Top Autumn Fashion Trends for 2020

Top Autumn Fashion Trends for 2020


Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons to dress up because the fall symbolizes maturity and growth therefore this is the perfect time to fully express your acceptance of your personality, lifestyle and creativeness through clothes. In line with this, you can incorporate some fashion trends to help you dress with class this season:

  1. PU Leather Coat


Faux Leather Trenchcoat /             Slim Mom High Ankle Jeans /        Block-heeled Ankle Boots

Faux leather is in right now especially with a lot of fashionistas turning for a more eco-friendly way to look stylish. Faux coats are especially trendy not only because of the style but because this is generally less expensive compared to real leather coast.

You can wear a black faux leather trench coat with a pair or high ankle jeans with ripped style, and a pair of block-heeled ankle boots.

  1. Natural Tones

Belted Flutter-Sleeve Midi Dress/ Double-Breasted Hooded Trench Coat, Created for Macy’s / Joss Tiered Tie-Neck Top


Clothing pieces with natural tones are lovely to have a collection of this fall. The soft and sweet natural tones will bring your natural beauty to light. You can incorporate natural tones in your dress, coats, tops, bottoms and even accessories. The key to looking beautiful with this trend is to make sure that natural tones are consistent with the entirety of your outfit.

If your top is beige with black pants or blue jeans, make sure to wear a pair of shoes which match your top and accessorize with light-colored accessories and jewelries. Wearing gold, silver, rose gold and pearl jewelries are definitely perfect for natural tones clothing pieces.

  1. Tiger Prints


Khaleesi Tie-Detail Animal-Print Dress    / Women’s Issa Animal-Print Booties  / Tiger-Stripe Crossover Dress

Tiger prints are definitely bold and probably out of your comfort zone. This is why you can incorporate this trend through your accessories like a pair of Tiger Printed booties, bucket hat, a purse and even scarf.

If you want to try something too, you can put on a tiger-printed dress and accessorize with plain or minimalist jewelry since the tiger print itself already has a lot going with it. If you`re wearing a tiger-print dress, you can simply wear this with a gold chain necklace, a pair of black strappy heels, and minimalist gold jewelries.

  1. Chain Necklaces


Sonny Chain Link Collar Necklace/ Frankie Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces goes with almost any autumn trend right now whether it`s with faux leather coats, natural tones or tiger prints. Chain necklaces vary in style, size and look but the most popular are those chunky chain necklace that are thick enough to be a statement piece.

Chain necklaces are not only hip this season but also a great investment specially if you`ll be buying 18k or 21k gold. Always make sure to only get this from credible jewelry stores or department stores.

  1. Fringe

Fringe Moto Jacket Juniors’ Fringed Vest  / Fringed Faux-Leather Jacket

Fringes are definitely a trend this fall. You can find clothing pieces from fringe moto jackets, vests, tops, bottoms, bags and even accessories. Fringe puts a classic touch to any clothing item. Make sure that when you get fringe clothing pieces that they`re made from high quality fabric because fringes can easily look bad and tacky if some of the fringe fall off. Make sure to keep the cool and classic vibe fringes show by taking great care of your clothing items with fringe.

  1. Balloon Sleeves


Balloon Sleeve Ruffled DressBalloon Sleeve CashmereTopline Balloon Sleeve T-Shirt

Another pretty and classic style that`s in trend this fall are balloon sleeves. Balloon sleeves give off a vintage touch to your over-all look. You can definitely find a lot of dresses and tops with this style. You can rock a sweet up do or half up half down hairstyle for a cute look.


Trends come and go which is why it`s also important to choose pieces which match your style or can easily be accessorized. Faux leather, natural tones, tiger prints, chain necklaces, fringes and balloon sleeves are all great trends to hop into! With the right pieces, you can easily have items which can last you for a long time. Autumn is near and with these trends, you can be sure that you`re warm, comfortable and stylish!

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