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How to Stay Chic While Stay Inside

Now the world is locked inside their houses. The sleeping schedules are messed up and you don’t know what to do with your time. On the other hand, there is a fashion game that you need to focus on. Even though you are not stepping out, it doesn’t mean no one is looking at you. Your neighbors can peep, the delivery guy can see and also your friends who might make a sudden video call will notice what you are wearing. In that case, you should always stay on the top. Since you are at home. You will be comfortable with your nightwear. And thankfully, you can style these to look spectacular.

Velvet Delight

Velvet is smooth, comfortable, shiny and gives you the needed indoor look. If you can find the one that suits you, velvet night pajama sets are a delight to look at. You will love the way they stand out under the night lighting as well.

Hey! Who said you cannot add those mini checks to your pajamas? Since we are staying indoors under air conditioning, it’s okay to wear full hands clothes. If you can incorporate those checker pants and sweet pastel colors into your outfit, you’ll look cute and pretty.


Quote your mind!

This is what the ‘Attitude’ girl will choose. You should always speak your mind and your pajamas will do that for you this time. Take the sweatshirts that have impressive quotes printed. Try to keep your overall outfit in a single color so that the viewer’s concentration stays on the quote.


Flowing Robes

By this, I don’t mean a long cloth sweeping your floor! Stick to the ones that extend to your knees. These will look trendy and cool. WIth flowy hands and floral prints, they will make you seem refreshed and active. The layered design is great for indoors and the pastel colors will maintain the subtlety.


Royal Satin

Yes! In case you are looking for a royal touch, go for long satin robes. These are sensual, attractive and also hug your body in the right places. If you are comfortable with satin robes and like to keep it grand, these are the ones for you.



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