Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween is the harvest festival celebrated by the Druids. On this day, the Druids would light bonfire and offer sacrifices for the celebration. They believe that the gates of the earth and spirit world will open so that movement between the two worlds can occur. Halloween has to do with witchcraft. In Galatians 5:19 – 20, Paul states that people who practice witchcraft will not inherit God’s kingdom. Witches will perform rituals on the night of Halloween. Witches celebrate the Feast of Samhain on the 1st November, which is the first feast according to the witchcraft year. This is the time when witches communicate with the dead by using divination.

Christians cannot practice divination and communicate with the spirits of the dead (Deuteronomy 18:10 – 13). Exodus 22:18 states do not let a witch to live. Christians cannot practice occult such as tarot cards, lucky charms, and etc. During Halloween, the people would wear monstrous and witches costumes to go out for trick and treat. Christians should not celebrate Halloween because it is a pagan festival. The Bible state that we should not have anything to do with the world. James 4:4 states that anyone who have friendship with the world is God’s enemy. Celebrating Halloween opens a doorway for the demons to enter into our lives. It gives the devil a foothold and a chance to accuse you before God (Ephesians 4:27). Christians should resist the devil so that the devil will flee away (James 4:7). If you belong to Christ, you must crucify your sinful nature. Christians must live in the Spirit and show complete obedience towards God’s words.

The witches carve scary faces on the pumpkins to scare the spirits away to another place so that they would not enter into their homes. Some villagers will put candles inside the pumpkins and use them as lanterns. Therefore, it is called Jack-o-Lantern. Taking part in the Halloween celebration shows that you are promoting the holiday that witches celebrate. In Matthew 12:25, Jesus said that every kingdom that is divided against itself will not stand. Many Christians are using Halloween as a way of spreading the gospel. However, we should not promote Halloween celebration because the celebration is from the devil.



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