Inspiration for Your Corporate Holiday Party

A great example of a holiday party theme is basing it around a beloved Christmas movie. This can be It’s a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol, or A Christmas Story. For the most fun, try making the theme centered around A Christmas Story. You can have the whole party set in the 1940s era when the movie was set.

Convince employees to wear clothes similar to the movie, including the iconic bunny costume. Give out BB gun rifles as party favors, but make them safe by shooting confetti or water so no employees shoot their eye out. Serve cold drink in glass bottles or feature a soda fountain counter. The main course for dinner can be duck or turkey like the movie.

You can buy novelty leg lamps from the movie to place as centerpieces on the tables. Supply your employees with disposable cameras to take pictures with the fun decor. Have the entertainment come from an old school radio that the characters listen to in the movie. You can also let employees play a shoot-the-balloon game with a BB gun to win prizes from the movie, like a decoder pin.

To make a holiday party less centered on Christmas, you can choose to have a fancy masquerade ball. Hand out typical Venetian carnival face masks to guests as they enter. However, you should encourage guests to find their own masks, perhaps by having a competition for the best mask. Feature rich greens, red, silvers, and golds throughout the party.

The food served at a masquerade should be extravagant. Have waiters carry finger foods and hors d’oeuvres on silver trays, along with flutes of champagne. Also supply a bar with a professionally dressed bartender who can mix whatever drinks they want. The entertainment should be a band, orchestra, or a string quartet. Make sure to include holiday music in their playlists.

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