Halloween Costume Ideas – What to Wear and Where to Find It

Halloween costumes are to Halloween as Christmas trees are to Christmas – holidays that just wouldn’t be the same without these essentials.

Halloween is a creative occasion inspired by ghouls, ghosts, fantasy, fiction and of course fun! The question is – what are you going to be for Halloween this year? We’ve got some Christmas costumes ideas that will make your head spin including a full Wolverine costume inspired by the X-Men movies, a Michael Jackson tribute costume featuring the jacket from Thriller and the iconic sequenced glove plus combat fatigues and accessories for the G.I Joe inside you.

Let’s take a look at what’s in this year for the ladies. As always, adult themed Halloween costumes are most popular with young women – after all, who hasn’t met a naughty nurse or French maid at a Halloween party before? But not every costume for women needs to be provocative or scandalous, in fact, more women today are choosing to wear more wholesome costumes, like Dorothy from the Wizard of 0z or classic Wonder Woman costumes.

When thinking about Halloween costume ideas, think about who you would like to be in an alternate universe – what can you dress like to fulfill your vicarious dreams. Or, what scares you -horror movie characters are always a hit. Don’t forget about the funny category – like the one-night-stand (a costume that looks like a table with a lamp = 1 night stand) or a serial killer (dress like a box of cereal and cover it with blood)

There is no shortage of Halloween costume ideas to choose from, just remember to use your imagination. Making your own costume is always an option, but if you’re planning on wearing a costume that requires a lot of effort to put together, you may be better off purchasing your costume online or at a costume/party supply store.

Many retailers also rent costumes, which is a great deal if you never plan on wearing your Christmas costumes again. Much like purchasing a costume, simply choose from the inventory selection and give them your size requirements. On Halloween, just pick up your costume and get ready for the time of your life.

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