Discovering Some of New York City's Attractions

Discovering Some of New York City’s Attractions

Statue of Liberty and Battery Park

The Statue of Liberty, installed in 1886, was a gift of France to America. This world famous emblem of freedom is among the most important symbols of America. It is a little less than 152 feet tall from its base to the torch, and the largest statue in the world. Its weight is nearly 450,000 pounds. You can get a good view of the lower Manhattan plus Battery Park from here. It is situated in Liberty Island, off the southern tip of Manhattan. You’ll need to take a ferry to go there. Otherwise you can watch it from Battery Park, on the southern tip of Manhattan. From here, you can also get a good view of the New York Harbor, or else take a ferry to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Empire State Building

Like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building is also a prominent landmark of New York. Its height is 381 meters, with 102 storeys, and a mast for aircraft on the top. After opening in 1931, it became a prominent symbol of the city. It remained the world’s tallest building till the World Trade Centre Tower I came up forty-one years later. Visiting this place is one of the top things to do in New York.

Central Park

Central Park proves to be a green oasis in the concrete jungle that New York City is. You would have surely seen some features of this huge beautiful park in many movies and TV shows. The park has quite a few attractions within itself. People like spending time in its Strawberry fields, and kids love to visit the zoo contained in the park. The park has a lake too, which finds use for paddling during the summers, and skating during the winters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Popularly called just the “met”, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was established in 1870. More than two million pieces of art are a part of the permanent collection of this museum. On view is an assortment of American attractive arts, costumes, arms plus armor, musical instruments, photographs, Egyptian art and a lot more. The museum has a branch, the Cloisters, in the North of Manhattan. This museum highlights the architecture and art from medieval Europe. The best things to do in NYC include visiting the Met.

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