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Young people: the St. Lazar family business celebrates 50 years

When I entered the main greenhouse on the other day in the Van Egmond family of the Van family, I thought I was walking into a quiet sea. Or Wordsworth’s poem.

There are flowers. Flowers of various colors, flowers on the floor, toy soldiers on the table, flowers hung on the rack, and even flowers on the shelves above, or they look like flowers. All the people were immersed in silence.

Mesmerized as the afternoon light danced across the structure “s translucent translucent”, “50 the”, ”

They grow flowers for the wholesale Christmas costumes market.

The location, all of this time, is in San Lazar Cote Saint Charles. Today, the Van Egmond family is a dream that has been held for a long time. Their father (grandfather), the late Jan Van Egmond, took him, and he and his wife Catherine moved to Holland 1949.
Van Egmond opened its first greenhouse in 1968. Today’s business is a recognized best wholesale business in the field by experts from the flower shop owner and the garden center.

Always a family business, Jan Van Egmond set up such a family including his family – his son, and his wife, Catherine.

Today, it’s a graduating graduate from John Van Egmond and daughter Lisa, Mcgill University, ready to take over the reins. They have been helped by a large number of efficient part-time workers who can stand up quickly at the demand of the season.

This investment started slowly, there are four greenhouses, all the work is done by hand — from sowing to planting to packaging and delivery, now is the mode of gardening efficiency and preparation.

In the past, the order of gardening materials such as debris involved the Van Egmond family sitting on the kitchen table, checking the catalogue, and filling the forms completely.

Today, all this is done by email and phone.

Hudson greenhouse Limited is open throughout the year. It is a grower for every major holiday flower wholesale, from Valentine’s day to Christmas day, Easter and Passover, mother’s Day / spring sowing, and Rosh Hashanah accommodation.

“These seasonal moments come very quickly, so we have to let our plants be in full bloom at the right time. For some years, especially when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, it’s hard to explode in this, “said John Van Egmond.

The plant in the greenhouse, the most proud tulip of fan egmonds. Everyone likes tulips, and they seem to really like our tulips. In fact, wholesale Christmas costumes tell us that our growth tulip is the best you will find anywhere, “Lisa Van Egmond said.

Of course, because of their Holland genes, the family does have a home home advantage.

For a flower shop, a flower shop, and a mother’s day, it is the busiest time of the year. This means that the wholesalers must keep up.

Nevertheless, no matter how the order is placed and delivered in time, there will always be a last minute breakdown. When the flower shop is short, the panic phone will return to their source.

Hodson greenhouses can be challenging, occasionally offering flowers regularly to customers, even in the longest time.

Somehow, it always seems to be successful.

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