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How to Dress Like a Fashion Editor Daily

Any fashion editor will tell to you something very similar: They barely ever go out on the town to shop. Nowadays, regardless of whether that is a reality or not is far from being the obviously true. With all the social media craze women out there seem very confused and more often than not, manipulated into eyeing –and buying- items they don’t really need, like or frankly ever use more than once. We all had the stages where all that we’ve purchased were left unworn or barely used for months, however no more! So how exactly fashion editors shop ? Here is the honest truth behind the impeccable streetstyle looks of well known editors like Carine Roitfeld  and Duma Miroslava.

Let’s firstly take a moment to elaborate something. It’s great to respect their steady stream of fantastic outfits. Most times we are dying to take a look inside their closet –and minds- and “steal” their sense of style for own closets. The issue? We’re not all offered access to the most recent designer items and of course, we don’t all have the means to score each new piece we love – pricewise- .That’s the time to be clever and creative.

Fashion editors most often than not have their own unique recognizable sense of style they rarely stray from. Quite, monochromatic pieces with fine details and a carefully curated collection of jewelry and accessories for every occasion are the only common thing amongst them. Tonne Goodman , the former editor of Vogue American has been wearing the favorite white denim uniform for more than a decade and still killing it regardless.  Having a signature look that can be adapted to the current trends and seasons is definitely the way to go.

Here, we’ve gathered together fashion editor approved  pieces—from scarves and oversize sweaters to all day round shoes and accessories—so you can dress like a fashion editor on an on  a budget!

Having a simple yet ultra-chic capsule wardrobe for every season is essential. Invest in quality pieces that can last for years and years to come instead of cheap alternatives of the same item that will eventually cause you to lose money –due to constantly repurchasing -. High quality denim trousers, basic everyday monochromatic tops that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion , simple pattern dresses that complement your silhouette , a pair of nice winter boots and one of summer strappy sandals for the hot summer days can be a great starting point .

So what have we learned from carefully examining the styles of almost every well known fashion editor? Great fabrics and materials along on patterns that perfectly complement your figure are an unmistaken way to dress like a fashion editor daily without spending thousands of dollars.

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