Christmas is a special time of the year, and if a dog is a part of your family then you want to make them feel every bit as special as you do and just as involved in all the action. Not only does this make them feel special, but you feel good as well – because naturally Christmas is better spent with pets. Here are a few simple steps to ensuring you and your dog have a happy holiday season.

Food is one of the most important parts of Christmas – sitting down with your family for a nice dinner or lunch is such a tradition that everyone looks forward to and plans for months in advance. And no doubt your dog gets as much enjoyment out of it Cheapest Christmas costumes , particularly when there are leftovers on offer. But you might also plan for your dog to eat something special as well. Think about what they will eat at mealtime, and ensure it’s something they love or is extra special.

Buying Christmas treats is another thing your dog will appreciate. Again, think about getting them something special that you would not normally get them as well as perhaps a few of their old favorites.

One other thing that people love to do with their dogs is dress them up for the Christmas occasion. There are all sorts of costumes you can buy that have a Christmas theme. These can range from popular favorites such as antlers that are worn on the head to traditional Santa style costumes. They make your dog look the part and will surely give the whole family lots of entertainment in seeing them all dressed up for the occasion. The one thing you should be aware of here is to get something that is suitable to their size, as many manufacturers can have different standards.

Another that will be sure to make your dog extra happy come Christmas morning is a nice selection of toys. Christmas is the perfect time to replace those old and tired chew toys, as well as get a few new ones to try out. Plus your dog will feel as much a part of the excitement as everyone else is unpacking their presents.

And where better to put these toys than your dog’s own Christmas stocking to hang on the fire? There are many cute and attractive designs that you and your dog will love. You can also ensure your dog is part of the action in putting up the tree by implementing a few dog themed ¬†Cheapest Christmas costumes.