Going Green This Christmas

At a time when our ecological balance is under threat, there comes a need for us to go green – even during holidays such as Christmas. But just how do we go about a green Christmas? Holidays like Christmas usually produce the biggest bulk of garbage Christmas costumes , especially after the celebration. In fact, solid waste disposal agencies have always been having a hard time cleaning up after the holidays.

Aside from the usual garbage output produced daily, a bigger chunk of waste is added to what is normally collected from industries, streets and households. There are some things we could actually do to help keep the volume of post-holiday waste at a tolerable level. We play crucial roles in contributing and promotion of what could best be branded as “Green Christmas”.

Using less or no paper at all

Demand for greeting and invitation cards, boxes and wrapping papers peak during holidays. Instead of Christmas cards, we could consider simple letters containing sincere thoughts in time for the holiday season. Instead of throwing old paper and cardboard stocks (which will in fact just add up to the tons of garbage), we can actually still make use of them. Or better yet, do away with them. Have you heard of the internet and electronic mailing system (e-mail)?

Sending letters instead of greeting cards brings out the best in us, so as what we actually feel. Recipients are bound to see more sincerity in personalized messages instead of those quotations printed on mass produced folded cardboard. There is however another option. Consider E-Cards via online greetings. An email will also be fine. Aside from the assurance of it promptly reaching its destination, it is also free.

We could also make use of old invitation cards. All we have to do is cut off the back portion of the card and jot down the important information on the back portion what is left of the card. In the absence of old invitation cards, brown paper pouch is a good alternative. Aside from being cost-friendly, it also makes it distinct. Inviting people using electronic mailing system is also a viable alternative.

Boxes and Gift Wrappers

Cardboard boxes are also in demand during the holiday season. It is used in tightly or properly securing a gift. We need not buy boxes for our gifts. We could use old boxes or better yet make boxes ourselves from old cardboards stored at home. Making boxes isn’t really that hard. More importantly are wrapping papers. We can make use of old wrappers from the gifts we received in the past.

Green Presents

Going green during the holiday season however does not stop with using less or no paper at all in sending seasons greetings, invitations, wrapping up presents, among others. We could actually go green from the greetings, invitations, boxes and gift wrappers down to the gift itself. There is actually a long list of green gift suggestions that makes the entire gift package pro-environment. Giving a green present will not only make you stand out, it would also promote environmental awareness among people who’d come to see what you have for a gift. Recycled papers, soy-based ink, novelty items derived from the waste, trees among others beef up a long list of the suggested green gifts Christmas costumes.

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