Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Not sure what to wear this year for Halloween? Looking for something other than the typical witch, wizard or devil? Well how about a different spin on a fancy dress idea that’s not usually used for Halloween?

We’ve seen the ghost pirate idea for example in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Wear a pirate costume but with a skeleton bones t-shirt under it and white face paint or even full ghost face make-up. The same idea works for lots of other types of costume – you could be a ghost of a fireman, a ghost of a schoolgirl, a ghost Victorian gentleman and so on.

If you’re going with a friend or in a couple you can be a wrong-doer and the haunter to match. For example a doctor of death with a ghost patient following behind or a gangster and a gunshot victim ghost “haunting” him all evening.

And instead of a ghost you could be a zombie…a zombie nurse, a zombie doctor, a zombie cowboy, a zombie fairy or a zombie anything-else-you-like! Make-up and a good wig will transform an existing costume into a Halloween costume quickly and inexpensively.

Or how about a French maid la house of evil. Torn fishnets, or stockings with skeleton bones on them, a black and grey wig and even blacked out teeth and warts if you like! Apart from the last two items you can still look sexy even while looking evil!

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