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Best Women’s Shapewear Trends for This Year

Shapewear for women has become an essential wardrobe staple, offering smoothing and support for any outfit, especially when preparing for big events. As a convenient way to enhance one’s appearance, women’s shapewear boosts confidence whether for parties, office wear, or casual outings with friends. Its popularity has soared in recent years as it carves a unique niche in fashion. Shapewear can transform your look, making it a must-have for women seeking extra support and a sleek silhouette.

High-rise briefs

Discover the best belly shaper for optimal belly control without covering the thighs. These popular shapewear options offer strong tummy control and feature a silicone waistband to ensure a snug fit. Designed to smooth out bulges and create an hourglass figure, high-rise briefs are the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their silhouette. With their ability to provide a sleek appearance, these briefs are a must-have for achieving that desired hourglass shape.

Bodysuit Shapewear

A tummy control bodysuit offers a sleek and stylish look that’s unmatched in fashion. Its attractive silhouette pairs perfectly with high-waisted shorts, slacks, and pencil skirts, making it an ideal choice for a versatile “top.” With a body-hugging design, a bodysuit eliminates the hassle of constant adjusting and tucking, ensuring a smooth appearance all day long. Moreover, these bodysuits are made from soft and comfortable materials, providing both style and comfort. Ideal for any wardrobe, bodysuits are a must-have for those seeking a chic and effortless outfit solution.


Corsets are worn to make a woman’s waist appear smaller and sexier by raising her busts. Corsets have been worn as body shapers since antiquity. They are now considered lingerie by the present day.

Butt lifters

Discover the incredible benefits of butt lifter shapewear! This specially designed shapewear offers an easy and instant way to enhance your curves, providing a quick butt lift without resorting to medications, plastic surgery, dieting, or extensive exercise. Not only do butt lifters give you a desirable silhouette effortlessly, but they are also surprisingly comfortable to wear. Ideal for anyone looking to improve their shape with minimal effort, butt lifters are the perfect solution for a confidence boost.

As a result, it’s not surprising that several women have begun to wear them regularly.

Because most of them don’t contain foam or silicone cups, which tend to shift over the day, this shapewear has a natural appearance. Not everyone is blessed in every way, and let’s face it, having a few curves might help you attract that particular someone.


It’s time to embrace the lasting trend of shapewear in 2024 by exploring Shapellx’s collection. Stay trendy and up-to-date with the latest in body-shaping fashion. Discover the must-have shapewear from Shapellx and join the trendsetters in 2024. Get ready to enhance your wardrobe with these timeless pieces.

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