Biblical Costumes For a Nativity Play

If you are planning to put on a Christmas play, telling the Christmas nativity story in a Christmas pageant or
nativity play, one of the biggest challenges you will face is finding a way to dress the characters in biblical

In earlier times, most stay at home moms would be happy to help out with their dressmaking skills, sewing machines
and free time. These days, the economics of dressmaking at home have changed. The cost of imported and mass produced
clothing, as well as the ravages of brand promotions on the expectations of children, have greatly reduced home
dressmaking as a craft. Many homes today lack the home crafts skills and sewing equipment that was commonplace a
couple of decades ago.

Another factor has been the the free time available for home craft activity, with many moms now going out to work or
having other priorities for their time.

Fortunately a market for Christmas costumes has filled the gap, and it is now possible to purchase ready made
theatrical costumes representing the various characters in the nativity play story for a very reasonable price.

There may need to be some costume adjustments for players of varying sizes, but most church or community groups
putting on a Christmas pageant are able to find the few key people with the necessary skills that they need for this
role. Costume adjustments require much less work than making costumes from scratch.

The main characters for which you will need biblical costumes are Mary, Joseph, some shepherds, a few angels and the
Three Wise Men. If your story goes into more detail, you will need an innkeeper costume, and perhaps a range of Roman
soldier costumes, and perhaps more if your story extends beyond the classic nativity scene. If your cast is large,
either to encourage participation of to assemble a choir on stage, you may need to add a range of biblical costumes
that simply reflect the style of clothing of the era.

Cheers Aplenty With Christmas Costumes

Santa costumes will bring more fun and cheer to the whole family come Christmas. For this reason, people love to
celebrate special occasions with special holiday costumes. The elder men of the family would dress up as Santa clause
and bring gifts that can later be opened up by the family members. He can also add humor to his presence to boost
everybody’s cheerful mood. Santa costumes can be found almost everywhere now. Thanks to the internet, you can also
purchase them online. However, when you have any problems with the costume, there may be little you can do as
returning goods purchased online is still a bit of a problem.

Traditional Christmas costumes are usually Santa suit costumes. There are other characters too like Mrs. Claus, the
elves, reindeer and the three kings. The size between Mr and Mrs Claus differs and the elves are all of course in
green color petite clothes. For a reindeer costume, there should be a plastic horn included. As for those who would
like to be Rudolph, don’t forget the red nose trademark. The three kings costume should consist of robes and capes.

Since Christmas is all about relaxing and comfort, the material used for the holiday costumes is cotton. It is a
common material used in ordinary shirts thus tailors adapt this item to their design. Cotton is a light fabric and
lets the body control its natural temperature. It can also be washed easily using ordinary detergents. Santa suit
costumes are made with cotton in mind since the material is easy on the body. Some tailors add a hidden belly bag to
give the impression that the wearer has a big stomach. However, some guys already have large waistlines thus some
tailors remove this feature from the design.

Santa suit costumes are colored red. It is the commonly accepted color for the character as seen in various media.
All the aspects of Christmas holiday costumes are colored red as it is the shade of the season. Green can also be
used for some outfit although it does not match for the person wearing the Santa costume. Brown is used for the
reindeer costume to give it a more natural look. Meanwhile, those who want to become the Three Kings have a shade of
different colors. The popular ones include blue, violet and even yellow to signify their royal line.

Among all the other yearly events, Christmas has the most costumes which can have various accessories. Santa suit
costumes have a big bag of toys where the wearer can put the gifts that will be given to everyone. In Mrs. Claus
holiday costumes, a simple handbag is acceptable as an accessory. The Three Kings have their gifts as extra items.
For reindeer, there is no need for accessories since the costume in itself is quite heavy with additional items.
These extra materials can also be bought from the theme shop where the costume was purchased.

How Christmas Costumes Are Changing

For many years now Christmas Costumes have been the preserve of middle aged men dressing up as Santa for
their Christmas Work party, or for enthusiastic dads who want to impress their kids. But now that all seems
to be changing. Indeed, Christmas costumes are second only to Halloween costumes in terms of their popularity
and reach. But what is behind these changes?

The first factor is the fact that people nowadays dress up now for many more events than they once did.
Having a Christmas Party? No doubt many of your guests will arrive in fancy dress. Going clubbing? Again many

party goers now use this as an opportunity to dress up as well. And of course the annual work party is now a
great opportunity for everyone to wear a funny Christmas costume, or at the very least a jolly looking hat!
The site of the CEO wearing a velvet Santa outfit complete with belly stuffer and a retinue of supporting
elves is too good an opportunity to pass up!

Another key factor in the ‘rise’ of  wholesale christmas costumes is the fact that the product range now available is so
much wider than it once was. Whereas in the past you were restricted to Santa Suits and Father Christmas
costumes, you can now choose from a massive range, including some fantastic novelty outfits.

One of our favourite novelty outfits is the man sized Turkey costume. We love the fact that this costume
celebrates the importance of the turkey at Christmas. More importantly however, it’s just so funny to see a
fully grown man stomping around in a turkey outfit and making bizarre turkey noises. Believe me, it will both
amuse and disturb you!

There are some even more ‘far out’ Christmas fancy dress costumes available that trump even the turkey
costume. One of these is the Xmas Pudding outfit, which as the name suggests, magically transforms an adult
into a walking, talking Xmas pudding- this is no mean feat! Or you may also like to try out the Xmas Tree
outfit, which rapidly transforms you into a moving Christmas tree- awesome!

Costumes – Fancy Dress or Otherwise

The classical interpretation or dictionary definition of a costume is a style of dressing including all clothes and accessories worn to portray a particular period of time or country. A costume can be described as being a particular style of clothing and accessories worn to portray the wearer as a character, or persona, other than that which is normal for them.

Classically this applies to actors and their theatrical performances where Christmas costumes are used to transport the watcher to the historical period or geographical location of the character being played. Within the theater, costumes are used to convey visual cues to the watching audience on details of the character’s age, social standing/class and profession. This is in addition to the major attributes of geographical location and chronological period. Theatrical costumers often invent/develop stylized costumes to exaggerate some aspect of the character wearing the costume – for example, consider the highly stylized costume of exaggerated shoulders and lapels of a sharply tailored black jacket with a thick white pin-striping and you have a classic cartoon gangster……

When the costumes are accurate and correctly detailed, these visual costume cues allow the theatre/opera goer to better context characters to each other and to the overall theatrical piece. Applause then, for both the theatrical costumer and costume designer.

Outside of the acting profession costumes are worn in-order to either change our character, or at least give us the ability to change our character, at events such as a masquerade, fancy dress ball or Mardi Gras celebration or are worn to in-order that we can celebrate our own heritage. In the case of the latter, this would be the wearing of a costume that is other than the norm where the costume will represent a national or religious uniqueness (heritage), for example, Scots and kilts, Japanese and kimonos, Rastafarians and dreadlocks. Here, costume will be very much related to both clothes and accessories, where ‘accessories’ includes other elements like the hair style adopted. Today this challenge is meet through the wearing of wigs or false mustaches and beards; whether these ‘costumes’ are present or not, they are what we use as a visual stylization ideal for that ‘group’. There must also be a point of saturation where the uniqueness of costume gives way to normality……..

As the wearing of a costume allows the wearer the ability to change persona, at least for the time that the costume is being worn, fancy dress costumes and fancy dress parties have become more popular. The wearing of fancy dress costumes remains an important part of Halloween and Mardi Gras but nowadays, costumes are being worn during other fixed calendar celebrations such as Christmas and New Years with other non date specific celebrations like Hen and Stag Nights also proving popular times for the anonymity that fancy dress offers – although perversely it appears that it is the attention that the fancy dress brings which is the primary driver to the wearer………