Big TikTok Fashion Outfits Trends for 2022

It’s a new year that brings fresh fashion events, shopping stuff, and a slew of latest trends to keep us entertained. Therefore, what kinds of designs and clothes can we expect to see in the following months? Will the specter of Y2K style shadow more millennials in the future? Y2k means the year 2000. Is cottagecore always on the rise? Is it possible that tight jeans will regain their popularity?

Luckily, we possess fashion TikTok, whereby celebrities and style lovers worldwide use their predictive powers to anticipate the next big thing in fashion. We combed through many of TikTok to offer you eight of the year’s top hottest styles, some of which are rather unexpected. Please continue reading to discover the TikTok latest fashions for 2022 that we’ll all be wearing in no moment.

TikTok, as you’re undoubtedly well aware, is trending. That’s where we uncover life’s little tricks, novel Starbucks drinks, and (obviously) most of the newest clothing styles. After all, when your FYP is overloaded with hundreds of ideas, it might be tough to determine which themes are genuinely wise to invest in. So, lay down the phone and take a big breath, best friend—we’ve finished the job for you.


Yeah, you read it correctly: by several TikTokers, feathers have been experiencing a significant comeback in style this year. Feather trimming has appeared in several TikTok films, like the one by prominent style TikToker Olivia Yang, that have used feathers throughout her forecast video. As we observe a trend from simplicity to style design, a feather trim may give a bit of flair to any ensemble.

Gloves designed for opera.

The Bridgerton impact lives on, as we tend to be obsessed with historical dramas and royal themes. Several style forecast videos, notably Macie’s, have prominently included opera gloves. Based on our current trend for old-school grandeur and over-the-top fashion, the opera glove comes as no surprise.

The resurrection of the Midriff.

Greetings to 2022, where your faces are frequently hidden, and your midriffs are exposed. As per Arianna Billorsi’s clip and Sandy Digital Diary’s film, the Y2K style of the previous two years has still been running strong, with low-rise trousers and miniskirts regaining favor. However, we’re noticing several sheer clothes that accentuate the belly, and tank tops are still popular.


Catsuits are rising in popularity, with Taylor Swift wearing a lace variation to the Rock and Roll Ring of Honor inauguration ceremony throughout 2021 and Lizzo’s gorgeous floral outfit wowing her Social fans.

The catsuit is more skin-tight than the typical bodysuit and has featured in many famous TikTok style forecast clips. It is beautifully featured in Drew Joiner’s videos and Hannah Grace Miller. The adaptability of the catsuit contributes to its appeal because you can match it with everything in your wardrobe, from a basic jacket to a slip outfit.

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