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Why Should You Choose Cosmolle?

Getting underwear can be a hard choice for women to be honest. There are so many things that women must have in mind when choosing their day-to-day underwear and even those pieces that they might consider for just those special occasions.

For starters, there’s the brand and of course the price. Some brands offer sexier underwear while others are just underwear that you can wear every day. Price is always an important thing to have in mind. How much money are you planning to spend on your underwear? Are you going to splurge or are you going to save?

Another important thing to have in mind while getting your underwear is if the brand you choose offers you all the sizes needed. Size-inclusive brands are always worth supporting and buying from. In my case, I can fit in M size bottoms, even if I rather buy L or XL, especially when getting thong underwear, but sometimes my chest doesn’t fit in L or XL tops. And it depends on the brand and how they make their clothing. And honestly, this generates some insecurities in me, because my chest isn’t even that huge to not fit in some L or XL sizes.

This is why finding a brand that gives you the chance to find the right size for their bra panty sets.  Another very important thing to have in mind when choosing your perfect underwear, is definitively, the comfort. Your underwear should feel comfortable while giving you support and making you feel your best.

And you can find great prices, comfort, and size-inclusive pieces at Cosmolle.

Why choose Cosmolle?

The Cosmolle ethos is that they want that you don’t compromise comfort when you want to look good. Their products have a unique design and are made with advanced fabric technology, delivering bra comfort, never experienced before… which will help you to express your authentic self.

Their products are made by women for women and also 3D printed. And because of this, they are wire-free, meaning they are pain-free. Meaning, fewer materials, less sewing, and no wires. No more waiting to get home, to remove your bra… now you can get home and still wear your bra until it is time to remove it to go put your pajamas on and go to bed. I think this is one of the best reasons to choose their underwear.

Their products also have some great benefits too. For example, in their Airwear Seamless V-Neck Bra instead of using the underwire process, they use a Japanese drop glue design, which provides comfortable support for your chest. They also have point structure support that creates directional compression. This gives strong support, it’s hard to move up, its invisible and also very comfortable.

They are made with seamless printing technology; this technology changes the properties of textiles and creates this comfortable but also unique garments. And the cups are not sweltering, and won’t have any deformations or yellowing after washing them multiple times.  

If this doesn’t convince you from getting one of their pieces, then I’m not sure what will.

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