Let Us Have Some Halloween Fun

Halloween is a time to relax, have fun and make merry, don’t you think so? Well I guess Halloween is actually a less celebrated event compared to Christmas. Whereas Christmas is celebrated by almost everyone all over the world, Halloween is not celebrated in some countries. Well maybe these people would hold their own mini celebrations and there can be parties and places to go to to celebrate but in general most of the population do not celebrate it. Christmas is definitely a public holiday in many countries but Halloween is definitely not one in many places.

So how do people have fun during Halloween? Well the most basic thing done by people, especially the young kids is to go trick or treating. What this means is that they will go to houses in their neighborhoods dressed in their nicest and most original Halloween dresses and suits and request for treats which means sweets. This is usually done in big groups or with parents. Most of the time I guess the kids already know each other and perhaps stay nearby too. The term trick comes in because the kids are supposed to prank you or trick you if you do not give them any treats. While this can be seen as an empty threat at most, it is still interesting to know how this trick or treat term came about. Anyway there has been cases where kids or perhaps teenagers have carried out real pranks on other unsuspecting people during Halloween (or other occasions). An example includes toilet papering or TP’ing which is to throw toilet paper on the houses and covering it up in the process.

While there are many bad pranksters out there, I would say that Halloween should be a festival which is enjoyed. Just think about the children who are all dressed up and going around door to door doing trick and treating. Overall, I believe that Halloween is still considered a happy occasion unless you have such bad luck to get hit by pranksters. Dressing up in cool Halloween costumes is always fun and there are plenty of funny Halloween costume ideas that you can use for your outfit. My favourite are the funny Halloween costumes that will generate lots of humorous responses from passers by. I simply love it when I am able to make people laugh. This article was contributed by Abner Johnson.

I love sharing all the festival costumes ideas and funny widgets. Enjoy being the best-dressed one at the party!

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