10 Scary Halloween Costumes That Are Legit Terrifying

Ghoulish Scarecrow Costume
The Wizard of Oz takes a terrifying twist with this ghoulish scarecrow suit. When people ask why you’re missing a brain, tell them it’s because they all taste so darn good.

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume
Men aren’t the only ones free to dress up as their favorite Johnny Depp character. Ladies can get in on the Edward Scissorhands fun too.

Wednesday Addams Costume
You’re just two ponytails, a black collared dress, and some inky lipstick away from transforming into Gomez and Morticia Addams’ only daughter.

Carrie Costume
The only downside of this Carrie-inspired get-up? Telekinesis powers aren’t included.

Headless Man Costume
This scary Halloween costume pulls off quite the optical illusion because, yep, that’s your own “severed” head cradled in your hands.

Burton Doll Costume
With a lace dress, dramatic makeup (look at those fake lashes!), and big, wild hair, it’s easy to look like you stepped straight out of a spooky Tim Burton movie.

Undead Mother Superior Costume
An all-white ensemble gets an extra creepy touch with the perfect amount of bloody eye makeup.

Zombie Butcher Costume
DIY the butcher costume (all you need is a blood-spattered apron), add a sharp-edged headpiece, and slap on some zombie makeup. Hello, terrifying meat man.

Zombie Bride Costume
A ripped wedding dress, dead flowers, and a haphazard veil are all you need to transform into an undead bride. Bonus if you turn your hair a fun color.
Werewolf Costume
Full moon or not, be werewolf ready with this mask-and-glove kit that’s scarier than your average Twilight werewolf.

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