Lingerie – A Girl’s Buying Guide

Have you ever walked past the lingerie store in the mall and just felt too intimidated to go in? You are definitely not alone. Many women do not feel comfortable going into intimate apparel stores and trying on and buying sexy, sheer undergarments. The good news is that the process does not have to be stressful or intimidating. By simply keeping these few things in mind you can walk into a lingerie store with authority and purpose, and walk out with the perfect looking and fitting piece.

o If you are the shy type, consider taking a friend along with you for your shopping spree. This can make the discomfort easier to overcome and actually turn shopping for intimates into an enjoyable time. It is also a great opportunity to spend quality time with girlfriends since most men do not typically like to accompany women to on lingerie shopping excursions.

o Get dressed up before you head out. Looking your best often helps you feel your best. This will in turn boost self confidence, making you more apt to do things that maybe you would not ordinarily do, like buy lingerie.

o Make sure to find out ahead of time what type of lingerie is best for your body in the way of style, fabric, and color. This can eliminate the need to try on multiple styles and types of pieces just to find the right fit and look. This one tip can significantly decrease frustration and time.

o Look for pieces that you think are sexy. Odds are if you find the piece visually appealing, it will make you feel attractive when wearing it.

o Try to keep in mind what you think the person you may be buying the lingerie for may find appealing. Nothing says I love you and am attracted to you more then donning sexy lingerie. Men are very visual by nature so seeing their love in a beautiful garment can do wonders for the intimate life and the relationship.

o Determine your budget before heading out to the lingerie store. By knowing what you can spend, you can better determine which stores are best to shop in. There is nothing worse then finding something you fall in love with but it is a bit more than you wanted to spend. Consequently, you buy it anyway, overspending your budget and ultimately feeling a bit guilty. This series of events can really take the pleasure out of wearing your new purchase.

o Buy your lingerie on-line. If you just do not feel comfortable going into a lingerie store or do not have time to physically go and do the shopping, consider buying on-line. There are so many stores with a wide range of items and prices that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. The only word of caution would be to make sure you closely read the sizing charts from the manufacture and ensure that the store has a good return policy just in case you need to return an item that does not quite fit correctly.

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