What to Do Right During the Christmas Season

Across the nation, the most prominent decoration in a home is the Christmas tree and Christmas costumes, and one of the tree’s most pronounced features are the lights. Some will choose a stately static white over bright blinking colors, but it is truly a matter of personal preference. If a fresh tree is not an option there are many excellent artificial options, some of which are pre-strung with lights. This can be a great advantage for families with young children as well as the elderly.

There are truly as plethora of options when it comes to decorating the tree. Generally, you will get the best results if you choose a theme and adorn the tree accordingly, carrying similar design elements throughout the home. Traditional ornaments made from pewter, brass, wood and glass are always a tasteful addition. Many families take great pride in ornaments hand made by children. Additionally, making ornaments can make a great holiday tradition and keep the kids occupied! There are still other traditions that use gingerbread men and candy canes to decorate a tree, although they are best used as short-term decoration. It is always a good idea not to overdo it, after all this is the holiday season.

After the tree, you still have the rest of the house. Wreathes on doors and candle lights in the windows can make for a lovely sight. Or maybe you’re more the dancing Santa in the doorway kind of family. No matter what your choice, remember to have fun and enjoy time with your family because that is the real meaning of the holidays.

Garland and ribbons offer a more subdued seasonal decoration when compared to lights and candles. Vintage children’s toys also make an excellent addition, and can be dressed in costume to reflect the theme of the home. Another favorite for children of all ages is the hanging of stockings on the mantle. Traditionally filled with fruit and small baubles by parents on Christmas morning., stockings make a great way to show and appreciate each family member’s individuality, as well as the perfect place to put the batteries for that remote control car!

Naturally, seasonal decorating must include some religious elements; after all, it is a spiritual holiday. A classic nativity scene, star or cross a top the tree, all can be incorporated into the home décor and solidify a seamless holiday theme. These elements seem more tasteful when approached with a less is more attitude. Remember, this is a wonderful time for all people, and not focus on our differences.

Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite holiday decorations, food! Sugar cookies baked in the shape of Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, and bowls full of candy are all great additions to the seasonal decorations of the home. Many families have traditions of children baking cookies or some other treat (often inedible), and are a source of rich traditions as well as many embarrassing stories to be retold at future holiday gatherings. If the children in your family are too young to cook, decorating cookies or cupcakes also makes for a fun, imaginative activity.

There are far too many holiday decorating ideas to cover here, but hopefully you’ve gotten some good ideas, and are on your way to a beautifully decorated home this holiday season. With all the options and excitement surrounding the holiday season, and the fevered pitch decorating can reach, we must be careful not to lose focus of the things that really matter, family, friends, and fun. If you keep these three things in perspective, I am certain you will have a wonderful holiday season!

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