits for that episode, but my hat certainly is off.

Another interesting costume extravaganza was the episode in which Marie celebrated her 18th birthday. In this episode, Marie and Donny sing their familiar weekly number, “I’m A Little BIt Country, I’m A Little Bit Rock-and-Roll”, but this time — gasp! — they switch lyrics! That’s right! And what kind of dramatic turn events would it be without ridiculous costumes. Both Donny and Marie sport matching silver outfits. Donny has a faux-western theme going on, while Marie looks like she just got back from touring with David Bowie. Marie also has an enormous new hairdo or, as Donny refers to it, a “hair don’t.”

Donny and Marie didn’t stop at matching scarves and silver jumpsuits, though. In one episode, Donny portrays a superhero character known as Captain Purple, wearing an oversized purple muscle suit and wig and, as his mild-mannered alter-ego, a flannel suit. Not to be outdone, Marie suits up herself as Gnidder Neleh (Helen Redding spelled backward) in an equally campy red-orange mini-skirt and wig.

Star Wars being the cultural phenomenon that it was, it only made sense that Donny and Marie would have to do a parody of it. Donny plays Luke and Marie plays Leia with such guest stars as Redd Fox, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Lynde, and a few of the Osmond brothers. The costumes were polished, Osmond-style variations of the originals; unfortunately, C-3PO ends up stealing the show.

The best costumes of the entire series, however, belong to the famous Wizard of Oz episode. Marie plays Dorothy in a red checkered dress and pigtails, Donny is a Willy Wonka-esque Wizard in a yellow-green, curly wig and sparkling fez hat, and Paul Lynde is a downright terrifying Wicked Witch of the West in full green face paint, black gown and gruesome fingernails. Additional victims…err, guests…of this episode include Lucille Ball as the Tin Man, Paul Williams as the Cowardly Lion and Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow. The entire production is technicolor bizarre; the epitome of classic Donny and Marie.

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Halloween Skeleton – Find the Best Skeleton Props and Costumes for Halloween

When one mentions the imagery of skeleton bones, it is not unlikely to immediately associate the suggestion with Halloween. After all, when else are we most likely to come in contact with skeleton props such as Halloween skulls and skeleton decorations wholesale Christmas costumes ?

Skeletons are so often presented to us on this holiday that we often forget that they were originally intended to frighten people, reminding them of the end we all face. Certainly the idea of fleshless human bones walking about is easily understood as to how it became a popular decoration on the day we dedicate to the dead – Halloween.

However, when it comes to death, many other cultures around the world believe that to pay homage to or celebrate the dead is neither sad nor frightening. Instead, for many of them, it is to recognize the ancestors of the past as a positive and glorious celebration of their once lived lives and influence.

In the Brittany region of France, All Souls Day is a day in which people head to the cemeteries in order to pray for the souls of their ancestors. They do this at a place known as the “Place of Bones”. Here, the remains of people passed on many years ago are found laid to rest together inside a single tomb. The living who seek out the site to visit, wander along the entrance holding out their hands to the rows of skulls so that they may touch the bones. By doing this, they believe they stay connected to their ancestors of so long ago.

In Mexico, a holiday similar to what we know as Christmas is called the Day of the Dead. If you happen to be in Mexico at this time, you won’t see what we might normally consider a Halloween skeleton but you will see a bevy of cheerful street vendors happily selling brightly decorated and colorful toy skeletons adorned in outfits you might otherwise find on dolls. At first, they may seem like rather morbid toys for children to an American. However, in Mexico this is all done in good fun as a ritual used to honor their ancestors.

Similarly in China, the Ghost Festival is held in anticipation of the spirits and ghosts of the dead that are said to come out amongst the living. While it is highly unlikely that you will see anything resembling a Halloween skeleton costume, according to the Chinese, you could come face to face with a real an actual ghost! Something most likely considered far more chilling than a few plastic Halloween skulls lining someone’s driveway.

The Native Americans celebrated death because of their deep belief that death was merely the beginning of the soul’s entrance into the Spirit World. After the person died, they would honor the remains of the person passed on with gifts, food and herbs in order for their spirit to take with them on their journey into the afterlife.

Now that you know a bit more about symbolic bones, you have a little secret. The next time Halloween rolls around and the little one in tow is frightened by a dusty Halloween prop of empty eyes, calmly tell them what a wonderful and positive symbol so many cultures regard skeletons as.

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Spending a Delightful Christmas in Provence

Many adults are probably all so used to the modern American and British Christmas that is all the more becoming digital and virtual. Anyone who craves for a real traditional Christmas should consider having Christmas in Provence, France. This is a Christmas festivity that is more connected to humanity and nature, with some very little influence of our digital inventions. France is mostly a Catholic nation and hence the entire Christmas and New Year festivities hold a very special place in the hearts of the French people.

True to these sentiments, Christmas in Provence is celebrated for a whooping thirty-five days, starting from the fourth of December to the sixth of January the following year. The feast of St. Barbe marks the beginning of this season and it is observed by the planting of lentil or wheat germ in three small containers covered with moist cotton wool, and come Christmas Eve, the healthy sprouts are decorated with ribbons. The legend behind planting these miniature seedlings is to symbolize bumper harvests and favorable weather in the coming year. Tourists and travelers can fully savor this experience in the rental homes set in the Sablet village area of Provence.

Natives in this region switch into the full Christmas spirit after this Feast. There is the exchanging of gifts bought at the Christmas markets which are famed for their traditional crafts and foods. On the twenty-fourth, a feast called Gros Souper is observed as people await the midnight mass. This is a light seven course meal characterized by vegetables and sea food and which is meant to honor the seven sufferings of Mary. This meal is also accompanied by thirteen desserts (Treize) which symbolize Jesus and the twelve disciples.

Though throughout the year regular church attendance is not strictly observed, wholesale Christmas costumes in Provence sees many if not all natives attend mass on Christmas Eve to receive communion. There is so much pomp and color in the village churches some of which are centuries old. The congregations say mass but no sermon is preached. This makes way for the Nativity or the reenactment of the birth of Jesus Christ. The scene is truly reminiscent of the original manger complete with live animals (sheep), straw, wooden pitchforks, reapers, and actors clad in costumes handed down over several generations. The play concludes at around two in the morning.

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Wholesale Christmas Decorations

Well now that Christmas is finally around the corner there a chance to get into that festive spirit. I don’t know about you but Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and not only because of the beautiful decorations and everyone’s spirits are lifted. While these are good reasons another reason is because the market is filled with buyers. People come online to buy products for Christmas, decorations and all sorts. Sales triple around December. Not only do the iPhones and iPods I sell, increase revenue substantially, but the fact I buy wholesale Christmas decorations and sell them off.

That’s right buying Christmas costumes on wholesale is a very profitable market. Look to eBay and you will see. However eBay is not the only place you can sell these. There are many stalls around looking to make extra money for Christmas. What I do is I bundle up these decorations and make packs of 5 or 10 and sell them to people at markets and stalls. These decorations allow the market sellers to make a lot of money selling the decorations individually packed.

Wholesale Christmas costumes are solely a $1500+ business per week. The fact is once these sellers need more decorations, who are they going to call? Me obviously. You can easily take advantage of a good situation. Its basically a win win situation for both parties. You sell the goods on wholesale while still making a profit. The market seller sells these on at a increased price and also profits. Christmas ornaments can also be profitable when buying from a wholesaler.

You can also sell these on eBay under the wholesale lots. People look there daily to get a bargain and there are many to be bought. Obviously Christmas decorations on wholesale are not the only products you can do this with. As I mentioned you could sell mobile phones, iPods, the list goes on. However, taking advantage of a profitable season is where you can make a lot of money. For example, Halloween just passed. Do you think I made money selling costumes? That’s a definite yes! Wholesale Halloween costumes sell like crazy. Festival times are here to stay why not make money in an untapped niche?

OK so how does this work you might ask?

Firstly you need a wholesaler or manufacturer that supplies these goods to you. These wholesale prices are incredible and when you sell these items on you could make anywhere from $10-$70 a piece. Obviously depends on the quantity you bought and the price you are selling for. Wholesale Christmas decorations are one thing, however, there are so more opportunities you can profit from while helping others at the same time.

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Mascot Halloween Costumes

A mascot is a person, animal or thing that is believed to bring good luck. Each mascot wholesale Christmas costumes comes with a jumpsuit with zipper, plush fur and detached hands and feet, contoured neckline for a comfortable fit on your shoulders. Apart from Halloween, these costumes can be worn on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Some of the famous Mascot Halloween costumes are Bunny, Dalmatian, Elephant, Moo Cow, Pig and Puppy dog costumes.

If you’re thinking of wearing a Mascot costume on Halloween night, see to it that certain parts of the costume do not fall off. Prevent tail falling off in the middle of the game. All costumes are like party houses for germs and viruses. Never put on a wet costume. Be sure to spray down the costume with some sort of anti-bacterial agent before you wear it the first time and after each use. Remember that mascot costumes are oversized so you need to act oversized as well. You have to make things larger than life. Make sure that people in the last row or those watching the television can also see you.

You can choose from the various Bear Mascot costumes for Halloween night. Some of the costumes are Panda, Teddy Bear, Koala Bear mascot costume to Honey bear, happy panda bear, Kiki koala beer, Chocolate bear and cartoon bear the list is endless. Apart from Halloween night, these Bear costumes can be used to cheer the softball team, drawing in crowds for a grand opening or parade or simply entertaining at a child’s birthday party. You can also get child Bear costume or Toddler bear costumes. A bear costume is a great animal costume for a kid to wear as a Halloween costume or Purin costume.

Even wholesale Christmas costumes are available in many online stores. Some of them are Roadrunner, Woodpecker, Toucan, Seagull, Humming bird, owl, Hawk, Green parrot, Fierce Blue Jay mascot costumes. Woodpecker Mascot comes with head, body, hand mitts and foot covers. This costume is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. You will love to wear such costumes. Kids would really look nice.

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Make Your Christmas Really Special With the Help of a Santa Princess Costume

Christmas season is a wonderful time for everyone. It is a season for fun, frolic, parties and togetherness. There is music and laughter everywhere, and one can often hear the sweet voice of young children singing Christmas carols in the praise of God. Now, you can make your Christmas even more special by donning a new Santa Princess Costume.

Christmas means a visit from Santa Clause who carries a lot of hidden goodies for all the good children. But, if there are no children at your home and you only have your man to please and surprise, then what is the need for Santa Clause. The intimate party of two adults calls for a Santa Princess to make the festivity even more sparkling. The Santa Princess is really a fantasy creature designed to give company to this gift giving man. Santa is busy all year making different types of toys and other gifts for the deserving children, and when he needs to relax then he basks in the enchanting company of his very own Santa.

Now, it is time to recreate the magic of Santa princess and reward your hard working man who works as hard as the legendary Santa Clause. So, be his private princess in the dazzling Santa Costume and take his breath away. This dress is hot, sexy and highly desirable. It is meant for a princess and has quite a regal appearance.

Santa’s wholesale Christmas costumes has been created in a vivid color combination of red and white. This one piece outfit is simply a visual treat and is wearable by all great figured sexy ladies. This dress embraces the body from chest to hip and then flares in the form of an umbrella at the top of your thighs. The white cross patterns at the waist heightens its royal look, while the hooded white head covering gives a truly princess feel.

So, indulge in fantasy and create lots of magical moments for your prince charming by being his special Princess in the Santa costume.

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Baby Christmas Costumes – 3 Toddler Christmas Costume Ideas For Your Little Sweetheart

Fancy dress has become very popular during the festive period, with lots of opportunities to wear wholesale Christmas costumes at different types of costume parties. Nowadays, there are a number of great looking toddler Christmas outfits and even baby Christmas costumes available to buy, so now the whole family can dress up at a Christmas gathering or Xmas themed party.

There are a whole range of cute baby Christmas costumes available at specialist websites online, covering a number of different styles. The most important factor for a toddler Christmas costume is of course how cute it is, after all you want your little sweetheart to look adorable in his or her outfit.

Baby Christmas costumes can be traditional ones, such as Santa suits and angels, novelty ones, such as snowmen and reindeer, or those outfits inspired by characters from the Nativity Story, such as donkeys and lambs. Below we have a look at three different toddler Christmas costume ideas for your child to wear this Christmas.

Baby Boy Santa Suit Costume

A little baby boy Santa suit will definitely get your friends and relatives oohing and aahing at any Christmas gathering. This type of toddler Christmas costume usually consists of a cute little red jacket and trousers set, with a white trim, often with a matching Santa hat. No accessories like a Santa beard and wig set or Santa sack are necessary, but if you can get a little pair of black boots to go with the Santa suit then they will definitely finish the costume off nicely.

Little Girl’s Angel Costume

This is a delightful toddler Christmas costume that is guaranteed to make your little baby girl look serene. A girl’s angel costume is usually based around a white dress with attached wings and a white headpiece. Accessories that you should definitely consider purchasing to go with your daughter’s angel costume are a pair of white tights and some sensible white shoes, which will definitely help to create the overall desired look.

Toddler Snowman Costume

A toddler’s snowman costume is a great novelty fancy dress outfit. The snowman outfit will look great in any pictures, if you are planning to take photos of your little darling so that you will have wonderful memories for years to come. The toddler snowman costume is usually based around a white jumpsuit that is decorated with large black buttons. These great baby Christmas costumes will also come with a striped scarf and a black hat as well.