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These Chic Jewelry Up Your Summer Style

Summer is all about letting go and living the life to the fullest.Hitting the beach and chilling with the girl gang is one of the most frequent things that you do. When you are finally relaxing and unloading the burden from your shoulders, you might as well choose some of the best jewelry options to flaunt your fashion sense too! It is unlikely that your best choices will go unnoticed during the hot days. Here’s what you can wear –

Most of us like to wear bikinis, swimwear or shorts to the beach. Our ankles stay exposed and donning a good anklet that has star fishes, shells or other sea tinklets on it will be perfect! You don’t have to wear them on both legs but having it on your favorite side is enough. Even if you are going out normally, go for shining stones or occasional studs on a uniform silver anklet. It will suite best on any outfit that exposes your outfit.

Instead of going for a single layer bracelet, go for the ones that have different layers or can be wrapped around your wrist. If they have decorative or real shells over them, that will be an added advantage. Even if you want to wear bands, choose the ones that have sea quotes or dark colors.

If your jewelry makes mild tinkling sounds, it is quite desirable during the summer months. If you are wearing normal jeans and shorts, keeping your ears bare is good enough. But with dresses, you can add the summer temperament by going for long earrings that clink together. You can go for shells, mini characters, stars or butterflies on it. The beach look will be complete with the above earrings.

The neck chokers come in different types. Some of them are charmed ones with nice pendants, stars, stones and also extra long tribal neck pieces. I love to awaken the tribal side of mine during the summer. You don’t have to color match these ornaments with your outfit. They blend in perfectly with any flowy dress you wear and that’s too beautiful to ignore

Big rings with impressive stones are the summer requirements. Though most of us go for the cute and small ones, you can choose the big rings that are conspicuous on your hands. When you have long nails, wearing bigger rings will make your hands look longer and better. It’s the trick of the eye, honey! Choose what impresses you best!


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