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The Chic Oversized Blazer Will Never Fail You

A blazer is a stylish standby, whether draped across a sundress, coupled with similar suit pants, or layered over just a sweater and trousers. They’re a year-round classic which no collection can do anything about. They’re sleek and modern and easy to dress.

Although blazers aren’t technically novel (the name was created in 1825), oversized styles seem to be the newest fashion-forward trend to take over the runways and Online.

Boxy silhouettes and epaulets are trendy, as seen on the Olsen twins and Emily Ratajkowski and the Kardashian-Jenner family, Bella Hadid, and others.

Oversized double-breasted jacket by NA-KD

Including its selvage fit, dramatic padding shoulders, long sleeves, and bulky shape, this Na-kd blazer is everything you’d desire in an enormous jacket. The blazer has a split in the rear, four frontal hooks, and buttons on the cuffs, and indeed the darker khaki shade is an excellent contrast to charcoal. The easy-to-wear item provides for an effortlessly stylish wrap. Either you smooth out the manly shape using a buckle over a short skirt or combine it with a cropped top and lower rise trousers for a carefree vibe.

Oversized belting fake leather coat from Nasty Gal

The waist belt contrasts with the large form of such a Nasty Gal faux-leather jacket, trying to build an appealing profile. The absence of drawstrings ensures you can wear the coat without the need for a tie, and the four big chest pockets in a practical design provide elegance. The warm brown color goes well with jeans, and the lightness gives it an excellent transitory item first before heavier coats arrive.

Marlowe blazer by Rat & Boa.

Rat and Boa’s beautiful draped blazer enhances the basic design with flaring sleeves and a tight waistline. The elegant blazer, which comes in a pure white colorway, features cushioned shoulders that juxtapose with the garment’s fluid shape, making it a unique design impression. Dress it up with only a bralette beneath for a nighttime style, or wrap it across a gown and knee-high heels for a midday style.

 Checked boyfriend jacket by La Redoute


A checkered blazer is indeed a stylish choice, and so this La Redoute blazer has indeed been updated with a Prince of Wales pattern. It has a little shorter length, unlike most of the designs within the selection, but it packs a punch thanks to the large epaulets that give this some shape. Put it across a mini dress and knee-high heels for just a nighttime look, or pair the sophisticated design with activewear for a casual look. To appreciate the comfier fit, we suggest going up.

An oversized blazer can be worn in various ways, featuring the spacious cut making it ideal for wearing over a basic button-down blouse or a knitted sweater. You could even wear simply a tank top or bralette beneath to juxtapose the bold, unisex form. Alternatively, use a buckle to tighten in a puffy blazer for a more defined look.

For this selection of the finest oversized blazers you purchase today, we examined the fit, heaviness, fabric, price, and flexibility of coats. You won’t be sorry if you include any of them in your collection, from suede leather and flax to checkered and tartan.


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