Places to Visit This Easter

Why wait for summer to have the holiday of a lifetime? In many countries around the world, the hottest months actually fall in spring, around March and April, and these destinations see an influx of people taking their summer holiday early- namely, Easter Holidays!

Thailand is another prime destination. With temperatures averaging 35 degrees Celsius, and little rainfall, spring is the perfect time to go. In fact, there is very high precipitation here around August, our summertime, so it really does pay to take your holidays early. And if the heat does get too intense, an Easter holiday in Thailand will coincide with the Songkran festival, the Thai New Year, which sees joyous celebration around the country including the tradition of throwing water at each other! Cheap Shapewear

If you are travelling with children, then a visit to one of the various Disney Parks is certain to get them in proper Easter spirit. Florida sees some sublime weather in March with temperatures rarely below 25 degrees Celsius. The festive parades, fun costumes and Easter egg hunts will definitely be a holiday pleaser for children. Where else would they get to see their favourite mouse dressed up as a bunny?

For those of you that value your Easter holidays as an altogether more religious affair, then a visit to Italy is perhaps more suitable, in particular, the Festival di Pasqua in Rome. There are always numerous free concerts happening in some of the city’s most beautiful churches, with the pope delivering his blessing from the balcony of St Peters Basilica and an evening mass at the Colosseum.


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