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Tips For Dressing Up Your Baby As a Ladybug This Halloween

Dressing up your Christmas costumes is one of the most enjoyable times when it comes to parenting. Pinks and reds are common choices for girls while blue and yellow are for boys. This happens whether it is on a normal day, on Christmas Eve, birthday celebrations, and most especially on Halloween.

In Halloween, parents and their babies get excited about picking the most excellent outfit for trick or treating. They hunt for hours to choose the most terrifying, lovable and exceptional cute outfit.

Having the thought of dressing up your babies is not difficult, but having to select the correct costume is slightly tougher. You have to choose the shade, feel, feature, and most particularly your child’s individuality. Children are fragile beings and all your concern and loving defense is necessary.

A costume inspired by the cute and adorable ladybug is one of the best choices that you can choose for your infants to wear. It brings out more of your baby’s personality, be it innocent, fragile, beautiful or sensitive. On the other hand, this tiny creature appears as a miniature spotted insect with short legs and antennae perfect for a baby to look cute and trendy.

In the market, there are several designs to choose from in making your baby the most beautiful lady beetle in town. Here are some thoughts to consider. For protective and conservative parents, a baby bunting ladybug costume would be a good choice. Not withholding the lady bug image of black and red polka-dot and its long, thin antennae matched with vibrant wings to add with the motif.

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Putting Stories Together to Make a Show

Somewhere along the way, I have realized that people are more interested in buying a show, than in buying Kelly Swanson the storyteller. Especially if you give your show a cute and catchy title like “It’s all fun and games ’til the hair gets messed up.” Please don’t use that title for your show. I’m already using it.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it makes sense to talk about how to put stories together to form a holiday show. Christmas is usually my biggest season with the number of holiday parties (churches, businesses, private parties, etc) that are looking for entertainment. So I’m going to show you how I put together a Christmas show. You will find that this process can be easily applied no matter where you take your storytelling.

I’ve made a list of the process that I go through to put a show together. I am using Christmas as an example, but you can see how it would work no matter what your theme.

Start by thinking where you plan on taking your show, and what kind of audience you want to target. For the sake of example, let’s say that you want to do a show for kids. You will probably have to be more specific than that because performing for toddlers requires something different than performing for fifth graders. Let’s say that you want to reach a wide span of ages. So we’ll focus on first through fifth grades.

Then think about what kind of message or theme you would like to have. In this case we have already decided that it’s Christmas. I can tell you right now, that you may have trouble selling that to the schools so you might want to call it a holiday program. Or call it a Christmas program and sell it to churches. It’s up to you.

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Holiday Party Planning is Simple Fun and Easy

If you have never planned a party before, it is really not all that difficult. There are a few steps to holiday party planning, but once you get the basics down, you can change the theme and size and location to fit the party with no problem.

There are a lot of major holidays that give people a reason to throw a holiday party. Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…any of these holidays can be great reasons to get a small or big group of your friends together and have some fun. But the theme of the party will change according to the holiday – for instance, Fourth of July will typically be barbecues and pool parties, and Thanksgiving might be a dinner party with all the trimmings. Christmas can be a celebration of with gifts and cocktails and enjoying your family and friends in front of a fireplace.

The first thing to do is to consider how large you want your guest list to be. Like any party, any holiday party planning has to take into consideration the location of the party, whether it is a small apartment, a large home or a hotel ballroom! If you choose the hotel or another venue, you have to consider the rental fee, renting chairs, catering, decorations, and other expenses associated with this type of party planning.

Secondly, you have to remember that since this is a holiday party, other people will have plans too and you need to plan it either on or around the holiday. Thanksgiving celebrations often take place on the day, but Christmas parties can be any weekend in December, usually not right before the holiday but a week or two in advance. The Christmas season is especially busy so people need to find time to go amid all their gift-buying and planning for their own celebration, and so your invitations need to go out well in advance to save a space on their calendar for YOUR event.


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What’s Hot For Halloween?

If you are taking your Halloween party seriously this year, and want it to be the best in the neighbourhood, then it is worth getting up to date with what may be big on the coming Halloween scene. There are several aspects to holding a Halloween party, and to put on the best “show”, knowing what might be the most contemporary themes, the latest in horror props and scene setters, scary gadgets and costumes, will give you a big advantage over those who have not checked out the Halloween scene for a few years.

Many of the old Halloween favourites will still be there this year, and long may it be so. Ghouls, vampires, pumpkins, witches and skeletons and other vintage Halloween stars, will no doubt be there again in their thousands, but even they may be looking better, and in some cases more realistic and scary, than ever.

If you do not feel up to date with throwing a Halloween party, here are a few ideas that may help you plan a screaming success of a party:

If you and your family are holding a Halloween party, you definitely need to be dressed for the hosts’ role, so choosing convincing costumes is an important start. Many Halloween costumes are available in child,even baby and infant, sizes, so if you have children there is no need for them to be left out when it comes to costumes.

Cheapest Christmas costumes need not be scary. In fact, there’s a good chance that some of the most popular costumes will be based on Hollywood movies. A hot favourite is likely to be pirates, thanks to the release of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest; and especially Captain Jack Sparrow. Other Disney movie characters will also be popular for Halloween costumes, such as Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas, and for children Sulley Monster from Monsters Inc.

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Christmases Past – What Do You Remember?

It’s interesting the things we remember and the things we don’t; especially at special times like the holidays. I heard someone asking recently, “What were your top 3 favorite Christmas presents?” I think it was on TV, but it prompted me to ask myself that same question. I thought about it and tried to recall favorite gifts from my childhood. I do remember the guitar. I also remember the easy bake oven that my mother swore I’d never get because it was sure to make a horrid mess. That was the year Santa was confirmed for me. Mother never would have gotten an easy bake oven; she told me so.

I had to dig for those two material memories. I was sifting among the other, more vivid recollections; the clearer, more colorful reminiscences that bring a smile to my face and a thankful, happy tear to my eye.

I remember home; the warm southern Mississippi temperatures, Christmas trees, and family faces. I remember everyone taking turns opening presents in order of age, but I don’t remember what was in the packages themselves. I remember throwing olives at my sister at the other end of the table and my grandmother’s disapproving but slightly amused glances. I remember the kids’ table and the grown ups’ table and who sat where…and when. I remember anxiously waiting for my first cousin to show up on Christmas day from Florida to spend several days with us and how we slept on the rarely used, foldout couch and made up silly songs late into the night. I recall the warmth and laughter of having all the family together and the traditional meal. I can still see my grandfather ceremoniously cutting the turkey, and I can taste my grandmother’s incredible ambrosia. I remember a feeling of belonging amidst the organized chaos of food preparation, making room, organizing gifts, seating arrangements and numerous conversations going on at once.

Still, I don’t recall most of the tangible gifts. I remember pictures and sounds, smells and tastes. Maybe those are what are worth remembering after all. Gifts, for all their anticipation and pleasure at the time, are often tossed aside after the season; outdated and wholesale Christmas costumes.

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Choose Halloween Costumes to Flatter the Plus-Size Figure

Plus size women can look magnificent in Halloween costumes, but care must be taken if you are to be elgantly successful.

You will probably feel best in the costume of a character that is by definition majestic, stately and imposing, or one that is expected to be buxom. Long swishing robes that cover your lumps and bumps and that give you a presence would be ideal. And if your upper arms are less than toned, you might feel happier in something with sleeves.

Try to avoid characters that are too delicate, girlish or athletic. You will probably do better as a Queen than as a Princess, as an Angel than as a Fairy. A Witch, Vampire or Ghost costume, or anything with a long flowing cloak, would be good too. Grecian draperies or Valkyrie outfits are superb for you. You would be fine as Cleopatra if your arms are up to it.

There are lots of beautiful Medieval and Renaissance costumes which set off a generous figure to perfection. Any costume involving a corset will nip in your waist and push up your assets. Teamed with a wide hoop skirt, this silhouette will make your upper torso look well defined and conceal heavy thighs.

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Amazing Ensemble, Amazing Performance

You will be able to judge how your kid feels towards performing at a stage play by observing how he or she keeps religious attendance of rehearsals, as well as overhearing him or her in her room reciting his or her lines. Kids may or may not candidly show that they are rehearsing, but if they don’t, be prepared for they will expect you to get impressed – and you should, after all the efforts the little boy or girl puts into it.

Before the kids get sent home for Christmas vacation, schools usually hold Christmas parties. On the other hand, some schools prefer to hold stage plays. Such stage plays are planned and set for children to appreciate and learn good moral values, which is a part of almost every curriculum. The play itself may comprise of a short act on the birth of Christ or a simple modern-day story that brings moral values in relation to the Holiday season.

But whatever the stage play is, your child who was chosen to perform a role will naturally be excited. And though you try to hide it, as parents you are also excited and proud of this one achievement in your child’s life. The school teacher usually takes care of the rehearsals, and sometimes the costumes that the kids will need. You as a parent will be expected to support your child not just by being present for the stage play, but also to bring some memorable pieces for your child to wear or hold for the play.

If your child keeps the play a secret, try asking the school teacher what his or her role would be. If the school does not provide or has limited resources on costumes and accessories, you may opt to bring an ensemble that your child will need. Make sure that you and the teacher also keep this effort of yours from your kid’s knowledge, so the child will not try to resist wearing the costumes you brought – as this sometimes happen.

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Traditional Cheapest Christmas costumes Get 21st Century Imagery

Holidays won’t be complete without the iconic symbols they have come to be associated with in the minds of those celebrating their festive Cheapest Christmas costumes. You have St Nick and his elves in the North Pole during Christmas. You have Cupid and his arrows during Valentine. The Turkey on Thanksgiving. On Halloween, there’s no single festivity icon but a whole gang of them – ghosts, ghouls, goblins, vampires and werewolves, witches and warlocks and just about all the macabre creatures of the night, both dead and undead. But these images have not remained static. When Halloween comes, which is just around the corner, expect some iconic updates, thanks to the emerging pop culture of the 21st century.

The human skeleton conjures up deathly images and is integral to Halloween celebrations. In the meantime, the Pumpkin is traditionally your Jack O’ Lantern that first started among Celtic tribes who carved scary faces on gourds that eventually figured as a lasting icon in Halloween celebrations. Both icons get a facelift makeover with the Jack Skelington figure popularized in Tim Burton’s Night Before Christmas. It’s both a stylized skeleton with a pumpkin head. It’s not uncommon to see this Skeleton figure as part of the spooky décor items flooding the malls in time for Halloween.

Sorcery and witchcraft have always been linked with the Halloween traditions ever since it was celebrated from the time of the Celts and Druids. An element of mystery arising from the unexplainable occult and magic underpins – Halloween icons that never fail to add to the appeal of the occasion especially among the young. This is capitalized in many movies and games that thrive on the superhuman qualities and circumstance attending people gifted with magic and occult powers.

The Lord of The Rings series hinge on the magical legends of middle earth while the more direct magical elements are best essayed in the highly popular Harry Potter movies based on the equally popular J.K. Rowling’s novels. The modern imageries created by these movies are a makeover from the faceless witches of past Halloweens.

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Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Not sure what to wear this year for Halloween? Looking for something other than the typical witch, wizard or devil? Well how about a different spin on a fancy dress idea that’s not usually used for Halloween?

We’ve seen the ghost pirate idea for example in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Wear a pirate costume but with a skeleton bones t-shirt under it and white face paint or even full ghost face make-up. The same idea works for lots of other types of costume – you could be a ghost of a fireman, a ghost of a schoolgirl, a ghost Victorian gentleman and so on.

If you’re going with a friend or in a couple you can be a wrong-doer and the haunter to match. For example a doctor of death with a ghost patient following behind or a gangster and a gunshot victim ghost “haunting” him all evening.

And instead of a ghost you could be a zombie…a zombie nurse, a zombie doctor, a zombie cowboy, a zombie fairy or a zombie anything-else-you-like! Make-up and a good wig will transform an existing costume into a Halloween costume quickly and inexpensively.

Or how about a French maid la house of evil. Torn fishnets, or stockings with skeleton bones on them, a black and grey wig and even blacked out teeth and warts if you like! Apart from the last two items you can still look sexy even while looking evil!

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Let Us Have Some Halloween Fun

Halloween is a time to relax, have fun and make merry, don’t you think so? Well I guess Halloween is actually a less celebrated event compared to Christmas. Whereas Christmas is celebrated by almost everyone all over the world, Halloween is not celebrated in some countries. Well maybe these people would hold their own mini celebrations and there can be parties and places to go to to celebrate but in general most of the population do not celebrate it. Christmas is definitely a public holiday in many countries but Halloween is definitely not one in many places.

So how do people have fun during Halloween? Well the most basic thing done by people, especially the young kids is to go trick or treating. What this means is that they will go to houses in their neighborhoods dressed in their nicest and most original Halloween dresses and suits and request for treats which means sweets. This is usually done in big groups or with parents. Most of the time I guess the kids already know each other and perhaps stay nearby too. The term trick comes in because the kids are supposed to prank you or trick you if you do not give them any treats. While this can be seen as an empty threat at most, it is still interesting to know how this trick or treat term came about. Anyway there has been cases where kids or perhaps teenagers have carried out real pranks on other unsuspecting people during Halloween (or other occasions). An example includes toilet papering or TP’ing which is to throw toilet paper on the houses and covering it up in the process.

While there are many bad pranksters out there, I would say that Halloween should be a festival which is enjoyed. Just think about the children who are all dressed up and going around door to door doing trick and treating. Overall, I believe that Halloween is still considered a happy occasion unless you have such bad luck to get hit by pranksters. Dressing up in cool Halloween costumes is always fun and there are plenty of funny Halloween costume ideas that you can use for your outfit. My favourite are the funny Halloween costumes that will generate lots of humorous responses from passers by. I simply love it when I am able to make people laugh. This article was contributed by Abner Johnson.