The Christmas Spirit in London

Christmas is probably the best and the most awaited event of the year that spreads happiness and smiles and fills the ambiance with a wonderful charm. It is celebrated all around the globe with great enthusiasm and joy. With the beginning of the winter season, the preparations for this amazing event also take a kickstart. Fairs, treats, gifts and celebrations can be seen all over the streets and markets.

So, while you are planning to delve into the magical spirit of Christmas, look no further than London and get ready to make the best of this wonderful day. This lively city commemorates the event in an interesting way and can make you fall in love with it totally. Here are the top things you can do here to feel the bliss and make the event a memorable one.

1. Winter Wonderland: The winter wonderland in the Hyde Park is a wonderful way of spending the Christmas Eve. This free event organises Christmas related activities and markets that double the fun of the event. From children to adults, everyone can have a good time here with a number of activities to do and things to explore. Lip smacking meals, delicious drinks and mouth-watering cuisines can also be enjoyed while being here.

2. Southbank Center Winter Market: This is yet another spot in the city that gives you all the pleasures of the Christmas festivities. With a huge market set up at the Southbank Centre, you can shop endlessly, enjoy the various rides and give your taste buds a treat with the relishing food stalls. The market begins in the month of November and continues till mid of January, so you get sufficient time to explore it.

3. Trafalgar Square: With the most attractive and huge Christmas Tree, Trafalgar Square is one of the most attractive and must explore spots of the city that lets you feel the spirit of Christmas joyfully. There are more than 50 groups present here that Christmas Carols and entertain the people. The sparkling lights of the tree and the neighbouring fountain give it a whimsical charm. Do not forget to visit it to feel the magic yourself.

4. The Great Christmas Pudding Race: Now this is something unique you’ll see in London during the Christmas season. This race is annually organised to raise the funds for cancer patients and also to entertain the visitors. People dress up in different styles and costumes to participate in the race and have unlimited fun. The cobblestone streets and the busy markets are the hurdles during the race. Do witness the race to feel the joy.

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