Top 5 Best Sexy Santa Costumes for Christmas 2018

Christmas has rolled around once again. You know what that means, right? Sexy Santa costumes! What? That wasn’t what you were expecting?

Of course, the Holidays are full of amazing things like showing gratitude, visiting family, and creating memories for a lifetime. But, sometimes you need to let loose and have a little fun. So, why not consider investing in a sexy Santa costume to spice up the party…or bedroom.

Either way, use this list of the best sexy Santa costumes around. Make Mr. Claus one jolly dude.

1. Best Kid-Friendly Sexy Santa Costume
Sexy santa costumes aren’t just limited to those that show a lot of skin. Some people aren’t comfortable with revealing clothing–but still want something sultry. Well, the Ecilu Women’s Red Sexy Xmas Dress does just that. It includes a belt, hat with faux fur accents and g-string. Yep, it’s kid-friendly on the top, but adult-friendly underneath. And, it’s offered in multiple sizes, so you can get a sexy Santa costume that truly fits you.

2. Best Sexy Santa Costume Cape
If you’re looking to up the oomph of your sexy Santa costume, then you definitely need a cloak. After all, the Clause family is well-known for their distinct red outfits, and flowing cloaks. Snag the Mrs. Santa Claus Deluxe Velet Cardigan Hooded Cape–it’ll blow you away. It’s available in multiple lengths, and made of high-quality material. Keep yourself warm, as you dazzle the crowd in your sexy Santa costume.

3. Best OSFA Sexy Santa Costume
If you’re looking for a sexy Santa costume that covers a bit more than it reveals, then the Tinksky 3Pcs Womens Santa Claus Christmas Costume is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a free-size, so you don’t have to worry about finding your perfect measurements. This baby comes with a hat, dress and belt. Just add boots, and you’ll be the sexiest Santa around.


4. Best Plus-Size Sexy Santa Costume
While many sexy Santa costumes tout that they’re a one-size-fits-all, let’s be honest. Most OSFA pieces of clothing don’t fit all. If you’re looking for a plus-size sexy Santa costume, I’ve got just the thing: Dreamgirl Plus Velvet Santa Themed Halter Chemise. It’s a stretch velvet and marabou-trimmed dress, and it comes with a matching hat and belt. Sleight it, Santa.

5. Best Sexy Santa Costume to Pair With Leggings
If you live in a colder climate, like the mountains or Midwest, you may want a sexy Santa costume that covers up a bit more. After all, the more skin that’s showing, the colder you’ll be. To fix that, the Jug&Po Women’s 2PC Mrs Santa Claus Christmas Dress Costume has a sightly longer skirt, and full-length sleeves.



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