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One of the most important things to do when one wants to lose weight is to start doing sport and maybe to start a diet for those who can. Things won’t happen overnight, so you have to do small steps towards your goal and inform you on what else you can do to speed up the process!

There are things that can motivate you to work out and one of these things is fashionable fitness clothes. When you are dressed up you feel better with yourself and you tend to be more productive.

Another thing that can help you in this journey is shapewear. Shapewear or body shapers can be used to speed up the loss of weight and will also contour your body into a beautiful shape. There are many types of shapewear items that you can use, each serving to slim down a certain body area. Like most women, you probably are struggling the most with your waist and tummy. It’s pretty difficult to lose the fat from the waist area and it usually is the part of the body where fat adds the fastest. It’s also one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body, that accentuates all the other features, like the bust and the butt. And if it’s not tiny, it won’t have this effect!

Rose Red Neoprene Waist Cincher 10 Steel Bones Sticker Basic Shaping


What to use to have a small waist?

If you are wondering what shapewear item you should use to have a small waist, you have to know that the waist trainer will give you the best results. This body shaper will help you lose those inches that are in plus in no time. And if you want a cheap waist trainer that is also highly qualitative the best place where you can get it is HexinFashion. On their online store, you will find quite a wide range of waist trainers, some really fashionable with very feminine prints and colors. And their price is so small because they have their own manufacturing fabric!

Camo Latex Double Belts Waist Trainer Highest Compression

From what is made a waist trainer?

All the shapewear items have to be highly qualitative, so that they have effective results. The waist trainer from HexinFashion is made out of neoprene, a very thick fabric that is breathable and also comfortable. Neoprene is the best fabric for body shapers because it has good thermogenic results to make you sweat and lose excess water. It will also not slip or roll out during your workouts.


How does the waist trainer from HexinFashion work?

Because is made out of neoprene this body shaper will add compression to the waist and the abdomen and it will help you lose weight faster. It is best to use it while you are doing your workout training, this way it will be more effective as it will keep your muscles warm and the training will be harder. But you can also use it while you stay home and relax and you will be able to see some positive results this way too.

It will also have positive effects on your posture because it will keep your back in a correct position.

This neoprene shaper is also perfect for women who have just given birth. It will put back in place all the lose muscle and fat helping the body to recover faster.

Rose Red Double Belts Latex Workout Waist Trainer Slimming Tummy

What types of waist trainers you can find at HexinFashion?

The classic waist trainer usually looks like a corset, but unlike the traditional corset is very comfortable and easy to put on and wear. It has one, two, or three adjustable straps which you can adjust to add as much compression as you can handle. Is best to add more compression-only after you feel very comfortable and know that you can handle it to be tighter.

There is also another type of waist trainer that you can find at HexinFashion, in the form of a full vest. This waist cincher is a perfect choice if you also have some back issues or you need to correct your posture because it will keep your back straight. Also, it will have a positive effect on your breast too. So, if you want to lift your bust too, besides slimming your waistline, this one is a great choice!

Slimming Waist Purple Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest Workout Shapewear


What size you should get for your waist trainer?

It is very important to choose the correct size for every shapewear product you want to buy, not only for the waist trainer. Body shapers have to be a perfect fit for the best results.

So, you need to get the right size for your waist trainer too. For this, you need a measuring tape and measure your waistline. After that, you have to take a look at the size chart that you will find for each product at HexinFashion and chose the size that you need.

If you are a plus size girl you don’t have to worry, because at HexinFashion you will find plus size waist trainers too!

Do not forget to replace your waist trainer after you lose weight, because is very important for the waist trainer to fit you perfectly all the time.

Light Yellow Colorblock Embossed Waist Belt Neoprene Fat Burner (Waist Trainer Only)


What type of fitness exercises can you do while wearing the waist trainer from HexinFashion?

Because the best results while wearing the waist trainer you will get while doing sport, you have to know what fitness exercises are best for the waist and abdomen.

You can do sets of classic crunches, these are perfect because they work out all the abdominal muscles, and doing them with a waist trainer will increase their intensity.

Of course, you can do bicycle crunches too and side crunches. Also, heel touches help with the upper abdomen and you can also do side planks.

If you aren’t very fond of fitness exercises you can also wear the waist trainer while you are jogging and even at home while staying on the sofa and watching movies.

Rose Red Neoprene Waist Trainer Workout Tummy Slimming Belt

You have to keep in mind that you need to be patient for the results to show. Weight loss and especially training your waistline takes time and a lot of effort. You also have to wear consistently the waist trainer from HexinFashion for the effects to be visible faster!

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