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They are the industry, the company’s name John drawing and the Angelo Ponzi scheme to its Board of Directors

They are the industry company, the first commercial and wholesale Christmas decoration, today named John Latour and Angelo Ponzi scheme to its Board of Directors. Latour and Ponzi ‘s join the company Board under the Chairman of the Board Richard and France, President of of Critical Mass for Business / founder. DEKRA – Lite is a sole proprietorship company in privately, in southern California.

“We welcome jeans and Angelo to our Board of Directors and look forward to having them shares, extensive knowledge to help us meet business objectives,” Geoff said Lopez, founder of LITE-ON Board Industrial Co., Ltd.

Richard – DEKRA S Chairman of Lee Teuk Francie, the Board, said, “I look forward to working with jeans and Angelo in’s management and staff support their Lee Teuk – owners in the pursuit of continued growth with the goal of exceeding the expectations of all of their stakeholders.” France as the president and founder of of Critical Mass for Business Organization of which Lopez, peer learning, Ponzi scheme, and are all members latour.

“I delighted to join the Board of DEKRA and I look forward LITE-ON, to them and serving to help them meet their marketing goals and their company in a new level,” said Angelo’s Ponzi scheme, in which the members of the Committee – Lite of and CMO path2happisuccess.

“This is a happy to join the Board of DEKRA Lite and share my knowledge in accounting and finance to help them establish, finance, finance, fund,” John Latour, members of the Committee in the solution of Lite and CeO / of founder.

John Latour

John Latour is an experienced accountant and finance director. She is a solution provided by chief executive and company founder of consulting, a temporary and fractional CFO service company. Jon La Tully believes the growth of Companies in the position of building financial fund companies. She and her team’s advisers help customer company CFO solve accounting problems and create efficiencies, and improve their bottom line.

Her job is to rely on Latour certified public accountant in the audit and the audit manager each year in andersen. She then took our leading role as the group company vice president controller for the Cole and the financial services for the RCI resort. Plato is a master of accounting and financial report, as well as recruitment, improvement, training process technology, implementations system, due diligence and integration, and international business services.

Angelo Ponzi scheme

The Ponzi scheme is an experienced sales manager, Angelo, brand and successful entrepreneurs as well as 20 champions + Years of Success in B2C and B2B marketing. He has been in the bank with the leading companies, retail consumer food, products and more. Including JP Morgan, Kendall – Jackson, beige, Ketel One Vodka, Holland, cold stone, shop, vistage Nestle Purina international, Unilever, Lomb and Pacific sunwear, Bausch & Lomb.

At present, Ponzi is CMO for the path2happisuccess, annual online program, empowers High School Students to find their top career choice and best college specialty is based on students’ unique personality, ability, interest, preference and natural characteristics. He is also a marketing research company with VP marketing strategy and marketing strategy.

About the Lite

To provide expert advice, innovation and design, the industry, the company has been the, the first commercial and wholesale Christmas decorations for hundreds of commercial real estate, shopping centers, theme parks and cities in North America since 1987. Their design and installation, for some of the most popular in the country holiday destination. From concept to completion, they strives to exceed Lite’s every client’s expectations of their design experience, unforgettable holiday attraction and inspiration. Learn more about the industry.

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