Mascot Halloween Costumes

A mascot is a person, animal or thing that is believed to bring good luck. Each mascot wholesale Christmas costumes comes with a jumpsuit with zipper, plush fur and detached hands and feet, contoured neckline for a comfortable fit on your shoulders. Apart from Halloween, these costumes can be worn on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Some of the famous Mascot Halloween costumes are Bunny, Dalmatian, Elephant, Moo Cow, Pig and Puppy dog costumes.

If you’re thinking of wearing a Mascot costume on Halloween night, see to it that certain parts of the costume do not fall off. Prevent tail falling off in the middle of the game. All costumes are like party houses for germs and viruses. Never put on a wet costume. Be sure to spray down the costume with some sort of anti-bacterial agent before you wear it the first time and after each use. Remember that mascot costumes are oversized so you need to act oversized as well. You have to make things larger than life. Make sure that people in the last row or those watching the television can also see you.

You can choose from the various Bear Mascot costumes for Halloween night. Some of the costumes are Panda, Teddy Bear, Koala Bear mascot costume to Honey bear, happy panda bear, Kiki koala beer, Chocolate bear and cartoon bear the list is endless. Apart from Halloween night, these Bear costumes can be used to cheer the softball team, drawing in crowds for a grand opening or parade or simply entertaining at a child’s birthday party. You can also get child Bear costume or Toddler bear costumes. A bear costume is a great animal costume for a kid to wear as a Halloween costume or Purin costume.

Even wholesale Christmas costumes are available in many online stores. Some of them are Roadrunner, Woodpecker, Toucan, Seagull, Humming bird, owl, Hawk, Green parrot, Fierce Blue Jay mascot costumes. Woodpecker Mascot comes with head, body, hand mitts and foot covers. This costume is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. You will love to wear such costumes. Kids would really look nice.


I love sharing all the festival costumes ideas and funny widgets. Enjoy being the best-dressed one at the party!

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