How to Jump Start Your Passion

How to Jump Start Your Passion

I have been brain dead for a while now. I just didn’t realize it. In June I gave birth to my third child. It was a pregnancy filled with gestational diabetes while trying to recreate and shift direction in my company. Most days I felt like I was on spin cycle getting nothing accomplished and coming out all soggy wet on the other side.

Have you ever had one of those times in your life?

On top of all this my energy has been low due to sleepless nights and the extra baggage that each child has kindly left on my body. (I don’t know about you, but I told my husband that no matter what my body looked like after childbirth he better worship it!)

And so each day has been an attempt to build up energy, focus, and plod on.

Then last night I went to Lorie Line’s concert.

Have you ever gone to hear her play? If not, I recommend you do or that you go to her web site and purchase her White Christmas video. What you see will change how you look at things.

Lorie doesn’t give a piano concert. Not even close. Instead she gives a celebration.

Her celebration includes dancing, singing, elaborate costumes, laughter, bells ringing, skits and, oh yes, piano music. The music is the celebration and she gets her audience in to it.

Wally the Beerman (now affectionately called Wally the Bellman for her concerts) sells little bells for $5. Everyone clamors to buy a bell so they can ring it during the show. Wally, being the consummate businessman, even has trading cards with his picture and signature on them-just like the baseball players. Parents cheerfully request his card so they can bring it home to their little ones.

Even though Lorie is clearly the driver of the event and the center of it, every one around her plays a critical part in its success. Her husband, Tim, is playful and loves dancing. He Emcee’s the event and this side of him is clearly celebrated and exploded. You can see this event is truly a labor of love and celebration.

Well, here I went to the event to celebrate Christmas and I have to tell you I walked out with four new creative ideas to implement in my business.


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