4 Key Makeup Trends For Summer 2020

Indeed, even the hot, summer weather can’t hold us back from wearing our favorite makeup trends this summer. We may have to battle against the harsh rays of sunshine – thank you SPF waterproof foundations- but we will look great while doing so. Summer is generally the time to break away from our old trusted dark color palettes and heavy lipsticks and turn to more natural, effortlessly chic looks. This season is all about sparkle and vibrant colors that can be worn from day to night. Sounds good right? Here are the top 5 makeup trends you need to try this summer.

Natural glow 

The sun-kissed summer glow can give you the perfect post-holiday look to make everyone stare. A settle, shimmery bronzer and a tap of highlighter can do all the work for you. Don’t forget to moisturize and protect your skin – sunscreen is our best friend, yet again- as often as possible for a smooth, all-natural look.

The power of rosey chicks

Your skin may be looking a little washed but fear not! Find the perfect blush to compliment your skin tone – pay extra attention to the undertones of each product as well- and you will be ready to sip your favorite cocktail next to the pool , flushing your rosey chicks . You might go through a few trials and errors in the process of finding the correct shade, however the results will be fantastic, we promise.

Satin finish lipsticks

It’s the perfect time to store your favorite winter, matte lippies and move on to new, glossy formulas for an instant effortlessly chic look. Silk lips are a major makeup trend for 2020 , and we are here for it – most of these products are made specifically with moisturizing ingredients, sounds cool right?-.

The Neon Eyeliner craze

The neon-hued eyeliner patterns are here to stay . with us. The 80’s party girl aesthetic is here to help you add vibrancy to your makeup looks and make a statement no one can miss. Available in many different shades like fuchsia and neon green , this trend will uplift your mood in seconds. 

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