Prince Charming and Cinderella Costumes For Dad and Daughter


Every Halloween is a special time for dads to bond with their daughters. And Cinderella costumes can make the Halloween holiday even more special. Could this be the year when you and your daughter dress up in Disney Halloween Christmas costumes to relive the wonder of Cinderella?

Thousands of retail stores and websites sell millions of Halloween costumes every year. Halloween is almost as popular a holiday as Christmas ad Halloween spending has become nearly as big a holiday as Christmas. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending will approach $4.5 billion dollars in 2009.

Girls love to spend time with their dads on Halloween. The latest trend for Halloween girls costumes is light-hearted. After all, who wants to scare a little girl on Halloween so that she’ll miss the fun of that day for the rest of her life?

Instead of wearing scary disguises, many dads can protect their daughters and share in the fun when they go door to door for treats, or attend or host a Halloween party. A Cinderella costume is a favorite theme for girls and a Prince Charming costume for their dads.

Do you remember the precious scenes of the Disney story of a poor orphaned daughter who has to live with her stepmother and cruel step sisters, cleaning the fireplace and doing the laundry?

Her fairy godmother helps her to go to Prince Charming’s Ball wearing a beautiful gown and glass slippers. She meets Prince Charming and they fall in love, only to have to leave by midnight. Then, Prince Charming finds Cinderella and is so very happy when the glass slipper fits.

Imagine how your daughter would appear in her blue Cinderella gown, and you dress up in a dashing adult Prince Charming costume on Halloween. Seeing the smile on your daughter’s face as she takes the hand of you, her Prince Charming that become a priceless moment to cherish.

Good dads don’t let Halloween be scary for their daughters. They make it fun for their daughter and themselves. Dressing up in Cinderella Christmas costumes as the Princess and Prince will make a perfect Halloween memory for many years to come.

I love sharing all the festival costumes ideas and funny widgets. Enjoy being the best-dressed one at the party!

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