How to wear a cardigan in fashionable ways
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How to wear a cardigan in a fashionable ways

The fact that cardigans are always in style makes them a closet essential. What’s the newest fashionable way to wear a cardigan? However, the current trend is all about wearing these cardigan sweaters as shirts, whether it’s thin and cropped like a baby tee or rendered in a traditional form in a bright color or logo pattern. This is due to an infusion of ’90s and initial styles throughout the past few seasons.

There are many different cardigan designs available. You can wear a cropped cardigan over a dress, a long cardigan sweater over a skirt, a short sleeve cardigan over a long sleeve shirt, or just a cardigan dress. Also, there are cardigans that are bigger and lighter that look wonderful worn as tops. If long cardigan sweaters or duster cardigans are more to your taste, you can dress them similarly to your go-to lightweight jacket.

The most fashionable way to wear a cardigan is with just a few buttons fastened at the top and several left open for a stylish reveal of flesh, or as a mid-layer for transitional and cool weather between a lightweight top and a jacket. The greatest benefit of cardigans? When you want to seem just dressed enough but not overdone, they are ideal for lounging around the house.


A cropped cardigan also referred to as a shrug, is a short cardigan design that hits the mid-thigh. Similar to a shawl, a cropped cardigan can be worn over a dress or tank top to keep the shoulders and arms warm.


A hood is placed on the back of a hooded cardigan to add additional warmth. They work well as a layer underneath coats or blazers when worn with fall clothes.


Long cardigans add extra warmth to your legs by falling anywhere from mid-thigh to the ankle. Dusters or longline cardigans fall below the knee, while maxi cardigans extend to the ankles. Long cardigan fashions come in a variety of lengths.


These cardigans have a distinct neckline that comes down, forming a V-shape. Compared to a rounded or crewneck collar, the V-neck creates a slimming effect that accentuates the body’s natural shape. Most V-neck cardigans feature a button-down front so that you can wear the sweater open or closed.


Here are some tips to wear your cardigan in your daily routine. 


For smart casual or business casual ensembles, cardigans are a must-have in your collection. Put on a white button-down shirt with a shawl collar and put it into a pair of chinos. Add loafers to finish the look.


Choose a striking color to make your cardigan a focal point. A pair of suede pants or a slim-fitting black midi skirt and tights look great with a colorful, comfortable sweater. You can also wear cardigans with elaborate motifs like embroidery or beading.


A thin, loose-knit cardigan sweater serves as a lightweight outer layer during the warmer months. Add a short cardigan to a camisole or crop top for a carefree, informal look. High-waisted jeans or shorts go well with this ensemble.


Knitted cardigans can be worn with a long-sleeved shirt, slouchy joggers, or wide-legged jeans. For a fashionable daytime outfit, wear an oversized cardigan with a pair of mom jeans or skinny jeans and ankle boots.


Tuck a T-shirt into some shorts or a miniskirt for a laid-back summer look and cover your shoulders with a cotton cardigan. Sneakers in white will complete the look.


A reliable cardigan is a need when it comes to wardrobe essentials. Women can use cute, functional cardigans as the ideal accessory for any occasion.

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