Serenade Your Love With Their Own Personalized Song

Whatever the reason you might want to try serenading the person you love with a unique gift song. We are not suggesting necessarily that you do the singing by yourself but it is a very unique gift idea. You can get a few of your buddies together and take them into a studio to create the right Christmas gift.

Imagine what would happen if you picked a nice personalized song that both of you love and then made new lyrics to it. What would your girlfriend or boyfriend think? This is also a good idea for husbands who want to impress upon their wives how much they love them at an anniversary celebration.


Create a surprise song for a bar mitzvah. When your son becomes a man in a bar mitzvah or your daughter becomes a woman in her bat mitzvah ceremony a personal song that talks about their journey from childhood to adulthood can be a lot of fun, bring a smile and maybe a blush or two to their faces. This could be a great serenade during some part of the celebration and it creates a memorable time.

Create a costume song. When your child begins to trick or treat, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have some fun with them before you go out. You can have a cool gift about their fantasy character and how they fit into it.

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